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Two Nigerian women fight and strip off their clothes in London (Photos)



Two Nigerian women fight and strip off their clothes in London,

Two Nigerian women were spotted in Stratford, London fighting each other on the street and in the process stripped themselves as the scuffle got intense.

The women who are reportedly fans of two Nigerian Facebook personalities, Tolulope Bashirat Adeoye aka Abike Jagaban (Omo Aye) and Tokunbo Aboderin (Omo Ewe) threw caution to the wind yesterday as they engaged in a free for all fight.

According to reports, the fight was as a result of the contents from each of the Facebook personalities post on their walls.Two Nigerian women fight and strip off their clothes in London,

Police later showed up and intervened in the fight.

The video which was posted on Facebook has gone viral with a lot of people condemning their actions and blaming it on their upbringing in the downtown part of Lagos.

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A user wrote:

The reality is that there are a lot of diasporans who grew up in Isale Eko. They are not going to metamorphosise into cultured human beings overnight just because they are in the UK.

In the days of our parents when everyone received missionary education, it was not like this. Back then, a diasporan was classy, cultured and polished. Men of my dad’s generation seldom appeared in public without a tie self.Two Nigerian women fight and strip off their clothes in London,

I am not bothered about this as with a population of 180m, there are bound to be dregs among us. I do not think you find a lady who went to say FGGC Sagamu, Akure, Bakori or Benin or QC and then proceeded to Unilag, Ife, UI, UNN or Uniben behaving this way.

This is the reality of Nigeria. As Leon Trotsky once said: “Whenever the soul of a nation is stirred, the bottom most parts come to the top.”

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Another woman wrote:

Brainless bunch.Sad and sick people. Did that one say she left her kids at home? So she is a mother? Please what is she reaching her children? I feel sorry for their families.

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