Billy Graham Daily Devotional 22 July 2018

Topic: Establishing Peace

Scripture: Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.(Romans 5:1)

Message: Before the Big Four Conference in Geneva I watched President Eisenhower kneel in a chapel and ask God for divine guidance in the deliberations to follow. I felt sure that God would answer his earnest prayer. I believe that He did, for President Eisenhower during those days displayed the spirit of a true peacemaker on the international level.

Billy Graham Daily Devotional 22 July 2018 – Establishing Peace

The only corrective measure in establishing peace is for men as individuals to know the peace of God. Though I am not wholly averse to movements which strive in one way or another for world peace, I have a strong conviction that such peace will never come unless there is a spiritual dynamic at the core.

Billy Graham Daily Devotional 22 July 2018 – Establishing Peace

I pray for wars to cease, just as I pray for crime to stop; but I know that the basic cause of both crime and war is the inherent sinfulness of human nature. The world cannot be reborn until men are born again and are at peace with God.

Prayer for the day: Billy Graham Daily Devotional 22 July 2018
Heavenly Father, I pray for the peace of the world through individuals surrendering to Your Son, Jesus Christ. Bless all today who are spreading the Gospel here and abroad.

Today’s Daily Devotional was written by Billy Graham!

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