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Our Daily Bread 3 July 2018 Devotional – I See You



Our Daily Bread 19 November 2019

Our Daily Bread 3 July 2018 Devotional

Topic: I See You

Read: Psalm 121

Bible in a Year: Job 25–27; Acts 12

Scripture: The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:8

Message: When Xavier was two, he darted into one aisle after another in a small shoe store. Hiding behind stacks of shoeboxes, he giggled when my husband, Alan, said, “I see you.”

Our Daily Bread 3 July 2018 Devotional – I See You

Moments later, I saw Alan dash frantically from aisle to aisle, calling Xavier’s name. We raced to the front of the store. Our child, still laughing, ran toward the open door leading to the busy street outside.

Within seconds, Alan scooped him up. We embraced as I thanked God, sobbed, and kissed our toddler’s chubby cheeks.

A year before I became pregnant with Xavier, I’d lost our first child during the pregnancy. When God blessed us with our son, I became a fearful parent. Our shoe store experience proved I wouldn’t always be able to see or protect our child. But I discovered peace as I learned to turn to my only sure source of help—God—when I struggled with worry and fear.

Our Daily Bread 3 July 2018 Devotional – I See You

Our heavenly Father never takes His eyes off His children (Psalm 121:1–4). While we can’t prevent trials, heartache, or loss, we can live with confident faith, relying on an ever-present Helper and Protector who watches over our lives (vv. 5–8).

We may encounter days when we feel lost and helpless. We may also feel powerless when we can’t shield loved ones. But we can trust that our all-knowing God never loses sight of us—His precious and beloved children.

Prayer: Thank You for watching over our loved ones and us, Lord.

God always keeps His eye on His children.

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Our Daily Bread 3 July 2018 Devotional was written by Xochitl Dixon (Our Daily Bread Ministries)

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