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10-year-old schoolboy who weighs 17 stone fears he will die unless he beats his food addiction


The mother of Britain’s most obese primary school pupil has accused the NHS of letting her 17-stone son down, admitting she fears he will die.

Five-foot-one Kyon Fritz Marriott, 10, says he feels like a ‘slave’ to his weight and ‘just wants help’.

But his mother says the lack of funding to the NHS means he can’t get the treatment he needs to save his life.

Kyon, who has a 47-inch waist, says he’s afraid to go outside due to his cravings and he regularly steals crisps and chocolate from the family kitchen to binge eat in the bathroom of their home in south London.

His mother Nadine, 44, wants the Year 5 pupil to attend MoreLife, the UK’s only residential weight loss camp. But government cuts mean no children have been referred to the £4,000 camp this year.

Instead, the NHS suggests he waits two years for surgery which will cost the health service twice as much.10-year-old schoolboy who weighs 17 stone fears he will die unless he beats his food addiction

‘I am scared for my child. I am scared that if obesity doesn’t kill him, the bullies will’ Nadine told the Sunday Mirror.

‘I don’t understand why the NHS will fund expensive surgery but they won’t fund the psychological help he needs. Who knows what state he will be in by the time he is 12?

‘I live in fear that if his weight doesn’t destroy his health he will end up stabbed or beaten to death by the bullies who are making his life hell’ she added.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee, GP and star of BBC1’s Doctor In The House and childhood obesity expert added that surgery is not the answer.

He said: ‘Surgery is like putting a band-aid over the problem. It may get Kyon’s weight down but it’s not helping him in the long term.

‘Any therapy needs to take a 360-degree approach to the problem and people need to be dealt with compassion. This is the biggest crisis our country is facing.’

Kyon began comfort when he was teased at school. He says fellow pupils call him ‘fat boy, burger boy or Homer Simpson’ and physically attack him.

‘I feel like a prisoner. I can’t go out and live a normal life’ he said.

But Kyon is far from alone, and there are currently 2.5million obese children in the UK and the epidemic has been described as a ‘national health crisis’.10-year-old schoolboy who weighs 17 stone fears he will die unless he beats his food addiction

Nadine, whose other son and daughter are healthy weights, admits she feels guilty for feeding her son portions that are too big and added it’s hard to tell how much he eats everyday because so much of it is in secret.

Aged six, Kyon went on an NHS dietary programme at the Mary Sheridan Centre in London, but today remains 13 stone heavier than the average 10-year-old.

Last year Nadine sought help again and visited a GP’s surgery, but didn’t receive much help after being referred to a endocrinology clinic.

MoreLife have now offered Kyon a place at their camp in 2019.

While there, he will be encouraged to take part in fitness activities and will learn about emotional issues as well as healthy eating.

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