Earlier today, TMZ broke the story that Cardi B was planning on dropping a Nicki Minaj diss track soon. Cardi B has now replied, saying this is not true and she is accusing TMZ of stalking her and her daughter and releasing false news.

The rapper shared a screenshot of a message where TMZ asked one of her reps if she was indeed dropping a diss track for Nicki and though they were told this isn’t true, they went on to run the story.

Raining fire and brimstone on TMZ, Cardi wrote:

Dear TMZ …You see you really pressed my button a couple of weeks ago when ya had photographers literally stalk me and my daughter when i clearly said repeteadly i don’t want to show my daughter .

With fame comes crazy people ,stalkers and phychopaths so i want to protect my child till I’m ready to show her to the world but NO integrity don’t matter to ya .

Then ya constantly got me in ya blog spreading fake shit about me without doing ya research and even when we tell ya is not true ya still push it .Ya motherfuckers need to get off my dick and start reporting about them actresses ya used to report about cause I’m not the one to fuck with THANK YOU!!

Btw in REAL news my single “Money” drops November 26!!Cardi B blasts TMZ for reporting that she was planning on dropping a Nicki Minaj diss

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