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Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi



Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi





TEXT: 1 CHRONICLES 13:1-4; 7-10


Looking at the Scriptures today, we need to understand how important the ark of God was to the children of Israel. It depicted the presence of God, showed them the way to go, it divided the Red Sea, gave them peace and rest of mind. When they were to go to battles, when the walls of Jericho was to be pulled down, the ark was there with them. When the ark was in the midst of the children of Israel, blessings came to them and peace from the presence of God, hence, they carried the ark wherever they went.

God had ordained and commanded how the ark was to be carried: by the levites on poles resting on their shoulders, in fact, they were not to touch the ark with their hands. But at that time, when they were to move the ark back to its place, they completely forgot about all these important details.

We must know that TIME does not CHANGE the WORDS and COMMANDS of God.

We must check out our foundation: the foundation of our Christian life, journey and service to God. If it is wrong at the foundation, nothing good can eventually come out of it.

Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Uzza might mean well, but God called his action a sin. To others, his action was a misdeed, a mistake, but to God, it was simply a sin. It is not the will or plan of God for sinners to die, but as for Uzza who died under the anger of God, it was the judgment of God that came to him. We must ensure we are very careful not to flout God’s directives, because whatever He calls sin is sin.

The children of Israel should have known earlier the truth they found out later in Scriptures. 1 Chronicles 15:11-15. David instructed the levites to sanctify and make themselves ready to bear the ark. In doing anything for God, we must sanctify ourselves. Doing something good in the wrong way is as good as bad. Even in doing the right thing, we must not relegate God’s word to the background, the levites eventually carried the ark the way they ought to have carried it in the first place.

The things of God must be done God’s way, not in our own way. Action without appropriate submission to God’s word is not acceptable.

Romans 15:4 Everything written in the scriptures, both in the old and new testaments are for our learning and admonition. God intentionally recorded these incidences for us so, that we can learn from the errors and virtues of the sages of old.

Isaiah 55:8. We must always pray for grace to follow the way, will and prescription of God in our lives, families, places of work and in the church. God has nothing to do with the new ways that just came up, the new and so-called better ways of doing things. His way is His way, and He expects His children to always fall in line with whatever He wants.

Hebrew 12:28-29. God in the New Testament is not weak or indulgent, He will not overlook any act of sinfulness. He is a consuming fire. We cannot serve Him the way we want. His desires, purposes are what matter to Him, and they must matter to us as well.

Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi


1 Chronicles 13:1
David had good intentions, he knew the importance and value of the ark but he did not consult the word of God before embarking on bringing it back. Rather he consulted with all the leaders and the people.

Some people bring suggestions and counsels which they want to be accepted and used immediately, not bothering to know whether such counsel is profitable for the church of God at that particular time.

All the congregation decided and agreed on bringing back the ark, but no one remembered to consult the word of God on how it should be done. A thousands or millions of people cannot stand up to God. He is God, His will matters most. So, it is crucial to always seek His face before we take any step.

Numbers 4:15 And when Aaron and his sons have made an end of covering the sanctuary, and all the vessels of the sanctuary, as the camp is to set forward; after that, the sons of Kohath shall come to bear it: but they shall not touch any holy thing, lest they die. These things are the burden of the sons of Kohath in the tabernacle of the congregation.

As seen in this text, only the levites were permitted to carry the ark. II Samuel 6:6-7. Uzza stretched his hand to steady the ark, against God’s instruction, and God killed him. We must not take God for granted, our God is a consuming fire.

David usually asked for God’s mind on every issue, on whatever he wanted to do, so why not now? I Chronicles 12:32. It was because of the children of Issachar, who were men of understanding, whom their brethren listened to, they were the ones who counseled David. They were the ones he listened to. Hence, the word of a God was swept under the carpet.

Deuteronomy 12:8, 28, 32. We must not always do things which are right in our sight, but to do all things according to the will and purpose of God. We must not elevate the plan and purpose of man above that of God. How do we take decisions, make progress, or know what to do? By resorting to the word of God.

Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Proverbs 16:25
There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
Ch 19:2 That leaders, counselors, advisers be without knowledge is not good. Hasting to take decisions leads to error and sometimes death. Uzza died for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. Many people perish for lack of knowledge. . .

Some people know how to talk and manage things well, but lack the knowledge of the word of God, and they always want their counsels to be taken urgently. Not so. The word of God must first be consulted for proper guidance and direction.

Romans 10:2, 27; Hebrews 2:1; 10:26-31.

Sinning willfully after our knowledge of the word of God attracts the wrath and judgment of God. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Anyone who finds it difficult to abide in the will of God is not born again, otherwise, it should be an easy thing to do. Such a one must seek salvation first.

ch 12:25. David had consultations with all the people, but jettisoned the aspect of God. But he realized this error and sought to make amends immediately.

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1 Chronicles 15:11-15.

David now called the right people, the levites, and told them to sanctify and make themselves ready to carry the ark of God. He wanted everything this time to be done properly. There must be salvation first before we seek to serve God. The levites did exactly what David told them to do. Church leaders must be careful the way they put people in position of God’s work.

1 Chronicles 15:15
And the children of the Levites bare the ark of God upon their shoulders with the staves thereon, as Moses commanded according to the word of the LORD.

Leviticus 20:7-8, It is wrong and ungodly to do the work of God without sanctification.

We must learn the technique, acquire knowledge of all that we need to do for God from institutions of learning outside there in the world, we then come into God’s sanctuary and apply these knowledge in holiness and sanctification, we do not come into God’s work in the ways and manner of the world.

2 Corinthians 7:1. We must perfect holiness in the fear of God. II Timothy 2:19. The Lord knows those who are His.

Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi

In the case of Uzza, God felt dishonoured, neglected, pushed aside. Whatever we do for God, we must do for God’s glory. Also, we must ensure that in our service to God, we keep ourselves holy, we must avoid immorality and flee the lust of the flesh, especially in the relationships between members of the opposite sex who work together in the sanctuary of God. There must not be room for uncleanness of any form for our services to be accepted. I Peter 1:14-16.

Ephesians 5:25-27; I Thess 5:22. In our consultations, administration, the word of God must be at the centre, we must flee every appearance of evil.

There is nothing as important as our salvation to get us to heaven. Before preaching, teaching, singing, etc. there must be salvation.

God demands:
– Salvation before Service
– Sanctification before ministry. Matthew 15:13-14
– Sanctification before Soul-winning
– Sanctification before Seeking the Lord
– Sanctification before Sacrifice
– Sanctification before giving our Substance

Mark 8:36-37. What shall it profit anyone if he gets the ovation, clapping and approval of men after rendering service to God, and he loses his soul eventually? The approval of God matters most, much more than the praise of men.

1 Corinthians 13:1-3; Proverbs 21:27. The service, good deeds and works of sinners is abomination before God. God demands from us unwavering sanctification and consecration.


1 Chronicles 15:29
Michal, David’s wife despised him in her heart, because she felt he was ridiculing himself by dancing in the presence of God. She thought he was not dignifying himself as a king should. As a result of this action, God shut her womb, she was barren throughout life. II Samuel 6:16, 20-23

Our negative attitude to servants of God could result to fruitlessness and hinder our prayers. When the king came in to bless his household, Michal put her negative thoughts into words:

2 Samuel 6:20 Then David returned to bless his household. And Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet David, and said, How glorious was the king of Israel to day, who uncovered himself to day in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself!

This was the woman David loved so much that he risked his life to get the foreskins of several philistines in battle to present to King Saul, her father as bride price. She was supposed to be the mother of the heir to the throne, but her womb remained permanently shut because it was God who did it Himself.

David responded fire for fire, making reference to how God rejected her father, Saul, and appointed him as king. Thus, family issues and squabble was brought out into the open.

Some people with their tongue destroy themselves, hinder their progress, prayers, getting help, making spiritual progress, and even making it to heaven. James 3:5-6; Ecclesiastes 5:2-6. We must not be rash with our mouth. We must choose our words carefully so that we do not incur the wrath of God.

Divine Prescription for Serving God Acceptably By Pastor W.F Kumuyi

ch 10:13-15.
vs 20a. Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber . . .
God wants us to bring our tongues under control, He does not approve of us speaking ill of our leaders, both in the church and in the nation.

Job 42:3; 34:31-32; Psalm 139:23-24. Even today, there is opportunity to make amends.

– May God Almighty keep us from all errors. May we always give due honour to Him and His words.

– May God bless and keep our father in the Lord for us, May he continue to place a high premium on the word of God everyday of his life and ministry. Amen.

The above message was written by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi; is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church situated at KM 42 on the busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.

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