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Kim Kardashian deletes nude tweet after Piers Morgan called her out for the inappropriate timing following Pittsburgh synagogue killings



Kim Kadashian shared a nude photo of herself on Twitter shorty after many were killed in the latest mass murder in USA and Piers Morgan felt it was so inappropriate and he called her out for it.

Kim shared the photo of a naked torso to promote her new line of cosmetics. In reaction, opinionated media personality, Piers Morgan slammed her for it.

As America reels from a despicable mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Kim Kardashian posts this image to Twitter .Kim Kardashian deletes nude tweet

“Delete it, @KimKardashian – if you have a shred of decency left.”

Kim soon deleted the photo.

Piers then tweeted:

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UPDATE: @KimKardashian has now deleted her repulsively inappropriate tweet.

However, the reality star went on to post other naked photos, including far more explicit ones.Kim Kardashian deletes nude tweet

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