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Come Up Hither – Abraham’s Divine Encounter by Dr. Paul Enenche



The Blessing and Supernatural Abundance - Dr. Paul Enenche

Come Up Hither – Abraham’s Divine Encounter by Dr. Paul Enenche

By: Dr. Paul Enenche

1. Understanding the results of Abraham’s encounter
2. Understanding reasons for Abraham’s encounter
One of the forces responsible for the lift up and shift up of life is the force of Divine encounter
Abraham, Moses, David & Solomon all had Divine encounters and their lives shifted up

1. The breaking of a generational curse (Gen. 11:27-30, 31-32)
The curses broken were the curses of dying before time, living without relevance and starting without finishing (Gen. 11:31-32)
Only one encounter with God is enough to counter the agenda of the enemy

2. The reversal of a negative cycle (Gen. 11:28, 31; 12:5)
Haran died before his father Terah (Gen. 11:28)

3. The upgrade of spirituality (Josh. 24:2)

4. The fulfilment of generational destiny
Mantles can never be lost!
From today forward, don’t move with the consciousness of a person but the consciousness of the fact that you represent a lineage and a generation!

5. The beginning of a new order
It was the beginning of a covenant people
One encounter with God turns a person into a pacesetter and road pointer

1. Sensitivity to the Voice of God (Gen. 12:1,5; 22:1-4)
God cannot do the right thing at the wrong place; many have the vision but miss the direction
Hearing, knowing and seeing what God is saying is not a luxury, it is a necessity of life and destiny
To be a person given to fasting and praying who now marries a person given to feasting and playing is signature for disaster! And many have missed it in life, ministry and marriage by not hearing from God.
Fasting and praying + feasting and playing = cataster (catastrophe and disaster)!
One acre in God’s plan is better than a thousand acres outside of God’s plan!

Come Up Hither – Abraham’s Divine Encounter by Dr. Paul Enenche

2. Unconditional obedience
God knew that Abraham will not argue with Divine instructions
Many analyze Divine instructions until they paralyze their destination
If men haven’t mocked you then God cannot make you; the mockery of men facilitates the making of God

Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask oh God that You will dissolve every impossibility out of my life Lord, in Jesus’ Name

Father, sharpen my sensitivity; sharpen my seeing, hearing and knowing. I cannot afford to miss steps all the time. The grace to see, hear and know, I receive it Lord, in Jesus’ Name

Father, I apply for the grace for obedience; let me never struggle to obey You, do Your Will or follow Your plan Lord, in Jesus’ Name (Rom. 1:5)

Father, give me a Divine encounter today to break every generational curse in my life and family, to reverse every negative cycle, an encounter for the upgrade of my spirituality, an encounter to release me from negative backgrounds and to fulfil my generation’s destiny and a Divine encounter for the beginning of a new order in my life; I receive it NOW!

Father, give me a life changing and destiny changing encounter, in Jesus’ Name

– In this week long conference every generational curse you came here with shall be broken!
– Everything programmed against your life to cause you to die before your time, today it is arrested! Your father shall not bury you and you shall not bury your children!
– That negative cycle in your family, the Divine encounter here shall break it! Every negative pattern noticed in your family, tonight it shall be broken!
– God shall use you to reverse the negative patterns of your family; you shall start the journey and you shall finish the journey!
– The witchcraft of your father’s house shall never stop you anymore!
– You are shifting in levels!
– Tonight, everything fighting you from your lineage shall be roasted by fire!
– The mantle on your family that the devil saw and fought your fathers, I am here to announce, by the authority of Jesus, what stopped your fathers will never be able to stop you!
– You shall accomplish the abandoned destiny of your fathers! Everything your fathers were meant to achieve that they could not achieve, you shall achieve it in addition to what God wants you to achieve!
– Where your father stopped shall be your starting point! Where the devil stopped the people in your lineage is where you shall be starting from!
– All the devils that killed people in your family before their time, you shall handle them! They shall pay for it!
– Everything held back from your lineage shall be delivered into your hands!
– Whatever the devil took from your family and your lineage is coming back a thousand fold!
– You will be the beginning of something!
– God will make you a reference of the blessing, of power, prosperity and of the Covenant!
– Something that has not happened before, that beats the imagination, something original that will take the world and the devil by surprise, God shall start it with you!
– The sensitivity needed to know what God wants you to do is released right now!
– That negative pattern in your life is broken! It is reversed!
– I declare your shift and your upgrade spiritually!
– That mantle on your family that the devil tried to steal or divert, by the mantle of God upon my life, it is restored!
– Every manipulation of the enemy trying to fight your life and destiny is over forever!
– You shall become one of those from this conference that shall become a reference point in your family and community!
– From his night forward, ears, eyes and hearts are opened! The grace for obedience is released!

Come Up Hither – Abraham’s Divine Encounter by Dr. Paul Enenche

Come Up Hither – Abraham’s Divine Encounter was written by Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors.

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