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Trump assassination plot stopped after man stole forklift to flip President’s limosine



A man has been jailed after trying to assassinate Donald Trump by flipping over the presidential limousine with a stolen forklift truck.

Gregory Lee Leingang, 42, stole the forklift truck and entered the president’s motorcade route as he passed through his city.

Donald Trump was visiting Mandan, North Dakota, in September 2017 to give a speech on tax reform.

Before his arrival at around 2pm, Leingang took the forklift and headed for the presidential route.

US Assistant State’s Attorney Brandi Sasse Russell said Leingang had stolen the forklift truck with the desire to assassinate the president.Trump assassination plot

“The intent was to try to get to the limo, flip the limo and get to the president — he wanted to kill the president,” she said.

Leingang tried to escape after the forklift got stuck in a gated area, and was caught by local police, where he allegedly confessed his plan to authorities, including the US Secret Service.

A public defender argued in court Leingang was “suffering a serious psychiatric crisis during this incident”, and reportedly started two fires earlier on the same day he stole the forklift.

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He was charged with one count of attempting to enter or remain in a restricted building and on grounds while using a dangerous weapon and one count of attempting to damage government property.”Trump assassination plot

Leingang entered a plea deal with federal prosecutors and was sentenced to five years behind bars for stealing the forklift.

He is also serving time for pleading guilty to starting the fires and for a burglary case and is expected to stay in prison for decades.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 15 next year.

Trump’s super-armoured limousine — nicknamed “The Beast” — is fitted with tear gas cannons to disperse angry crowds.

The Beast made its debut at the president’s inauguration in 2017.

Its Kevlar reinforced wheels are puncture and shard-resistant.

Even if the tyres are destroyed, the 20cm thick armour on the steel rims means the car can continue to plough on.


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