Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has alleged that leaders of the ruling All Progressives Congress will be thrown into hell fire if their records are examined.

The former president said this in an interview with BBC Yoruba.

Obasanjo also criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for allegedly placing ethnic considerations above nationalism and merits in his appointments.

He said if the president did not trust people from other ethnic groups enough to give them appointments, he should also not ask for their votes in the coming elections.

Obasanjo’s words translated from Yoruba language: “If we are talking about sin, the people that are there now, if we examine them, they will all enter hellfire.

“They will not just be jailed, they will enter hellfire. Whoever God covers his sin, the person’s secrets are also protected.

“I did not say if Atiku (Abubakar) gets there he will behave like Jesus or Mohammed, but he will do better than what we are seeing now.

“The person who is our leader now is saying he cannot allow another ethnic group to work with him because he cannot trust them. If he cannot trust my tribe or your tribe, of what benefit is he? And he is saying my tribe and yours should come and vote for him.

“He can ask for our votes, but he cannot trust us to work in good positions. Life is give and take. If you cannot trust me, why should I trust you?

“If you put me in a position and I misbehave, why not remove me and put others?

“But those you are putting in positions are your tribesmen and kinsmen because they are the people you can trust.

“Ha ha….Nigeria that we have so many tribes…more than 300….”

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