A jealous lady has been accused of biting off the lips of a girl, who was given a lift by her boyfriend in Takoradi, Ghana.

The jealous lady who is said to be a newly trained nurse, reportedly took her fight down to the 23-year-old hairdressing apprentice’s house and in a shocking twist of event bit off her lip. Recounting how the incident occurred, Beatrice Eric Agyapong said;

“I saw the private car passing and pleaded with the driver to alight me at Kwesimintsim so I could find some food to buy,” she recounted.

She explained that just when she got back home and about to eat her food, the nurse whose name has only been given as Mummy, suddenly showed up and confronted her [Agyapong] about why she boarded the boyfriend’s car.Jealous lady bites off lip of girl who was given lift by her lover

“She grabbed my lip and started chewing it as I struggled to defend myself but to no avail,” she told Connect FM.

When asked if she had any issues with the suspect, Beatrice who struck this out added that she had not even spoken with her before, though she knows the nurse as a tenant in her (victim’s) uncle’s house.

The ‘Bite’ victim was immediately rushed to the Kwesimintsim Government Hospital, but doctors on duty said the cells in the bitten off part had died, hence could not stitch it to the mouth.

The police is however yet to arrest the lady, and it was gathered that Beatrice who has at the hospital since Friday when the incident happened, was recently treated for ulcer and was thus advised by doctors to adopt the habit of eating early to avoid complications.

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