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Woman strips down in front of bank manager in attempt to secure a loan



Woman strips down in front of bank manager in attempt to secure a loan

A young woman tried to convince the bank manager to approve the loan by stripping in front of him after being refused a loan at a bank in Kazan, Russia.

Yulia Kuzmina, who is reportedly in her mid-20s, went to a bank in Kazan, the capital city of The Republic of Tatarstan in western Russia, to secure a loan for a new car.

She filled out all the necessary forms, but her application was denied after the bank’s analysis determined that she was an unreliable borrower. After pleading with the loan manager, Kuzmina decided it was time for desperate measures and started taking her clothes off in front of him.

In a video that recently went viral on Russian social network VKontakte, Yulia Kuzmina can be seen sitting at a desk in the Kazan bank, the name of which has not been disclosed, opposite a young, male loan manager.

After having her application denied, the young woman stands up and takes off her short dress. She appears to say something to the embarrassed bank employee, who keeps his cool and shakes his head.

Left in her bra, but feeling that she needs to up the stakes, Kuzmina proceeds to take off her undergarment, revealing what she considers her best assets, her breasts.

At this point, the loan manager continues to shake his head and eventually gets up from his desk, walks over to the bare-chested customer and hands her coat. He then shows her out of the bank.

Watch video below:

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