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Disturbing Tyreek Hill audio leads to calls for his NFL banishment



Tyreek Hill Audio Leads To Calls For His NFL Banishment

Tyreek Hill Audio Leads To Calls For His NFL Banishment

Tyreek Hill audio leads to calls for his NFL banishment

Tyreek Hill, the wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, was named earlier this year in a child abuse investigation involving his son. The district attorney’s office in Johnson County, Kansas, announced this week that neither Hill, nor his fiancee would face charges in the incident, in which the couple’s son suffered a broken arm. Per ESPN, District Attorney Stephen M. Howe “believes a crime occurred, [but] the evidence in the case doesn’t clearly establish who committed the crime.”

However, new audio surfaced on Thursday that puts Hill in a damning light, and has many calling for Hill to be released by his team or even banned from the NFL altogether.

Local TV station KCTV obtained audio of Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, arguing while in an airport. In the audio, Espinal is heard saying that their child said “daddy did it” (in reference to the broken arm), and implied that she had covered for Hill with law enforcement in the past.

In addition, after Espinal tells him their son is afraid of him, Hill is heard on the tape allegedly threatening his finacee.
“You need to be terrified of me, too, b*tch,” Hill says. “That’s why you can’t keep a f**king man.” Hill had been accused of assaulting Espinal, then his girlfriend.

The surfacing of the tape has led some voices around the NFL to call for the Chiefs to cut ties with the young wide receiver.

Mike Florio, the editor of Pro Football Talk, declared on his site Thursday that the Chiefs should release Hill, and that the league should ban him for life.

“Yes, Hill has rights. But the audio is credible. The audio is troubling,” Florio, who prior to his career as a football writer was a lawyer, wrote Thursday. “And it should result in Hill immediately being placed on the Commissioner Exempt list. Barring compelling evidence that the tape was doctored or falsified, Hill should never play again in the NFL.”

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