Former sex worker reveals what Rooney did after they had sex

Helen Woods, Former sex worker reveals what Rooney did after they had sex, Premium News24

A former sex worker identified as Helen Wood has claimed footballer Wayne Rooney was close to tears after they slept with each other a decade ago.

Wood is planning to reveal all about her highly-publicised night with the sportsman, claiming she was hired by Rooney in 2009 when his wife Coleen was five-months-pregnant with their first son, Kai.

She claimed she was paid £1,000 for sex with Rooney at the five-star Lowry Hotel in Manchester, alleging the footballer felt immediate remorse following the encounter.

‘I will never forget the look on Wayne’s face as we were lying in bed together. The colour drained from him and he was close to crying,’ she told The Mail On Sunday in the leadup to the release of her memoir, A Man’s World, next month.

‘After we had sex he brought up the fact that he was going to become a dad soon. I asked him if he was all right, and he replied, “I don’t know why I’ve just done that”.’

There is speculation that a US version of the book may name a second United player who al­legedly had a foursome involving Helen — and a well-known ­married actor who she claims hired her for sex. It is thought they will be identified in the States as its libel laws are less strict.

A source said:

“This book will make for very uncomfortable reading — not just for Wayne and Coleen but also for others. People who were Helen’s clients when she was a call girl will be quaking in their boots.”

Rooney is widely known to have romped with Helen, 32, and fellow hooker Jenny Thompson on one occasion while Coleen was pregnant.

But Helen’s book will insist she and Rooney had a string of other liaisons. The source said:

“She claims Wayne saw her several times, not just the once, and in various places.

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