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Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World



Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Kanta says I trust you but I don’t trust these rich people, I see all the time about MMS scandals and all, middle-class girls like you are just one-time fun for them, they use and throw girls. Mahek says I am sorry, my phone broke down so I couldn’t inform you, Kanta says you could have called from PCO when you got out of flat, why did you have to be in his arms?

Mahek says there is nothing between me and Shaurya, we fight all the time, Kanta says you don’t understand that he lifted you in his arms even when he says he is your enemy, you don’t know the difference between us and him, their family doesn’t have any tradition, they only care about money that’s why their relations are useless, they marry two, three girls, they go in one room but comes out of different room.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

We live peacefully but these people drink wine, eat meat and chicken that’s why they are like animals, they eat animals and behave like animals, you should stay away from Shaurya. Mahek says I am sorry, I didn’t use my mind, I will not do anything to make you complain, Kanta says I don’t want you bear any pain, your mother gave your responsibility so I don’t want to disappoint your parents. Shaurya gets angry and leaves.

Kanta says let’s go downstairs, you have to break your fast too, Mahek recalls how Shaurya broke her fast earlier only and says let’s go.

Shaurya comes in lounge, Jeevan asks him to sit down and eat, Shaurya glares him, jerks his hand away and leaves. Ravi says it seems like he saw a ghost, he is weird. Mansi says Sheetal you made him angry, Jeevan sees the moon in the sky, Ravi says wives won’t beat us today, will touch our feet, it feels weird, they laugh. Kanta, Mansi, and Mahek break their fast.

At Shaurya’s home, his mother breaks her fast. Vaitlana is drinking wine seeing all other women breaking fast. She says to Shaurya’s dad if he wants wine if he is free from breaking her fast? Shaurya comes there and is still thinking about Kanta’s ill words about him and his family. Mother comes to Shaurya and asks what happened? Vaitlana says your son has grown up, its difficult to maintain so many girlfriends at a time, right Shaurya? Shaurya glares at her.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Vaitlana offers him wine but says I forgot you drink milk, Shaurya says fools spend money to burn their bodies with wine, Vaitlana says and clever people use their past to burn themselves, Shaurya stares at her. Mother says enough of your funny talks, dinner is ready, she asks all guests to go inside, she asks Shaurya to let’s go, Vaitlana leaves.

Dad says to Shaurya that I want to talk to you, I am your father, if you give me respect and behave properly in front of guests then it will be better, I have asked your mother, she will explain to you. Shaurya says you show off everything so I don’t have anything to show off, he leaves. Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Shaurya comes to his room, the mother comes there and asks him to eat dinner, he says I am not hungry, mother says why? i have made your favorite dish and its not oily, I don’t know if you ate anything whole day or not. Vaitlana comes there and says hats off.

Mother says enough Vaitlana, i didnt make issue outside in front of guests but no more words now, Vaitlana drinks wine and says didi drama started in this house 23years back when you married that fraud, i am just having good time and i have now habit of making fun, shaurya says change your habit, Vaitlana says drink red wine, its good for health, tell your mother that you ate, stains on your clothes are showing, seems like you went to break fast of some girl, Shaurya recalls breaking Mahek’s fast.

Sharma family is eating dinner, Mahek is lost in thoughts of Shaurya, their moments at flat.

Shaurya recalls Kanta’s ill words for rich people, how they use girls and throw them away, that person like Shaurya doesnt have manners, they only respect money, how he is like animal because they eat animals. Shaurya calls Ankita and asks her to forward Mahek Sharma’s number.

Kanta asks Mahek to eat dinner. Mahek gets call from Shaurya, she is stunned and says from where did you get my number? he says dont ask idiotic questions, if you family is with you then put phone on speaker. Mahek tells Kanta that tell Shaurya is calling and asking to put phone on speaker, Kanta asks her to do it, Mahek puts phone on speaker.

Shaurya says i want to invite you all on India’s super cook competition, i want you all to cheer for Mahek when she is cooking, i want you all to come tomorrow, specially Mahek’s chachi, Kanta, you have to come, will you? Kanta stares at Mahek, she thinks. Jeevan says dont worry, we will all come, Shaurya says good, good night Mahek, he ends call.

Mahek is in her room and says what does he wants? why he is calling my family? dog’s tail can never straighten. Shaurya calls her again, he says what are you thinking that how dog’s tail got straighten? Mahek says dont drag my family in all this, you dont like me thats fine but not my family. Shaurya says i took care of you today, broke your fast and brought you home so trust me, bring your family to set tomorrow, it will be fun, he ends call.

Its morning, Sharma family is getting ready to go on set. Nehal says i don’t even have new dress, Kanta says we should not go, it will increase pressure on Mahek, Ravi says when we cheer for Mahek, her moral will be boosted, Shaurya insisted that we all should come, we should invite Shaurya to our shop, it will advertise his show too.

He shows pamphlet which he printed that this shop owner’s has family member who takes part in india’s supercook, Mahek says what is this? Ravi says whole Dehli should know that you are coming on Tv, Jeevan says you should have asked before printing this, Balwant says Ravi is doing right, we should see what Mahek can do in competition.

Ravi gets call from client and says i will deliver, he ends call, he tells Jeevan that i have to deliver order to client, i will come on set later, you all go, he leaves.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Mahek’s family comes in India’s supercook competition. Mohit smiles at one girl there, Jeevan taunts him if he wanna meet her? behave. Jeevan asks Rajiv why Shaurya invited us here? Rajiv says Shaurya is always thinking about new ideas, dont worry. He asks them to sit on sofas. Family gets comfortable at sofas. Shaurya comes there and glares at Kanta and goes to his judging seat.

Shaurya stares at Mahek and says good morning, all greet him, Shaurya says seems like all ate oily breakfast, you all look tired, i said ‘good morning’, he says in stern voice, all greet him with higher voice. Shaurya says in this round, family will cheer for contestants, this round is special and important.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series
Round name is ‘weakness of Achilles’, this round is inspired from greece, Achilles was strong fighter but his heel was weak and he lost his last battle by getting hurt on his heel. All contestants are strong here but we studied profile of contestants and saw their weakness. You can see boxes infront of your desks, in these boxes, there is one ingredient which is your weakness, you can get idea what i am talking.

He asks Ashmit to open his box, Ashmit does and gags, he says mushrooms? Shaurya says we got to know you are allergic to mushrooms so its your weakness and today you will have to make some dish with mushroom. All contestants open their ingredient boxes which are their weaknesses. Mahek says i am not allergic to any ingredient, what weakness might it be that he used against me? Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Shaurya says now best is for last. He asks Mahek to open box, Mahek does and finds uncooked chicken inside, all are shocked, Mahek gags and moves back. Shaurya says Mahek belongs to vegetarian people, they dont eat egg, meat or chicken unlike people who eat animals, Mahek is pure vegetarian. He says chicken is weakness of Mahek. Jeevan says this is wrong, she is vegetarian, you can’t force them to cook all this.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series
Shaurya asks him to calm down, this contest is for professional, if people like to cook for their passion and liking then they can go back home, all contestants of this show will handle big hotels in future so they cant have any weakness, those are able to control themselves and able to cook good food today, they will be able to go ahead.

Shaurya comes to Ashmit and asks what he thinks? he says i am allergic to mushroom, Shaurya asks him to take anit-allergy medicine and start working. Shaurya says to Priya you are looking good, what are you making of prawns? She says i will make prawn dish special, Shaurya says good luck.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series
Shaurya comes t Mrs. Chawla and asks what she is cooking from eggs? she gags. Shaurya comes to Mahek and asks if she will be able to cook something today or will go home saying cookoo. He wipes Mahek’s tear. Shaurya says to Mahek that your chicken dish is all ready by you shedding crocodile tears, he laughs on her.

Shaurya says you are going to cook chicken with your tears tonight, he smells chicken, Mahek gags at him. Shaurya goes back to his seat and smirks at Kanta. He says second surprise is that there is one more twist, family members are here to boost morale of contestant and one family member can come to help them too. One member from each family goes to their contestants.

Sharma family is thinking. Kanta asks Mansi to go, she says no, and is acting like puking. He asks Sharma family why no one is coming to help Mahek seeing chicken? how did their loving joint family became ignorant and not recognizing Mahek? Kanta says i will come to help Mahek cook chicken, Shaurya says i was waiting for you only. Kanta says to Mahek that dont worry we dont eat chicken, we just have to cook it, Mahek stares at Shaurya and he smiles.

Shaurya says lets start challenge, Kanta asks if we can get something we want? Shaurya says you can get anything related to kitchen. Kanta whispers something to host. Host brings pouch and gives it to Kanta, Shaurya says Miss TRP has started drama. Shaurya says you have 55minutes to make dish. Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Kanta and Mahek are cooking. Kanta asks Mahek what we can make of this chicken? Mahek thinks. Shaurya smiles seeing camera on her. Shaurya comes to Mahek and Kanta and says you live simple life and are middle class people, what you say? you dont eat animals and become like animal, Mahek recalls how Kanta said those exacts words for Shaurya, she is stunned, Shaurya says you dont have to eat animal, you just have to cook, cant you cook? or will you go home and make some veggies? come on Mahek this is just chicken and dead, it can even scare you? he asks family to cheer for Mahek.

Mahek’s family start chanting for Mahek. Kanta stares at Shaurya. Mahek says to Kanta that Shaurya listened our talks thats why we are playing this game, Kanta says we are no less, lets wear gloves and start it, just remember we dont eat chicken but people do, so dont gag, if your heart is not into it then it wont be cooked nicely, i will clean it while you think of ingredients. Kanta touch chicken and says its soft like cheese. Mahek tells ingredients of some vegetable dish which they will use for chicken now.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World
Rajiv says to Shaurya that i can see confidence, Shaurya says we will see after buzzer goes off. Mahek and Kanta start frying chicken pieces. her family cheer for her. Shaurya says bloody middle class family, Rajiv says you wont understand. Shaurya shows thumbs down to Mahek. Mahek is putting spices on chicken and says we should check if its fried or not, they check it and serve it in platter. Mansi and jeevan prays for them.

Countdown starts 5..4..3..2..1, he asks everyone to stop, all stop cooking, Mahek sighs and smiles at Kanta. Dishes are presented to judges. Shaurya says lets see who had more guts. He asks Ria to present her dish, she does, they taste it, Rajiv says its nice, Shaurya says superb, all clap. Ashmit brings his dish, Rajiv asks what dish it is? he says stuffed mushrooms in creamy sauce, they taste his dish.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Shaurya says there is no mushroom taste in it, Rajiv says better luck next time. Shaurya asks Mahek to present her dish. Mahek brings it to them, Shaurya says lets see how much guts you have, what you cooked? Mahek says chicken malai, Shaurya says even name is bloody middle class, Rajiv says its tempting, lets taste. Rajiv and other judge tastes it, Rajiv says wow, this is amazing, you surprise me always, Geeta says this is great, i am stunned how you cooked it,

Mahek says it doesnt matter how you cook it till you cook from heart, Geeta says you have taken show to next level, Mahek stares Shaurya, he tastes her chicken and says not bad, its nice, Mahek smiles, all clap for Mahek, Mahek says thank you sir, she sweetly smiles at him, shaurya is about to leave but Mahek stops him by calling him, she says i am sorry about my chachi’s words, she shouldnt have said it, its her personal and general opinion, she said it unintentionally, Shaurya says you might have handled this round but i wont forget your chachi’s words, Mahek says then you should have failed me, should have rejected me, Shaurya says i might hate cook of dish but i can never reject good dish, they glare each other, Shaurya leaves.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series
Mahek hugs Kanta and says we did it, thank you, she hugs her family. Mahek is leaving audition with family. Kanta asks where is Nahel? Mohit says she must be in car. Kanta says Mahek handled everything, Jeevan says we should cook chicken in house from now on. Mahek sees Rajiv and Shaurya talking. She asks Mohit to give pamphlet that Ravi printed, he gives her, she asks them to go to car, they leave.

Mahek comes to Rajiv and says tomorrow, first episode of our show will go on air, i want to invite you to my house, my family will be happy to see you, she gives him pamphlet and says thats great but i am busy because of diwali, i will try. Mahek asks if she can invite Geeta ma’am too? he says she is inside, he leaves.

Shaurya asks if this by birth talent? she asks if he is talking to her? he says unfortunately yes, he says i am not interested, shoot is over so sorry, i dont wanna talk, she is about to leave but Shaurya grabs her arm and pulls her back, they glare at each other. Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Shaurya pulls Mahek back to him. Mahek says to Shaurya that you know there is nothing common between you and your mother, she is great and you are cheap, did she adopt you from somewhere? i feel like you both dont have same faces too. She leaves. Shaurya recalls his childhood memories which are shown in blur. Shaurya gets angry and bumps his fist on car roof, he sees pamphlet of Mahek’s invitation lying on ground and stares at it.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series
Ravi comes home and says to Jeevan that i have brought fire crackers for Diwali. Mohit says i have brought more good fire crackers, its chinese, Ravi says you are country betrayer, why did you bring chinese things? Kanta comes there and say we will be watching Mahek’s show tonight, we dont need fire crackers. Jeevan says yes i dont want anything chinese in this house. Mohit mumbles that i will bring chinese wife. Jeevan asks them to bring sweets for guests, Mahek says dont worry i will cook it.

At Shaurya house…
Shaurya’s mother says to servant that dont use aritficial diyas today, use original diyas. Vaitlana comes there and says wrap your pooja soon tonight my friends are coming and Sandra has allergy from havan smoke so dont do it. Shaurya says i used to watch show which showed that ghosts are allergic to havan smoke so is Sandra ghost? Vaitlana says your sense of humor has gone worst, she leaves. Mother asks Shayrya to not have bad mood today, Shaurya says we are both accustomed to it, i dont mind her, i will come later, i have some work, she says okay you finish your work, i will prapare for party, she leaves, Shaurya looks at pamphlet Mahek left.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World Series
Balwant is doing aarti while whole Sharma family prays to lord. Mahek gives parsad to everyone, Kanta makes her eat it and says you have given praise to our name. Jeevan says we never knew our tender Mahek will come on Tv, Mohit says lets prepare to watch show.

All are sitting in lounge. Sonal asks sheetal to eat Mahek’s cooked sweets, she is going to become super cook and we wont have it then, Sheetal says she will remain our Mahek, PD says you switch sides so soon. Dhabba manager Ratan chacha comes there and says she used to cook at my dhabba, if you become famous then will you come on my dhabba?

Mahek says i have learnt everything from you, she touches his feet. Balwant asks what drama is going on here? Ravi says its first episode of Mahek’s show, all are gathered. Balwant says now we will not get food or anything in this house, PD says you will always frown. India’s super cook starts airing.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Someone knocks on door. Mahek says i will go and see. Mahek comes and opens door to find police there, policeman asks if its Sharma house? she says yes but why? He says i am here to arrest Ravi and Jeevan sharma, Mahek is stunned. Mahek comes in lounge and is shocked. Kanta asks what happened? why you are so tensed? Police comes there, and says Jeevan and Ravi Sharma are arrested, Jeevan says why? policeman says come with me, i will tell you, Kanta says how can you? we didnt do anything wrong.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Mahek asks what happened? Policeman says FIR is filed against them, they have done copyright infrigement, they have broken copyright rules by copying work of someone, Ravi asks whose work they copied? Policeman says you copied Shaurya Khanna’s work, all are stunned. Jeevan says we didnt take his advantage, Policeman says you printed pamphlet without asking permission from show’s owners to promote your shops with his show’s name so Shaurya have filed case for using his show to advertise your shop.

Ravi says Mahek is taking part in this competition, we didnt use his show, policeman says you have to come to police station, Jeevan says you cant do this with us, we didnt do anything wrong, we have murderers roaming around and you are worried about this pamphlet? we will not go anywhere.

Inspector slaps him, all are shocked. Inspector drags Jeevan and Ravi from there. Balwant says we didnt steal his show’s name, all family members plead police to not do this but they take them away. Balwant says to Mahek that everything is happening because of you. Katna says leave her.

Family follows police outside house, Nehal and Mohit takes of pamphlets from walls of road, Nehal pleads to leave them, Mohit says we have taken off pamphlets, please leave them now, inspector says meet them at police station, they take them away, Kanta asks Ratan to call any lawyer.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Shaurya’s mother does aarti while Shaurya is standing there, he takes aarti from her. He looks around and says Maa why so much arrangement? only we are at home, mother says Nans has gone to her friend and your father couldn’t come, Shaurya says yes he must be with his friends drinking wine.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Mother says you cant remain happy any time, Shaurya says I am happy because dad is not here, mother says you like to poison all happy moments, you put off my mood. Shaurya says I am sorry, I try a lot but… Mother says be happy, she makes him eat Laado. Shaurya gets a call, he comes aside and gets some information.

The Inspector calls Shaurya. Kanta is shouting in the back and says we didn’t do anything wrong, we just used show’s name, we are nice people, not some robbers. Inspector says to Shaurya that this case is not strong and this family is mad. Kanta shouts that whole neighborhood will come here for protest. Kanta says if Shaurya had a problem then he would have talked to us but he filed FIR, will they spend the night in jail?

Shaurya says to inspector that doesn’t get emotional and free them, make this Diwali memorable for Sharma family, he ends the call. Mother comes and asks Shaurya why he seems so happy? He says let’s play with firecrackers, its good to use them after burning hearts of people, mother says I don’t understand, Shaurya says let’s leave.

Mehek 18 April 2019 Update – Zee World Series
Jeevan says to inspector that we are honest and innocent people, he folds his hand and says please leave us. Ravi says don’t beg him, tell him we didn’t do anything wrong. Inspector says don’t talk much else I will send you to central jail. Mahek says what would you do? you are involved with Shaurya and doing this deliberately, inspector says don’t shout, we will take action, Nehal says what will you do? Jeevan asks him to take fine and free them, inspector says now you are offering me a bribe? one more crime?

Mansi says are you deaf? he said fine not bribe, inspector ask them to leave, Mohit says we won’t go, inspector slaps him hard, Jeevan says don’t you dare touch my son, inspector says if you don’t stop then I would beat you too. Mahek says Nehal and Mohit come with me to root cause of this problem. They leave for Shaurya Khanna house.

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