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Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World



Mehek 22 April 2019 Update

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World


Mahek says to Kanta that dont take emotional decisions, Kanta says when did you become practical? Mahek says when Shaurya did that with my family, when he made my family suffer so much, when he insulted me, it made me so angry, i have never been this much angry, Kanta says thats why i am worried, he can do anything.

Vaitlana mistakenly throws shake on Shurti, Shurti gets angry, Vaitlana says i wanted to throw it at your face but i spared you, you think your husband and my son is fool but if he starts using his brain then there will be no place for you in this house, he would see your cheap antics and throw you out of house.

Shurti says dont burn your blood for me,i would find a new boy but what will you? your ex boy left you and one is in jail, you should worry about your future,when this botox stop working then you would be going to charity house,she leaves.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Door bell rings, Mahek opens door and sees Shaurya, she says you? he asks if can he come inside, Balwant comes and says i know to set people right like you. Kanta comes there and says how dare you come here? did you get enough after destroying our Diwali? Shaurya says Chachi.. Kanta says i am not your chachi. Ravi and Jeevan comes there,Ravi says its good that you came, i will break your legs today, Jeevan asks him to calm down.

Shaurya says let me talk please, i am sorry to destroy your Diwali, Jeevan says we have forgiven you,leave now, Shaurya says give me two minutes, Balwant says you would cook noodles in two minutes Mr.Supercook? PD says he is guest, let him come and sit. Shaurya comes inside and says i liked food when i came here earlier. His driver brings sweets there, Kanta says whats this drama?

Shaurya says these are sweets for Diwali, Ravi asks if there is poison in it you cheap man? Shaurya says i am sorry for sending you to jail but you people broke rule by printing pamphlets and if i didnt take action then people would have thought that i am favoring Mahek for some reasons, i am sure you wouldnt want people to associate her with me, i have even scolded inspector who raised hand on you people.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update - Zee World

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Ravi says we dont believe you, Shaurya says its okay, i had to do it, i am glad to see strength of Mahek, she came to my house and stopped my car and challenged me too,Kanta stares at her, Shaurya says i thought for a minute that she would win contest, he asks if she didnt tell her Chachi about challenge?

Jeevan says what is this Mahek? Shaurya says let me finish, seeing Mahek’s spirit,i have taken decision that next round of show will happen away from Delhi, in Agra, city of love, specialty of this round will be that only contestants will go there and they wont be able to call their families too, they will get luxuries there but it will be like jail, they will be cut off from outside world,the pressure will be different, i hope Mahek will be able to cope up with that challenge,

Kanta says Mahek has nothing to do with this contest from now on and it will be better if we go back to our boring routines and Shaurya Sir, its your goodness that you came here and said sorry but we people are not used to so much attention, we dont have big house or big cars but we had to get insulted on Diwali night, we wont be able to bear more so Mahek wont take part in contest anymore nor she will go to Agra,

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya says what are you saying? Mahek is performing so well and contest has just heated up, viewers will like to see how contestants will survive without family, anyways i should leave, i am sorry, you people had to bear so much because of me, he passes by Mahek but stops and turns to look at Mahek, he whispers to Mahek that i hope your challenge was not just about words but had will in it, he leaves while Mahek looks on.

Nehal calls Ajay and says i feel like there is something going on between Shaurya and Mahek.

Jeevan says to Ravi that you shouldnt have got so angry on Shaurya, he could break your teeth, Ravi says i would have broken his legs if you allowed me. Kanta says dont know what he wants, Balwant says he is going crazy for Mahek, he is head over heels in love with Mahek, Pd says keep my Mahek away from all this, Kanta says he always bring storm in our lives, Mahek is in tears and leaves from there.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World
Mahek is in her room and says i would fail infront of him, i would look like coward and fool, i challenged him and now this, she thinks and says Karela king, he is my last hope. she checks her phone and messages him. Shaurya is calling Rajiv and says i am sure, you can ready Agra for show in one hour, he sees Mahek’s message and replies her. Mahek messages him.

Shaurya says to Rajiv that your wild card entry has runaway from show. He sees Mahek’s message that i dont want to go against my family but i dont want to loose too, mind and heart is torn. Shaurya messages her that heart just pump blood, you should think from mind, you have whole night to decide so think and then decide. Mehek 22 April 2019 Monday Update

Sharma family is eating breakfast, Jeevan says to family that Mahek has started cooking nicely after show, Balwant says you people will like worst food too. PD asks Kanta to call Mahek. Kanta comes to Mahek’s room and doesnt find her. She says where did she go? She sees letter on bed, she reads it, its from Mahek. Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update - Zee World

She has written that i am going to Agra to fight for my self respect, i was never strong before but Shaurya has given me strength to fight, he has tried to break me so much that I have learned to fight for myself, i am doing something without your consent for first time, forgive me.

Show’s team is getting ready to go to Agra, Shaurya says to Rajiv that Mahek is not going to come. Rajiv says turn around and see who is coming. Shaurya sees Mahek coming there with determination on her face. She stands infront of him, Shaurya takes off his glasses and stares at her, Mahek looks in his eyes, Rajiv says i knew you would come Mahek, right Shaurya?

Mahek says thank you sir, this contest is important for me, she smiles at Rajiv, glares at Shaurya and goes to give her luggage. She sits in car. Rajiv says lets go shaurya. Mehek 22 April 2019 Monday Update

Kanta reads letter that i know your nose must be red due to anger, you will be miffed but if i dont take this step then i wont be able to look at myself in mirror, the person because of whom my chacha got slapped, i would get peace by silently slapping him by winning contest. Kanta says what new story Mahek has started?

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya is sitting in his car, Mahek is sitting another car, both cars are moving together, they both are glaring at each other through window.

Kanta informs family about Mahek’s letter, all are tensed. Kanta says how can Mahek take such big decision without asking us? Jeevan is calling her but she is not picking, Ravi says Shaurya told us that there wont be phones with contestants there. Kanta asks Mohit to call organizers of show. Mohit calls the organizer and requests her to let them talk to Mahek, she says Shaurya has not allowed contestants to use the phone, she ends call.

PD says call police and tell them that he has kidnapped her, Balwant says that ill cursed girl is headache. Jeevan says we will go to Agra and find her. Mohit says we can go to Shaurya’s too. Kanta asks Mohit and Nehal to go to his house, they leave. Mehek 22 April 2019 Monday Update

All arrive at Agra. media is there too. Shaurya ignores them. Shaurya sees media gathered around Mahek too. Organizer says we will start program in an hour, contestants leave. Rajiv says to Shaurya that i think you are planning something big, dont do something weird as media is here, they are here to make news.

Shaurya says i want news, controversy, Rajiv says be serious, our deals are stuck so dont do any mistake, Shaurya says relax, dont worry about business, nothing can happen without my permission, worry about Mahek, she has big challenge to follow today.

Contestants are entering hotel. Mrs. Chawla says its big hotel, she shows Mahek her room, Mahek thanks her and says i am alone without family for first time, Mrs. Chawla leaves. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says didnt you find your room? Mahek says dont worry.

You have big things to handle, she goes to open her room. Shaurya says we are neigbors, our rooms are beside each other, if you get scared then disturb me, if you want then i can open connecting door between our rooms? and yeah, best of luck, take care, he ges in his room. Mahek says he is dog’s tail, dont burn your blood. Mahek comes in her room and chant to not boil her blood.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World
She says there is no family here, i have to take care of myself, she takes deep breaths, she says sorry Kanta chachi, dont worry i will handle everything. Door knocks, she goes near it, Shaurya asks from otherside of connecting door if she is fine? i thought to ask you, we are neighbors, if you nerd anything then tell me.

I will break door to come to your side, Mahek sees door locked, she puts dressing table, chair, luggage infront of door so that it doesn’t open. Shaurya smirks on other side.

Mohit and Nehal comes to Shaurya’s house, guard ask them to leave, you people keep coming here. Mohit says let us go for two minutes. Shurti listens to commotion and comes out of gate. She sees Mohit and Nehal and says i have seen you somewhere, Mohit says you thought we are beggars last time, Shurti says you people came to get food again? Nehal says we have come to ask about our sister, she is Mahek Sharma, contestant of Inda’s supercook, she says so you are siblings of Mahek? where is she?

Nehal says Mahek has gone to Agra, we want to know venue of show, Shurti says she must have gone to mental asylum there, she is mental, she leaves. Mohit says she is witch. Jeevan calls Mohit and asks him to note address, Mohit notes address of some hotel in Agra, he says go there and find Mahek, take care of yourself, he ends call.

Contest starts. All contestants are waiting for judges. Rajiv, Shaurya and Geeta comes there. One contestant says its difficult to carry yourself seeing Shaurya here, what you say Mahek? Mahek says i only prepared for cooking contest not fashion show.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update - Zee World

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Rajiv says to Shaurya that her confidence is boosting, you wont be able to irritate her easily, Shaurya says when enemy is strong then winning is more fun, when i will throw her out of here then it will be interesting. Shaurya says to contestants that you will have to do cooking but we will play game also, all look on.

Shaurya welcomes all to Agra, he says in this round, you people will cook but we will play game too, all are excited, Vicky says he will play the game with us. Shaurya says you people will get 6ingredients to cook a dish but you wont get these ingredients, you will have to find them, all ingredients are in this hotel, you will get clues which will help you to find your ingredients.

Vicky says they have made this food contest into treasure hunt, Shaurya says more fast you find your ingredients, more time you will get to cook, these ingredients can be anywhere, on tree, in rooms anywhere. The one will who will take most time to find ingredients then he or she will get only one hour to cook, best of luck. Contestants are given baskets and clues.

Mahek reads her clue and goes to search her ingredients.

Mahek reads clue that something hidden beneath four feet, Mahek says what does this mean? Mahek is looking everywhere to find her ingredients. She reads her clue that you will get something new from something old, she finds ingredients in bushes. She sees tree and says God i wish i had jumped tree in childhood, God helps. Shaurya says when she will climb tree, TRP will increase and if she falls down then.. Rajiv says you are so cruel man.

Mahek climbs tree and get her ingredient from high branch, she gets down and reads next clue that your story will complete with water. She sees swimming pool and says i dont know how to swim, she comes to swimming pool and finds oil bottle floating in center. Shaurya comes and says your time is passingby, all contestants have found theirs except you, if you take time here then you will get less time to cook, why dont you jump in pool?

Mahek says i dont know how to swim, Shaurya says you cant cook without this ingredient so are you giving up? tell me, he comes closer to her pushes her in pool by hitting her with his knee, Mahek falls down in pool, shaurya smirks, Mahek is drowning in water while Shaurya is enjoying, Mrs. Chawla asks somebody to help.

Shaurya takes off his coat and ties and jumps in pool, he swims to Mahek and catches her in his arms, media is recording all this, all are relieved, Shaurya is bringing her out of pool, they are close as Shaurya is holding her by waist while she is holding his shoulder, he brings her out of pool.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek is all wet, Shaurya makes her stand up, Mahek is shivering, Shaurya says rich man saves middle class girl from drowning, they both get in limelight, this must be your dream right? Rajiv calls for towel and asks Mahek if she is fine? she says not now but i will be fine, Rajiv asks her to go and change, Mahek leaves, Shaurya says nothing is fine Mahek.

Mohit and Nehal comes to Agra. He asks her to stop using phone for a minute. They enter resort, guard says you cant enter, Mohit says i am customer, he offers him money but guard says you cant enter, Mohit sees Nehal gone from there.

Nehal is meeting Ajay behind tree. He asks her to put her phone silent, she does, Ajay says switch off your phone, nobody should come between us today, he hugs her, Nehal says i am impressed that you came to Agra for me, Ajay says its city of love and our love is going to witness it, Ajay is about to kiss her but Nehal sees Mohit coming and asks him to hide in bushes, he hides.

Mohit comes there and asks what you are you doing here? Nehal says i am trying to go inside hotel, Mohit says i will try to see it, he sees some movement in bushes and asks about it, Nehal says it must be the monkey.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

All are contestants are cooking, Mahek has cold but she keep cooking. Shaurya says to rajiv that your Mahek knows to get attention, she is performing even after falling in pool, Rajiv says maybe winning this competition is important for her, shaurya smirks and says let me see what drama she is cooking.

Shaurya says only ten minutes are remaining. Shaurya comes to Mahek and sees her coughing, he says Miss. Sharma what are you cooking? Mahek doesn’t answer him, Shaurya sees camera panning on them, he asks what are you making? Mahek says you have decided ingredients so you guess it.

Rajiv comes there and says great work Mahek, guess the dish Shaurya, he asks Mahek to keep it up, Mahek looks at Shaurya, Shaurya says last five minutes, Mahek gets back to cooking again. Rajiv ask them to wrap up, he says countdown and ask them to stop cooking, they all do.

Judges are tasting dishes, Shaurya asks Mahek to bring her dish, she does, Shaurya asks how is your health? she nods, she asks did you like challenge? Mahek says i hope to keep getting these challenges, our competition is with ourselves, Rajiv says well said, what have you cooked?

Mahek says i have made two dishes, kaddo(pumpkin) pakoras and torai’s(Ridged gourd) chutni, Shaurya says i hate torai, Geeta says i am seeing these dishes for first time, Mahek says my mom used to make it.

Mehek 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World
Rajiv, Shaurya and Geeta tastes both dishes. Rajiv says amazing, great Mahek, tell me have you vowed to surprise us everytime? this chutni is mind blowing, Mahek smiles and expectantly looks at Shaurya, he is slightly smiling at her but doesnt say anything, Mahek goes to her station. Rajiv asks Shaurya should we decide winner? judges discuss it.

Shaurya says today’s winner is person who innovated her dish greatly and today’s winner is Mahek Sharma, Mahek is surprised, all clap for her including Shaurya, Mahek smiles at Shaurya.

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