This is Fate 15 April 2019 UpdateThis is Fate 15 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta turns and sees Rakhi standing there she hugs her saying that she never wanted this and never told the doctor to lie in front o0f everyone and she clearly saw the name of Sherlin on the list, Rakhi says that she knows that Preeta was right and she always thought better for them, Rakhi then says that she must have thought that it is their Sherlin but Preeta is sure and is adamant but Rakhi says that sometimes good people also lose their way and she then says that she must stay away from their family until Rishab and Sherlin get married. She then says that she wants her to stay away bas it is tge best for the both of their families as she respects Sarla a lot.

Karina is seeing this and says that Rakhi finally understood and now Rishab will remain safe.
Sanju says that Sherlin must not look at like this at him, she say that Prithvi got into a lot of problem because of him and when he went to save him, he threw him out, Sanju tries to say but the child starts to scream at which Sherlin scolds her. He says that they both must take care of their problems alone a s he is leaving and when he is about to leave She takes out the gun asking him to fulfill his job, Doctor walks in and goes to the child, Sherlin says that she saw what happened after she deceived them and now her sister will wonder what happened to her daughter.

This is Fate 15 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan is thinking and then understands that she got scared after the call as someone threatened her and she did not tell them the truth, she says that she is sorry and will no longer help him, he does not understand, she leaves and he follows her asking as to what the matter is she says that she feels very bad as everyone said a lot of bad things to her and she cannot bear them, he confidence is shattered, she no longer knows what to do, has he thought that what will her mother think and what will happen to her family as now they all will get hurt and this is what exactly happened, she did all she could to help Rishab and she was proven told that she wanted to marry him, she was proven wrong and they all said that she is proving Sherlin wrong as she is a middle class girl and wants to marry a rich boy.

She says that there is only one way and she will only come back after Rishab gets married, Karan s runs behind her and ask as to what the matter is she says that she is not an idiot and is leaving because someone else also said this to him, he asks the name she says that it is Rakhi, Karan gets shocked.

This is Fate 15 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Prithvi comes and blames Doctor Semma that she will tell everyone the truth then he will kill her, he got injured because of her and he will kill her right, she begs him but he counts down preparing to kill her.

Preeta is walking down the road, thinking of what Karina said regarding her and how she wanted to make a place in the heart of the Luthra’s, she also thought of Rakhi’s words thinking as to how will she be able to stop her if she wanted to go there, she thinks of what she will do.

Prithvi tries to kill her but Sherlin strops her saying that they will not kill her, he asking why says that he and Sanju both got into problem because of her and they must kill her, as they got into problems even when she was unconscious and now when she is awake they will surly get hurt. Sherlin says that they want that their secret remains and she promised that they both will leave the town and will never come back, when they leave Sanju says that they both are bigger goons then him and he must keep in touch with them.

Preeta is walking when Karan comes saying that he will drop her, she refuses and says that she will take an auto but he insists, she agrees.

This is Fate 15 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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