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This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World



This is Fate 21 April 2019 Update - Zee Update

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Manisha requests the police personal to allow her to leave saying that she is not used to living in this situation, they all agree and then plan to send her with a lady police officer, she gets worried but they insist and she has to oblige as otherwise they will suspect her and her plan will fail, she then sits down.

Karina goes after Rishab and asks him why is so angry, he says that why did they let him come out as he wants to be with his brother, Mahesh says that he has gone and as they have come to take his brother out and not see them both in, Rakhi says that she knows this and only wants his help to take his brother out of the locker room, Karina says that they must go to their house as Dadi was very worried and when she will see them all then she will get relaxed, Rishab feels that his family is right and goes after them.

Sherlin asks Prithvi if he is happy, he says that he is very happy as now Karan is behind the jail bars, eh says that he did this only because Karan messed with Sherlin and he cannot forgive someone who harmed her, he also avenged his defeat as Karan had become his enemy and he cannot forgive him for this.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta is very worried about Shrishti as she is late, a group of people are talking about Karan and are seeing a show, they talk about Karan’s character and they say that Karan is a good and character wise good person, they anchor corner him but he says that Karan is a good person and he knows him from a while and he is a good person, anchor says that he is following Karan and that Karan was caught red handed and he raped the girl, there spokesperson says that Karan was given the right punishment, Dadi gets very worried as how can someone say something like this regarding Karan, his sister calms her down and decides to call Preeta but she then feels that Preeta would have watched the news.

A group of people are discussing about Karan and are either saying bad things regarding his character of praising him for his innocence.

Karan was upset and thinks Preeta didn’t even come to meet him.
Preeta and Shrishti discuss that people only find it interesting to gossip about false news. Shrishti goes to take some step and stop these people. Preeta decides to call Sarla and inform her about the happenings, she got huge confidence and will surely solve the matter. Shrishti cuts the cable of television playing in the café. She says now the whole gossip will end.

Preeta was about to call Sarla but Shrishti forbids her, Sarla already know the news. But Sarla would never help Karan or Luthra family. She knows that Luthra family is rich and influential. It’s alright to break some promises for other’s welfare, they must go and help Karan as they both love him. Preeta recalls Sarla taking her promise that she would keep no connection with Luthra house. She tells Shrishti that it’s her gut feeling to go and meet Karan, she is only confused because of Sarla’s promise.This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update - Zee Update

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Shrishti insists on Preeta that she was there in the party, she had seen the girl with Karan and can save Karan right now. The girls leave for police station to meet Karan.

Manisha was leaving the police station and getting into the taxi. Prithvi and Sherlin watch her from their car. Prithvi gets a text message from Manisha that this constable is taking her home but she will go to Prithvi’s residence. They must get Champaign for celebration.

At home, Kareena complains to Mahesh that the inspector didn’t let them meet Karan. They had to return home empty handed. Mahesh shuts her up angrily saying it was her anger that the inspector got furious with. Rishab comes there asking about the ICB invitation. Their lawyer wants to know if only cricketers were invited there or some outsiders also present. Then after checking the attendees list we can point out any outsider and suspect.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

The lady constable brings Manisha home and was sympathetic with her. After the lady constable had left Manisha waited for Prithvi and Sherlin to celebrate. Prithvi and Sherlin reach home cheerfully hugging Manisha. They open a Champaign bottle and dance around on loud music.
In the taxi, the police constable thinks she had forgotten her phone there at Manisha’s house. She takes her taxi back. Prithvi was about to answer the bell but Manisha finds the phone in time. She comes at the door and return the phone to lady constable, saying she likes hearing music when upset. The lady constable leaves.

Prithvi appreciates Manisha’s cunningness. Manisha boasts herself being the biggest bastard in the world, no one realized how she sent Karan to jail. Prithvi was hopeful that Karan must rot in jail for at least ten years.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Sherlin’s mother calls Kareena. She suggests Kareena that she must pay huge amount to shut the mouth of the accuser girl. She says may be Karan had really done that, after all he is a young man. Kareena was furious over Sanjana and forbids her even think about Karan like that.

In the auto, Preeta cries thinking about Karan. Shrishti says it’s not the time to fell weak, she needs to be Karan’s strength. They can’t win any wars by crying. Preeta agrees to help Karan in any situation. No matter what Luthra family blames her for, she will go to any extent and help Karan.

Sherlin’s mom asks Karina to not be angry and they should settle this situation out of court, Karina also agrees to this idea, she says that she will talk her after sometime, Karina asks about of Sherlin asking her to let her talk with her, she says that she must be coming to their house as she is not home, when the call ends she wonders what she will do with Sherlin.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

The police personal comes and ask Karan to follow him as someone is here to meet him, when he is following him he wonders if it is Preeta and that she knows that he is innocent and came to visit him as she trusts him, he enters and when is not able to find her yells her name, someone calls him and he then feels that some is behind the chair. Prithvi comes out saying that no girl will co me to him and whenever he will talk with any girl he will tell her that Karan is not a good person and so they must meet with him at their own risk, Karan gets frustrated hearing this and when he says that Karan must call Preeta with respect, as she is now about to become his wife.

Preeta comes to their station and asks Shrishti to hurry as the visitors time will end and they must hurry, Prithvi says something and Karan pushes him, he says that Karan must not do this as otherwise eh will get in a big problem but Karan is very angry, Prithvi says that does he know what the media is saying about him that Karan a big cricket start tried to rape simple girl who had nothing to do and was forced to do it.

Prithvi then starts to pump him constantly saying that he is a rapist, Karan gets out of control and then starts to beat him, forcing him to say that he is the one behind it, Prithvi says that he is not a foolish person and will never admit to it as there must be someone in the room with them who is listening to their things, but he will never admit to this as he is not as foolish as him and is not a rapist.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan gets angry and starts to bet him, Prithvi starts to smile saying that he is very happy to see this face of Karan and his frustration and this is the only thing that he came to see here, and him he gets uncomfortable hearing Preeta names and things that that area bit touchy.

Preeta and Shrishti come asking the inspector to let them meet Karan but he says that he cannot as the time has ended, she then force him saying that Preeta is about to become his wife and they must let them meet.

Prithvi says that Karan is beating him only because he is letting him, and if he hurts him then Preeta will be the one to bandage him, he also calls the clerk who takes him away and asks Karan to keep a hold on his hands and anger, Shrishti says that Karan cheated on her sister and they must talk with him to make sure if he has some relation with any other girl, The inspector is moved by her words and lets them talk with Karan as they have a right to ask him the reason for his behaviour.

Prithvi comes out and is shocked to see them both in the police station, he only escapes with an inch even when Shrishti drops her phone he hands t back to her without even looking. They both reach Karan, Shrishti says that they both believe in him and know that he has done nothing wrong, he also tries to tell Preeta that he is innocent.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Shrishti asks if Rishab or Mahesh came and if they appointed a lawyer, he says that Rishab is his big brother and came to visit him, he also came into his room as he loves him a lot and cannot live without him. he says that his family loves him but everyone is saying that he is a rapist and tied to rape a girl, he says that everyone and the media is saying that he is not a good person.

Preeta asks him to not look at those who are saying wrong things about him and they must ignore them, she says that they are only like a group of sheep who follow a certain path and when the truth comes out and they hear it then they also change their way, she then tries to comfort him and he says that he is happy to have a friend like her who cares for him and knows that he is not like this, Preeta says that she will bring him out of jail as he is a good and honest person..

Prithvi is standing outside and wondering what Preeta is doing inside and not coming outside, even when he is the real hero of her life, he thinks of what Preeta and Karan will be thinking if him, he gets a call from Sherlin who asks him to come back, he asks her to end their call, she then thinks of what Prithvi is doing and if he is anywhere near the police station then she will fight with him.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan asks Preeta as to why does she know after which she says that she was also in the party and she saw everything, she says that she saw him and he was not even able to understand what he was doing, she says that she saw him nearly unconscious, he says that he never drinks too much to not be able to stand, and he only had a single drink, she then starts to tell him all that she saw starting from when she saw him with the girl to where she was locked in the bathroom.

Sherlin jumps in and asks him that she knows that Karan is innocent and there are more than two people behind this, Preeta says that she will go and tell everyone the truth, Shrishti says that she must not go as no one will believe in her words, she then starts to ask questions that are very offensive after which Preeta gets angry and is about to beat her, Shrishti says that they are helping him as he must have felt very good when they came and he knows this.

Preeta says that she will go and tell everyone, someone stops her she thinks that it I Shrishti but it is Karan, she asks him to leave but Karan says that has she asked Sarla, she denies after that Karan say that Karina said a lot of things to Sarla at something small, and no one knows what she will say at this moment, Preeta is not listening to anything he has to say, Karan says that he will not be the reason of Sarla disrespect and they have a romantic moment.

This is Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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