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This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update – Zee World



This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update

This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Sarla is very angry with Preeta saying that she never cares for her as otherwise she would not have gone to the police station, Preeta tries to explain that Karan is being framed and that she is the sole witness to this crime, she says that she only wants to help. Sarla does not listen saying that there are already a lot of people that ca help him and she must ot go as if she decides then she must choose between him and her mother, she can only remain with a single person in her life.

Prithvi gets very happy hearing what Sarla said and says that he only wanted her to scold Preeta but she did things that were beyond his imagination.

Karan is hugging her Dadi and trying to calm her down but she doesn’t listen saying that they all miss her and they will change their profession if he doesn’t come to their house, he asks the inspector when the time will end and he says that they only let them meet because Dadi was in her last stage.

Rishab clarifies that she only lied to meet Karan as they all were in a really bad shape, they all share a laugh and Rishab makes Dadi come with them so that they can go back but Dadi does not listen saying that she will stay with Karan and she eve slaps the police inspector so that they can let her stay with him but they disagree and the everyone says Good bye and leave. Karan asks Rishab to come with the lawyer as he has something to tell him.

This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Sarla is very angry and crying then Dadi comes saying that she did something very wrong and she will not tolerate it and if she says ti again the she will die, Sarla says that if she says it again then she will commit suicide.

Then she says that Luthra’s will make Karan come out of the jail as they have money and can do anything but what can they do if someone from their family once aggin says things that they cannot tolerate. She will do all that she can to protect her daughters and no one can stop her from it, Dadi also realizes it and hears all that she says after that Sarla starts to cry, Dadi hugs her out of concern.

Preeta ask Shrishti as to what is happening s she never wanted to make their mother feel bad and that she knows that Karan is not convicted, Shrishti tries to comfort her saying that their mother loves them a lot and never means what she is saying as she does that only in anger, Preeta says that she is saying because she is hurt and she has said a lot of things that are very hurting.

Shrishti says that she would have acted the way she thought but she is sure that Prithvi came and said a lot of things that would prove disastrous for them, Shrishti tries to stress on it but Preeta remains silent, She says that would she have stopped if Prithvi stopped them.

Shrishti says that she knows that Preeta would never back down when she knows that her friend is innocent but what she is not understanding is that Prithvi is not worthy of her, Preeta finally says that she knows this now and also understands it.

This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update - Zee Update

This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta says that she understands what he did and they can expect this from him but she did not expect what their mother said and they can never leave their mother as they have gotten her after a very long time and she must keep her with them as they have no one else in the world besides her, Shrishti gets angry and is about to leave but Preeta stop her saying that she needs her right now.

Karan is thinking of Dadi and how she said that she wants to remain with him and her cute behaviors, he sees Preeta and immediately gets up, he is very worried as how did he came to think of her in this short moment, he thinks of what she said regarding him and that she will do all that she can to get him out.

He says that there is no one like her as she has always been there to help him even before she took the blame on herself and went in prison for him, he thinks that he must get out of this place so that he can help Preeta get away from Prithvi because he is not a good person and really not worthy of her, he thinks of what he will do to make her life a better one.

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This is Fate 24 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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