Twist of Fate 16 April 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 16 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Tannu stops Robin and asks him about the witness? She says the witness must have spotted the face of the murderer and may help them in police investigation. She tries to inquire about their whereabouts.

Tannu says the matter is related to their family, someone might claim witness for money or fame as well. She convinces Robin to share the details of that witness. Robbin says Kiara! Tannu was shocked. Tannu recalls all the times Kiara showed a rude attitude towards Pragya. She decides to do something.

The elders were crying at home. Everyone wonder why police is even coming home. Aaliya comes there asking if Pragya again got hospitalized. Disha replies she is fine, and will remain well. Dasi scolds to Aaliya for ruining the atmosphere. Mitali says police is coming here. Abhi also reach home along with the police. Twist of Fate 16 April 2019 Update – Zee World

The inspector was strict with his job and clarifies he came for investigation of an attempt to murder case. It’s about Pragya. He asks what she was doing here. Abhi says she was invited, Tannu invited her. The inspector wanted cross-question. He asks Abhi why King and Pragya were invited when King is Abhi’s rival.

Abhi says there was a professional rivalry only taking an album. The inspector points towards Aaliya for bribing and getting Abhi’s solo photo over that album. Aaliya was offensive. Abhi tells the inspector to do his job and give them punishment as well, claim that Dasi or Purab tried to kill Pragya. The inspector asks why such soft corner for his friend’s wife, is there some feelings he hold for her?

Tannu come to the hall then. The inspector sends his subordinate for finger prints. Tannu was worried about her finger prints all around. The inspector tells Tannu they must wait for finger prints, he may begin questioning with her later.

Twist of Fate 16 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Pragya comes to Kiara’s room and packs her bag for school. Kiara kiss Pragya’s cheek, she asks her not to worry at all, take her food in time and take her medicines timely as well. Pragya cries. Kiara wipes her tears saying being bossy suits Pragya. Pragya takes Kiara’s promise that she will not discuss with police about this murder anymore.  King comes there and asks Pragya why?

At Mehra house, a police inspector finds a similarity between Aaliya and Murder film actress. Meanwhile another inspector brings the cut rope of the chandelier. The officer takes Tannu inside for investigation. Abhi was suspicious of Tannu.

In the room the inspector asks if Tannu understands her husband has feelings for Pragya. Tannu denies but the inspector insists there is such a bond. Tannu insists that her husband only respect every girl. The inspector asks Tannu who was responsible for the accident? She replies it’s possible no one is planning to kill Pragya. The inspector suggests may be someone was so angry watching Pragya that he attempted to kill Pragya. The inspector suggests Tannu to wear some lens, he can see the crime in a culprit’s eyes and had already spotted the fear in Tannu’s eyes.

Twist of Fate 16 April 2019 Update – Zee World

King asks Pragya why she doesn’t want her to discuss the accident with anyone. Kiara hugs King and was relieved that he is here, now she can leave for school. After Kiara has left, King complains that everyone hides things from him. Initially Mehra family and now Pragya as well. Pragya denies hiding anything from him.

King tells Pragya that John has been killed, he knew someone tried to break the chandelier. He questions why Pragya is hiding the reality? Pragya insists she wants to hide from the world that Kiara is her daughter, else the world would snatch Kiara from her. King assures absolutely not! He will protect her and Kiara.

Pragya feared that Kiara is a child, her enemy may also try and harm Kiara. She is her world, she can’t let Kiara go away from her for any reason. King says Kiara and Pragya are world to each other, but both are his world. He doesn’t want bad eye over their world.

Pragya laughs that this dialogue was quite heavy. King says his feelings for her got heavier for a past few days. He attempts to speak a few other Hindi phrases. Pragya laughs.

Twist of Fate 16 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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