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Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World



Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Tanu asks the peon to leave,he says that they should give him his money, Tanu says that he will not give him even a cent,he says that if they don’t give him the money then he will tell everyone what she made him do, Tanu sacres him after that he begs and leaves, Aaia and Tanu plan to keep both Abhi and pragya away from each other.

The Principal says that she is going to announce the results, she apologizes for abhi’s disappearance, she says that it is no problem as King is with them, there is a big round of applause, she wishes that Abhi will be there to distribute the final prize, she starts to hand the prizes and both Kiara and Sunny are hoping that they be the winners, the ceremony continuous.

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Pragya and Abhi are not able to get out and are worried, abhi turns and says that he thinks that it was done on purpose,they both turn their suspicion towards the Peon,Abhi gets scared and she asks if he is scared, at first he denies but then admits, the both take her mobile and search for the light. They are not able to find any light source, after searching they find bulb and holder,abhi tries but is not able to fix it, he then climbs a ladder and eventually succeeds, he turns back on her face, they both get into a romantic state.

Pragya and Abhi are in the store room and the lights go out, he tries to make it com back again, he sees her crying and asks what the matter is and if she Is okay, she says that she is fine, he asks again and again and only after this does she tell that she is getting dizzy, he gets worried as there is no network.Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update

Tanu and Aaliya are about to open the door and just as they try, Abhi shouts to them, asking them too immediately open the door but they donor understand and get worried.

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

The principal announces that they both have won the first prize, She says that Abhi is not there but King can give it just by himself, he wonders where Pragya is as she should have been with kiara, sunny asks Purab about where Abhi is, he takes the mike and says that he would have to delay the prize distribution, he says that he believes that Abhi would be fighting with Pragya, everyone laughs and he wonders that he is saying the truth and everyone is believes that he is joking. Purab says that King can give the trophy himself to their kids as he is a parent also, he gives both of them their trophies and everyone is rejoicing.

Pragya starts to chock, Abhi is not able to find any way out and he starts to yell at the door, Aaliya and Tanu are walking, Tanu says that they can ask someone else to go and open the door, Aaliya gets mad at her saying that they would not be able to answer anyone if they ask questions and what she plans is not possible, Purab comes asking why Aaliya is here, she says that she is not his wife, he gets very serious warning her to not involve Disha. He ask Tanu where Abhi, she is about to say everything but stops.

Pragya is constantly thinking of how they both would survive everything together, she thinks of when Kiara made him her second dad, she thinks that she would now tell him about Kiara being their daughter as she might not live longer, she calls him but Abhi says that nothing will happen to her as he has already lost her once and cannot lose her again.

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Purab asks why she said Basement, they both start to say things round and round, they say that why does he suspect them, he says that the function has ended and Sunny won, Tanu gets happy now that Abhi will not able to see Kiara and her together, Purab gets suspicious and asks why she is smiling but she says that it is for his son, he says that he must look for them and leaves.

Pragya is trying to say something to Abhi but he asks her to be quiet, she does not listen to anything he says and is trying to tell him something. But is not able to and goes unconscious, he tries to wake her but she does not gain conscious, he places her on the floor and goes to knock on the door, no one comes, he comes back to Pragya saying that she must open her eyes as otherwise he will not be able to live, he breathes air into his mouth and she gets conscious, he hugs her saying that she must not leave him again ever.

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Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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