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Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World



Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Tanu inviting King for the party and tells that Pragya has already agreed and reminds Pragya about her challenge. King asks what? Pragya makes an excuse. Tanu says your husband is good. Abhi goes to billing counter. King says we will meet in the party. Kiara and Sunny come to the Mehra Mansion. She greets Dadi. Sunny asks where is chucks as she came to meet him. Pragya and Abhi look at each other,. Aye dil sun le zara plays. Tanu reminds Abhi that Pragya is Mr. Singh’s wife. Mitali calls Abhi and asks Tanu to go to counter.

Kiara talks to Abhi. Abhi tells her that his mood was off, but now he is fine hearing her. Kiara asks what happened? Abhi tells her that he met his doll today and someone else took it. Kiara asks him to take her gyan and asks him not to let doll go with someone else. Abhi says I wish it was possible. He says I am reaching home in 1 hour and asks her to wait. Kiara tells that she is going and came to drop cookie, will take it next week. Abhi asks her to take cookie with her. Kiara asks him not to think about her happiness.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Abhi tells her that she had left her bracelet last time and says she copies him. Kiara says she is wearing it since London. She says you have copied me. Abhi says ok. He asks Tanu why did she invite Pragya and King and says he is his rival. Tanu says he was talking nicely. Abhi says I don’t like him. Tanu says she will ask them not to come and says you will get uncomfortable with pragya’s presence. Abhi asks her to let them come.

Dadi and Dasi talk about Kiara. They think she is like Pragya and have her qualities. King asks Pragya why is upset. Pragya says it is not like that. King tells that Tanu is strange and was telling again and again that she is Abhi’s wife, don’t know why. Pragya says if you don’t want we will not go to party. King says we will go, I want to thank Abhi for saving you. He makes her wear necklace. Abhi sees and gets tears in his eyes. Pragya asks King not to gift her anything again. He teases her. Pragya smiles. Abhi and others leave. Mitali and Tai ji are doing the arrangements. Abhi and others come, but don’t talk and go to their rooms. Mitali says we will know what happened in the evening.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee WorldTwist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update

Purab and Disha talk about Tanu and Pragya. Disha tells that something is going on Tanu’s mind and tells that Aaliya must have made the plan of party. She tells that God made mangalsutra fall on Pragya’s neck and says they are destined to be together. She says Tanu invited her to hurt her. She says she don’t want her to come. Purab says everyone will get happy meeting Di. Disha says she will hurt her just like she hurt her in jewellery shop. Purab says yes. She hopes Pragya di don’t come to the party. Pragya recalls Tanu insulting her and thinks she can’t go. She then thinks she has accepted her challenge infront of King and have to go.

Pragya asks King to check the time and says we have to go to party. King says I don’t want to go. Pragya says I am prepared to go. King asks for revenge. He says I have seen and heard what you both were talking. King Speaks to Pragya about Tannu’s misbehavior with her in the jewelry shop. Pragya says there is no such deal. King asks about the history as there must surely be a reason behind her enmity.

Tannu blamed her to not have changed in time. Pragya decides not to tell her anything, else he would inquire more. Pragya says they know each other from the past. She blames Pragya didn’t change at all, what she does. King suggests her to tell Tannu its all God gifted, he doesn’t do anything.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World
Disha was getting ready. Purab looked at her in a state of shock. Disha asks Disha why she married him, she is so pretty and could have got any guy. Disha says she only wanted Purab in her life who loves each relation in her life as well. Purab holds Disha closer and asks to get some space in their life for Sunny’s sibling. He demands Disha a kiss but Sunny comes there. Sunny asks them permission to go to Kiara’s home and stay there. Purab had an objection but Disha allows him to go. She explains to Purab that she wants Sunny and Kiara be friends before they discover they are cousins.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World
Abhi sat in his room alone when Feni Dadi comes to him to tie a thread from temple in his arm. Tannu walks to Abhi’s room to ask him to select a saree for her. Dadi asks Abhi about the doll? Abhi says it’s Kiara’s. She left it to him during their first meeting, and she fought her later. Tannu hears Abhi tell that he met Kiara the second time for after this doll, they turned to friends and then his daughter. She realized he can’t sleep without this doll so each of them keep this doll for one week. Dadi says this means he loves Kiara. If he had stayed with Kiara he must have a daughter like Kiara today. One must forgive those who make our lives. He must have made up with her when his anger had been washed off. She had forgiven him many a times and even his Dadi’s soul wouldn’t be happy watching them apart.

Kiara wakes up and calls Sunny. Disha got him ready for a party. He promises to come to Kiara after his party. Disha takes the phone and asks Kiara what she likes to eat, she can send it through Sunny. Pragya comes to Kiara who offers her to speak to her friend’s mom. Disha doesn’t reply to Pragya’s voice on the call, she thinks Pragya may not be wanting to share with her about their secret yet. After the call, Kiara hugs Pragya cheerfully that Sunny is coming over.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Tannu comes to the room furious about Pragya. She shouts at Abhi for not stopping Pragya the day she came over. Their Feni Dadi is trying to create difference between her and Abhi, and create an enmity between Pragya and Abhi. Aaliya tells Tannu to calm down and focus on function only, she will look after the matter in it.

Kiara’s dadi was watching horror serial on television and spills the popcorns on the floor. She turns the television off fearfully. She explains her situation at the buttler’s stare. There was a knock at the door. Sunny had arrived. Kiara comes out to greet Sunny and notices the spilt popcorns. Dadi puts the blame over buttler but Kiara sensed that she had been lying. Dadi sits to play a game with kids in which they can’t share each other’s secrets. The kids prove sensible and demand an icecream in return. Dadi warns them not to tell Pragya else she would scold all of them.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Tannu comes inside the room. The buttler was preparing warm water for Dadi to soak her feet, Kiara called her and suggested to use warm water therapy for her foot ache. Tannu sends the buttler and turns the heating of water to high. She thinks Dadi will now realize she should have taken Tannu’s side. If she had taken her side she should have got warm water therapy, but now she will get boiling water therapy.

Suwarni Dasi coming to her room and tells that Robin didn’t keep the bucket closer to bed. Tanu is hiding there and thinks she shall hear her scream soon. Pragya asks Sunny, how is he? Sunny says fine. Pragya says he has become taller. Sunny says yes. Pragya asks Kiara not to have icecream. Kira lies to her. Sunny says chucks can handle any kid. Pragya asks he is in which police station. Just then King comes there and gives compliment to Pragya.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Maasi ji teases King. Kiara says it is a big thing, I never saw him giving her compliment. Sunny says he always see his parents complimenting each other. Suwarni Dadi keeps her foot in the water and screams in pain. Mitali thinks Tanu was hiding behind the door. Mitali and Dasi go to bring the medicine. Tanu tells Dadi that she is forgiving her first mistake, and will give punishment next time. She asks her to tell her if she needs to say anything, and not to talk to Abhi. Mitali and Dasi bring medicine. Tanu asks her to remember what she said.

Aaliya hears her and thinks Tanu is crossing her limit. She goes behind Tanu and says I saw everything. Tanu says I would have told you if met. Aaliya says you have done wrong with family. Tanu says you have also done wrong with them. Aaliya says she will reply later. Tanu says lets end the matter now. Aaliya warns her not to hurt anyone and says they are your family too. She says Suwarni Dadi is old. Tai ji comes and says saas shall be afraid of bahus. Aaliya and Tanu get tensed. Tai ji shows the newspaper news. Aaliya asks her to remember her words. Tanu thinks I didn’t agree to my parents’ saying then why will I listen to you. She thinks to show her value in the house.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Abhi thinks what to wear and throws clothes on bed. Pragya comes. His clothes fall on her. Abhi is surprised and says don’t know how it fell. Pragya says even now you couldn’t choose your clothes and tells that she felt good to see Purab and his relation same. Abhi says yes and says he is not best at relations. Pragya says you are best with every relation, but couldn’t handle their relationship. She says it was our mistake. She suggests clothes for him. Abhi holds her hand and takes her closer. She asks him to leave her hand. Song plays.

Abhi says I shouldn’t have left your hand. He says it is late, but…He says Dadi wants to see us together and brought us together all the time. She wanted to see us united, and says she is not in this world, but her wish is still there and that’s why we are meeting again and again. He tells that Suwarni Dadi asked him to forgive her and tells everything. Tanu comes there. Abhi says I am busy and asks her to go. Just then he sees Pragya not there, as she is his imagination. He tells that he is wearing these clothes. Tanu says this is old style and asks him to wear.

Twist of Fate 7 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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