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Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife



Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife ” Naina Teaches Lesson to Harjeet Saves Rihaan Too .”

Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update - StarLife

The Episode starts with Harjeet saying a story and singing lullaby. Naina says I told you to make Ahaan sleep, not disturb him. Harjeet says I will try again. Naina keeps knife at Harjeet’s neck and says Ahaan wants his Dadi to dance for him. Harjeet says impossible. Naina threatens her. Harjeet says I m ready to do anything for my grandson. Naina shouts dance. Harjeet dances on Sajna pe dil aagaya…… she gets tired. Naina shows the knife. Harjeet dances on Chaar bajgaye….She gets back. Naina asks Ahaan did he like the dance. Harjeet drinks water and spits.

Naina asks her to tell a never ending story. Harjeet tells a Chudail’s story. Naina makes her change the story. Harjeet feels sleepy and asks can I end this story here. Naina says story will end when I want, what did you say. Naina asks her to answer the call. She answers the call and says I can’t come office. Naina says its my responsibility to get Harjeet to office. Harjeet asks why will I go. Naina says you have spent life by my husband’s money, won’t you go office when needed, I will make you ready, you are board member, Naina is new, you have to go there, maybe board members pity you. Harjeet asks what do you mean. Naina says I mean I will take you there, I will decorate you.

Biji and Dadi laugh seeing Harjeet. Dadi asks Harjeet will she go this way. Naina asks them to come along to show they are united family. Servant sees Harjeet and screams. Naina asks Harjeet not to make her wait. Servant says what happened to Harjeet. Harjeet comes in the meeting. They all get shocked. Naina says Harjeet wants to show everything is in control, trust her promise. The man asks are you fine, there is no fancy dress contest. Naina says people can stay any way, everyone has liberty, give a chance to Harjeet. The man asks Harjeet what does she want to say. Naina shows knife and asks her to say. Harjeet dances.

Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

The man asks what’s happening here. Naina says Harjeet is queen of bharatnatyam, she has kept maun vrath, she wants to tell us everything will be fine, dance slowly, I will translate you feelings to them. Harjeet dances. Naina says she means whatever happened, she is much ashamed. Dadi and Biji smile. The man says I don’t trust you now, what can we expect from Khurana, I withdraw my support, I don’t care he stays in jail or out. Naina says enough, if you say a word against my husband, I will….till person’s crime is proved, he is regarded innocent, I trust my husband, its my responsibility to get him out of this problem.

Naina meets inspector and asks do you want to have money, will you put me in jail. Inspector scolds her and asks her to leave. Ahana’s spirit goes. Naina asks what’s happening. Lawyer says you are spoiling our plan. Naina says sorry inspector, don’t stop interrogation. Inspector asks her to wait outside. He says is this family mad. Harjeet says they made fun of me, you can also laugh on me. Sudha says I m not laughing, I m thinking what’s Naina doing.

Harjeet says I don’t know how this happened, that nurse cheated me, someone made Rehaan against me, that spirit is angry and knows everything, I m feeling scared Sudha, I just had Rehaan as shield, but he has gone jail, she may burn me in her revenge fire, I m not feeling good, I feel bad, I lost everything, just leave me alone. Sudha goes.

Naina asks nurse did Rehaan misbehave with her when she took coffee. Nurse says I went there to keep teddy. Naina asks what teddy, you were kept to take care of Harjeet, why did you go to my room to keep soft toy. Nurse says I took that gift for baby. Naina says you did not had phone when we came to room, how did she record everything, I will help you. She shows the teddy and says she got this soft teddy for my son, this has a camera too. Nurse says you have seen that footage how her husband tries to misbehave with me. Naina scolds her and says you were shamelessly trying to seduce him, she has seen edited version, I will show you complete video. She shows the camera. Khurana gets shocked.

Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Naina playing the video. She says now everyone will know who was forcing whom, she wanted to spy on us, when she got caught, she has put blame on my husband. Nurse says yes, I lied, he did not misbehave with me. Inspector apologizes to Khurana. Nurse says forgive me, I m innocent. Naina says we don’t want to do any case against me. Inspector says fine as your wish. Khurana asks how can you let her go, she tried to spoil my reputation, wait and watch. Nurse apologizes and says someone gave me money to do this. Naina sends her. Khurana says she said someone gave her money. She asks him to forget it. He says you know who did this right, tell me. She says I don’t want to tell the name, but if you forcing me, maybe I should tell you, your mum defamed you.

He gets shocked and says this can’t happen, what are you saying, why did she defame me.
She says she has sent nurse to our room for her work, nurse saw you and got scared, she played this game to save herself. He asks why will mum give money to her. Naina says she was using nurse to take revenge from me, she frames me always, she has asked nurse to put this soft toy in room to spy on me, I have heard this, don’t I have right to live privately, its not Harjeet’s mistake, I can understand why she is doing this, she would be worried for you, she does not trust me. He says I m so sorry. She says no need to say sorry, its not your mistake. She smiles and says till I win her trust, I will not breath peacefully.

Dadi asks Biji to have some sweets for Naina. She says Naina saved Rehaan by exposing nurse, she admitted truth of spying on someone, we will know her motives. Harjeet worries. Dadi asks are you fine. Harjeet says I m fine. Dadi goes. Harjeet says if nurse tells Rehaan that I was spying on Naina, I have to do something fast.

Naina and Khurana come home. Biji hugs him. Sudha comes. Dadi says Sudha came on right time. Sudha says Harjeet called me here. Harjeet does Khurana’s aarti. Biji wards off bad sight and gives money to Sudha, taunting she is poor. She asks them to celebrate. Khurana says you all celebrate, I have to talk to Maa.

Chasing My Heart 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

He goes with Harjeet and asks why did you do this. She says I m a mum and will do anything to save my children. He says don’t say Naina is doing something against us, this will make you mad. She asks do you know what happened with me in your absence. He asks what happened. Sudha comes to call them. He asks Sudha to explain Harjeet not to do this. He says if police knew truth about your fake treatment, you would have gone jail, Naina was not telling me, she wanted to win your trust, I forced her to say, its no use talking to you. He goes. She shouts. Sudha asks her to calm down.

Sudha says we still have game in our hand, I have an idea. Khurana celebrates. Harjeet takes him aside and promises she won’t repeat her mistake. He asks her not to spy on Naina again. He goes. She says till I ruin Naina, I will not sit in peace, I promise. Sudha asks did you do what I say. Harjeet asks why did you ask me to apologize to Khurana. Sudha says Naina is acting to become perfect wife and bahu, you have to act as perfect mum and Saas, you force Rehaan to go close to Naina. Harjeet asks are you mad.

Sudha says do something to break Naina’s perfect image, she still loves Raghav, she will not let Rehaan touch her, she will kick him out of room, his male ego will be hurt. Harjeet says if she comes close, he will get away from me, it won’t be easy. Sudha says I have a solution, this medicine, Naina will not let him touch her, trust others sometimes.

Khurana feels hot and removes jacket. He sees the AC on. He lowers temperature. Naina comes to room and asks what happened, are you fine. He says yes, I m sweating, I m not feeling anxiety. She says you maybe tired, I will get water. He looks at her. Sudha asks Harjeet to relax, it will be fine. Harjeet says I m taking advice from you, what days have come. Sudha says you have no alternative, the potion given to Rehaan will work as magic, he will be attracted to Naina, when he touches her, she will kick him out, he will not forget this insult.

Harjeet says Naina can melt in front of him. Sudha says you want to bet, you will give me anything I want after I win. Harjeet says I feel bad, I understood I took big risk, if you believe your plan, we will see, I have kept bubble wrap under their bedsheet to clear my doubt, if bubbles are burst, it would mean they had a relation. Sudha says what do you think, just relax. Khurana turns away. Naina says have water, shall I get cold coffee. He stops her.

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