Chasing My Heart 14 May 2019 Update - StarLife

Chasing My Heart 14 May 2019 Update – StarLife

The Episode starts with Khurana asking Harjeet what is she doing here. Harjeet says this woman was
helping me. Dadi asks her to wear glasses, can’t she see the sign board. He asks Harjeet to come on meeting. She says I want to go home and rest.

She meets Armaan and asks him did he hire someone to change medicines. Armaan asks are you mad. She asks him not to lie. He says I did everything on own. She says if anything comes out, I will not leave you, many kids’ lives are in risk, we can go jail, tell me truth. Khurana calls her. She asks Armaan to leave, she will contact him again.

She says I m in garage, I came for car repair, fine. Dadi records the video and hides. Dadi thanks and pays the man. Khurana scolds the guard. Guard gets the CCTV footage and says I have checked it, I
did not find any foul play. Khurana says I will decide it. He checks the footage. Guard says I have checked well, there was no outsider. Khurana sees the footage of loaded truck. He sees someone changing the medicines. He scolds the guards. He says this jacket is branded, its very expensive, every criminal leaves a clue, I will catch you.

Dadi says we caught Harjeet and Armaan red handed, you saw the clip, its so dark, all hardwork got waste. The man gives food to Naina and asks her to tell him if she needs anything. Dadi says your Tai is great, I m glad you got some help here. Naina says yes, Tai is a great woman. Dadi says she came in board meeting, Harjeet was so worried. Naina says Armaan helped her mum, even if Rehaan does not know anything, Tai will not leave them, don’t worry. Dadi asks her to take care.

Tai comes to meet Harjeet. Harjeet scolds her. Tai asks for 25 lakhs. Harjeet says I won’t give you money, I m not scared of you. Khurana asks the matter. He asks Tai did he see her. Harjeet says you are seeing him for the first time, she is working at the trust, I promised to give donation to the trust. Tai goes. The man gets the fan and toys for baby. Tai and Dadi come to meet Naina. Naina says Harjeet may doubt on me if she knows this. Tai says I did not think this, she does not know why I m after her. Naina says she is clever woman.

Chasing My Heart 14 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Khurana asks the man to give customer’s names who bought this jacket. He threatens him about police. The man gives him customers list. Khurana thanks him. He sits checking the list. Harjeet prays and says Tai is troubling me help me, Armaan is not saying anything. Armaan calls her. She asks could you not call before. He says I was sleeping. She asks did you take anyone’s help. He says no. She says that woman is lying to me for money, she said we promised her 25 lakhs for money. Armaan says no, I did everything.

Khurana checks a number and gets doubt. He goes and meets the man. The man asks for gift hamper. Khurana asks him did he buy jacket for himself, its worth 70000rs.The man asks why do you care, are you policeman, what did I do. Khurana says you supported a criminal, a guy came to me and asked me to buy the jacket, he gave me money. Khurana asks will you identify on seeing him. The man says yes. Tai comes to meet Harjeet again. She points gun at Tai.

Tai laughs seeing the gun. Harjeet says you are a fraud and want to take money from me. Tai says I did your work to swap the medicines. Harjeet says enough, Armaan has changed the medicines, not you. Khurana gets shocked hearing this.

Khurana saying you knew Armaan is behind this. Harjeet says no, this woman is making me lie, she is lying, she wants money. Tai asks did I help your son for free. Harjeet says she is blaming Armaan, she is a liar. Khurana asks how did you say Armaan changed the medicines batch, tell me, I have proof against Armaan, I have to find him, once I get him, none can save him, where did you hide that coward.

Tai says I will tell you, Armaan is in the chawl. Harjeet thinks I have to alert Armaan by some way. Khurana asks Harjeet to come along. She says no, what’s happening, I can really get a heart attack. Tai says she can call Armaan after I leave. Harjeet says I m not feeling good, leave me alone. Tai asks her to come along. They leave. Sudha comes. Servant says Harjeet went out. Sudha says I came to pick my watch, I will get it.

Sudha scolds Madan for losing money in gambling, you don’t expect me to bail you out, don’t irritate me. She ends call. Armaan gets shocked seeing Khurana. Khurana beats him and scolds him for cheating. Harjeet asks him to stop it. Tai holds Harjeet. Harjeet stops Khurana. Khurana says I will kill him today. She angrily slaps him.

He asks how dare you, who are you to raise hand on my only son, he is my only son. Khurana asks only son, who am I? I m Rehaan, your elder son, look at me, you always said you love me a lot, tell me its a lie. Harjeet says no, its true, Armaan is my blood, you are stepson. She asks Armaan is she fine. Sudha gets Naina’s phone in Dadi’s cupboard.

She gets a call. Raghav says Naina, I m alive, they have ….. The call ends. Sudha says was it Raghav, is he alive, story will change if he is alive. Khurana gets Armaan to police station and slaps him. He says he is real culprit. Dadi asks inspector to get Naina out. Harjeet comes. Khurana says I will hire top lawyers to fight case against Armaan. Inspector says don’t worry, we will teach him a lesson. Armaan says it was my mum’s plan.

Chasing My Heart 14 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Naina asks Harjeet how can she do this to take revenge from a son. Inspector says we have to arrest her. Khurana says no. Sudha asks Shaurya to track the unknown number, we can help Naina this way. Shaurya agrees and says it came from unknown number, its hard to trace it, but I can just trace the location, its some dump yard. Shaurya goes. Om hears them and taunts Sudha. Inspector asks Khurana why is he stopping them. Khurana says Armaan is a liar, I know him well. Harjeet thinks to cry and convince Khurana to take her home.

She cries and tells him that she said everything in anger. Khurana says how shall I forget, you have said such a big thing, you will always be my mum, you won’t stay with us now, I can just manage your expenses, I can do this for you. Naina and Dadi ask Harjeet to take care and leave.
Sudha tries to find Raghav. She gets shocked seeing Pam.

Pam asks is Raghav alive. Sudha says I don’t know. She tells everything. Pam asks shall I tell this to Dadi and get money. Sudha says no, when Raghav knows Naina married Khurana, what will he go through, our good days will come, deal. Pam says deal and hugs her. They go ahead to find him.

Khurana and Naina come home. She says I will see baby and come. He stops her and says don’t go, I lost my mum today, I lost, I have no one. He hugs her. She makes a face.

Chasing My Heart 14 May 2019 Update – StarLife

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