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Family Affairs 23 May 2019 Update – StarLife



Family Affairs 23 May 2019 Update – StarLife

In the morning, Raghav gets ready. Kaushalya helps him and he gets annoyed. She asks him to trust her, she will not let anything wrong happen in this home. She says he did not think how will she love without him. He says even I can’t live without you, if anything happened to mum, it was also tough to live. She cries and he looks at her. He goes back to the room and gets teary eyed. Shanti plays the radio. A girl says about her Dadi troubling her a lot. Shanti thinks she had heard this story. Family Affairs 23 May 2019 Update

The man suggests Kaushalya to make the lady go in acting company. Shivam looks on and smiles. Kaushalya comes and brings tea. Shanti starts arguing and scolds her. He goes to Preeti and asks what is she doing, Dadi has identified her voice on radio, what will she do now. She says what, I m scared. He says I m with you, go and meet her once. She says I have just….

Family Affairs 23 May 2019 Update - StarLife

Family Affairs 23 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Nimmi gets ready and asks Kaushalya for money to fill admission form. Kaushalya asks her to wait. Shanti asks her to sit at home, Sonal will teach her at home. Nimmi says she has to go college. Shanti thinks and starts drama. Shivam stops Preeti and says he was joking. He says good job, thanks to you and RJ. He says he will drop her.

Shanti sees Raghav and sneezes. Raghav asks is she not well. He asks Nimmi to call doctor. Shanti says she is taking tension about Nimmi, she goes so far to collage but result is same, time and money waste. She says Sonal will teach Nimmi and get some money to study ahead. Raghav says I will see about this.

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