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Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife



Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update

Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Episode starts with Shivaay telling Anika that everyone was in the hospital the night fire happened at Kalyani Mills, Anika doubts it. Shivaay and Anika decide to find the truth of the report. Shivaay talks to Oberoi family about Kalyani Mills fire.

Shivaay says he has organized for Kalyani Milla memorial day where the blackmailer would be present. Shivaay tells Tej, Shakti, Pinky, and Jhanvi to be present for the function. Some time back… Shivaay shows Kalyani Mills fire FIR report to Anika. Pinky comes, Shivaay and Anika hide behind the sofa. Anika’s hairs get stuck in Shivaay’s watch, Pinky clears Shivaay’s room and hears Anika’s voice but thinks of it as imagination.

Shivaay and Anika share a light moment. Shivaay says all were in the hospital on the day of Kalyani Mills fire as Dadi had jaundice. Anika gets suspicious and decides to find out from Dadi indirectly. Anika comes to Dadi and complains about Shivaay. Anika tries to ask Dadi, Shivaay watches over. Anika comes to know that Dadi never got jaundice and was never hospitalized.

Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Shivaay sees Tanya and takes her away. Shivaay realizes that his family said lies to Police. He decides to find the truth. Bhavya confronts Abhay for trapping her in the fake bribe case, he refuses to recognize her and the number of which he called Dayal Kaka. Abhay says that someone else must have used his company number and pacifies Bhavya. Abhay offers to help Bhavya, she leaves.

Abhay gets determined to avenge Bhavya. Om tries to call Gauri, she doesn’t answer. Shivaay gets worried about Om and questions him. Omkara tells Shivaay about his misunderstanding about Gauri. Shivaay tells Om that Gauri was trying to be fit for him. He tells Om that he failed as a husband, Om accepts his mistakes. Shivaay tells Om to find Gauri and to get her back. Bhavya wonders who is against her, suddenly her luggage is thrown out of her house.

Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Her landlord throws Bhavya out for being corrupt. Everyone talks bad about Bhavya and tell her to leave. Bhavya leaves with a heavy heart. Abhay sees from far and informs Rudra, Rudra thanks him. Om packs his bag and sees Gauri’s love confession. He dresses up in style and gets determined to get Gauri back. Tej, Jhanvi, Pinky, and Shakti gather, Shivaay says he received a call about the fire in Kalyani Mills secret. All try to cover up the secret. Shivaay says he has organized the Memorial function for the fire victims where the caller will be present. Shivaay tells them to be present for the function, all get shocked and worried.

Oberoi ladies gather for Karwa Chauth, Dadi gives Sargi to them. Oberoi men too join for Sargi. Dadi and Anika miss Gauri. Tanya asks for Sargi, all get shocked. Dadi is compelled to give it to Tanya. Anika consoles Dadi. Anika enters Shivaay’s bathroom while he is wearing his shirt, Shivaay gets conscious. Anika teases Shivaay. Shivika argue. Anika comes close to Shivaay and puts the buttons of his shirt, both get conscious. Anika gets annoyed for Shivaay not listening to her.

Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Anika tells Shivaay about the Karwa Chauth, Shivaay says Anika can’t keep the fast. Anika says she is not going to keep the fast, Shivaay says even he won’t keep the fast. Tanya knocks the door and calls Shivaay out, he comes out with phone and pretends that he was talking to a girl on the phone. Shivaay stops Tanya from going in the bathroom, Tanya enters while Anika hides, Tanya hears a voice and gets suspicious. Tanya goes to the bathtub, Anika stays in the water, Shivaay gets worried.

Tanya gets a call and leaves to answer. Anika comes out o water breathless, Shivaay worriedly attends to Anika. Shivaay gets angry on Anika for risking her life. Tanya gets angry with the caller and demands to meet him in the night. Pinky, Tej, Shakti, and Jhanvi are seen worried about the Memorial function and blame each other. Shivaay, Anika, and Dadi come, Shivaay covers up Memorial talks. Game of Love 12 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Tanya gets Paratha and juice for Anika, Anika says it has no pickle and takes it with her. Dadi tests Shivaay by giving him Paratha and takes it in his room. Anika hides the paratha in the kitchen, Shivaay feeds it to the servant. Gauri reaches her home, she feels sad remembering Omkara’s words. Gauri covers up in front of her mother. Her mother praises Omkara. Gauri’s mother asks Gauri to help in Gauri’s friend’s wedding.

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