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Game of Love 17 May 2019 Update – StarLife



Game of Love 11 October 2019 Update

Game of Love 17 May 2019 Update - StarLife

StarLife: Game of Love 17 May 2019 Update ” Anika Hides Under Hijaab Shivaay Doesn’t Recognize her “

The episode starts with Shivaay questions Anika about putting his medicine in the bag.

Anika covers up, Shivaay holds Anika’s hand, Anika scolds Shivaay and makes up a story. Some time back… Tej and company travel in the car, Shivaay follows them, Tanya follows him, Anika follows them. Tanya gets determined to find out Shivaay’s plan to gain Abhay’s trust. Rudra decides to go to Goa for partying, Rudra tells Bhavya to throw everything that she bought for him and to reach the airport for going to Goa. Shivaay sees Tej and company at the Airport, Shivaay senses Anika’s presence too, he sees the burka(hijaab )-clad Anika, he goes towards her and gives her the fallen ticket.

Shivaay calls her as Anika, she speaks in broken Urdu and walks off, Shivaay gets shocked. Tanya reaches the Airport and bumps into Sundari Bua and Khujli Pasha. Sundari Bua makes the drama of being blind.

Rudra tells Bhavya to say sorry for being late for 5 minutes, Rudra makes Bhavya take out his heavy bags. Rudra taunts Bhavya. Rudra flirts with his friend, Rudra tries to make Bhavya jealous. Tej notices Shivaay and walks off with others. Khujli Pasha sees Anika and thinks she is Mona. Shivaay sees Tanya but thinks that is his imagination. Shivaay’s bags fall, his medicine falls out.

Game of Love 17 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Anika sees it and puts it back in Shivaay’s bag. Shivaay questions her, Anika covers up, Shivaay holds her hand, Anika screams at Shivaay and tells him about her short-tempered husband and runs away. Shivaay gets sure that the lady is Anika.

Khujli Pasha looks for Mona. Anika gets in the washroom and takes off her hijab and washes her face, Sundari Bua comes and gets shocked to see Anika and covers her face in dupatta, Tanya comes and enters the washroom, Sundari locks Tanya in the washroom assuming her to be Anika. Some women open the door and free Tanya. Shivaay sees Tej and company.

Rudra discusses Goa plans with Baby. Sundari sees Anika and gets worried. Khujli Pasha reaches Anika and calls her as Mona, Anika runs away.

Anika sees Shivaay and gets shocked but before he can see her, she runs away. Shivaay gets in the boarding line, Tej and company get in the queue after him, Tej refuses to get in the flight and tears the Boarding passes. FB shows that Tej discusses misleading Shivaay to Goa. They decide to stay in Mumbai to find the security tapes. Tanya sees Tej and company walking out of the airport and follows them. Bhavya decides to payback Rudra in the proper way, Rudra decides to teach her a lesson. Khujli Pasha gets happy to have found Mona.

Anika feels sorry for not listening to Shivaay but decides to follow Shivaay at any cost. Shivaay decides to find the Kalyani Mills secret at any cost. Tanya informs Abhay about Tej and the company. Abhay tells Tanya to follow Tej and others.

Game of Love 17 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Tanya hides in the car boot of the white car, Tej and others leave in the black car for the hospital to meet Shukla. Abhay tries to connect the dots, he gets a call from the hospital saying Shukla is getting out of Coma.

Abhay gets worried and goes to the hospital. Shivaay waits for senior Oberois and goes to check them in the upper deck, Anika tries to follow him, Air hostess stops her. Rudra makes Bhavya take their selfie, Shivaay sees Rudra and hugs him.

Shivaay meets Bhavya, Rudra stops Bhavya from telling the truth, Rudra makes up a story. Khujli Pasha hears about Police and goes to sit with Sundari. Shivaay says he might return to Mumbai as his work is not done.

Richa’s fiance and his friend reach Gauri’s house, Ajay sees Gauri and gets attracted. Abhay reaches the hospital and blackmails Shukla for the information on Kalyani Mills fire. Senior Oberois reach there, Abhay hides.

Tej asks Shukla about Kalyani Mills security tapes. Shukla can’t answer but holds Tej’s hand. Shukla tells something in Tej’s ears. Abhay watches.

Game of Love 17 May 2019 Update – StarLife

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