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Game of Love 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife



Game of Love 24 May 2019 Update

Game of Love 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Shivaye sings a rap. He stops the girls. Anika asks what was this. Gauri asks Om to think again. He says thinking is done in deal, not in love, I love you. Saathiya…..plays…..

She cries. Some time before, Anika holds her wig. Shivaye comes and says my clothes didn’t come on time, I was going wear this in dance, you look conscious, people will know. She says I feel this wig will fall anytime. He says I told you to call my stylist, you trusted your lane Pappu. She says he is Lappu ji, don’t call him Pappu, don’t doubt his talent, Ram Leela happens in my lane. He says so you like Taadka.

The lady says see this old woman is scolding Sardar ji. The girls ask Shivaye for his autograph, he sings so well. He asks do I sing. Anika says I think they think you are a punjabi singer. He says I don’t know its a surprise.

Anika says he is punjabi’s Hrithik. The girl says let him talk. Shivaye asks Anika to get on side. She goes and greets ladies. She asks waiter to cool the cold drink and sends him. The lady says we are not young, we should be careful in this age.

Game of Love 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Anika says I m young. Gauri cries and says its too late now, I would have believed you if I didn’t read your letter. Om asks which letter, I didn’t write any letter. She says you started lying, I know you never had respect for our relation, I know this, I have always did a wife’s duty, by becoming Chulbul and Gauri, you were my Lord, you didn’t regard me wife. He says I realized my mistake, I have seen relations as deal always, I have seen my mum dying, so I lost belief in relations, sorry I took time to understand our relation.

She says I know and understand you, you have seen a lot in life, but my tolerance ended now, you always think I m wrong, I have to give innocence proof, its enough now, its late, nothing can happen. He says you mean you are ready to marry someone whom you don’t love, you feel you will be happy. She says when I loved someone, was I happy marrying him, no, happiness is not by relations, but by fate, I got a bad fate. He says listen, you are forgetting you are still my wife. She laughs and asks what are you saying, you didn’t believe in this marriage till now. She pushes him angrily. Anika says I m not old.

Rudra says 55. Anika says I m 55. The lady says you look 65. Rudra says I counted there are 55 people here, if we have to make Gauri leave, we are just 5, each one has to manage 11. She says you are smart, look at Shivaye. Rudra sees him with girls and says he really thinks he is Daljeet, when we made him Dilpreet’s brother.

Game of Love 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Anika goes to Shivaye. Girl asks what’s your next song. Shivaye sings a rap and dances with them. Anika comes to him. Girl asks him to sing a song. Anika scolds the girl. She asks what was this. Shivaye calls her Chachi ji. Anika says that girls are half your age. He asks so shall I romance someone double my age.

Om says I know I repeated my mistake, my doubt ended now, you always asked your value in my life, I never had answers, but today I have an answer. He holds her and does shayari. Saathiya…..plays……

He gets on knees and says there is no difference between love and worship for me now. She asks him to think once. He says thinking is done in deal, not in love. He holds her hand and says I love you. Jo na keh sake tum……plays……

He holds her close and says I love you…. She cries.

Gauri’s mum looks for her. Rudra argues with Ajay. Rudra says till you don’t get engaged with Gauri, she is not your fiancee, if you try to threaten her, Dilpreet says fight with sardar is not good. Ajay asks are you in army or police.

Bhavya comes and says he has habit to forget, he is in army, not police, sorry. Ajay goes. She asks Rudra not to thank her. She says I came here on Shivaye’s saying, I m not doing your duty, you would have done research on army if you wanted to become army man. He says I know, I was with a police officer and so this happened. She looks at him and asks him not to do anything wrong now. She goes. He says how do I forget, she got married.

Game of Love 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife

Lady asks Anika to be away from spices in this age. Anika asks shall I eat first, I don’t get any gas. Lady says once you get ill, your husband gets away and goes after young girls.

Anika thinks no, my Shivaye is not such, he told me I love you yesterday. She goes to Shivaye. He asks girls to go. He says I feel hot. She says fine, and moves fan towards him. Her hair fly. He starts laughing. She asks what happened. He says you are looking like a full bhootni, I m feeling scared, if Halloween was now, I would have taken you in Halloween party. She asks what. He says ghosts are remembered and celebrated there. She says you are enjoying a lot. He says I feel you came out of a horror movie. He gets scared imagining.

He says we will take a selfie, come on. She says you feel you are young. He says I eat organic food, you eat spicy oily food, bye bye aunty. He goes. She says it means that old aunties were saying right. Om says please come back home. Gauri says no, I can’t come, you go from here, I don’t want any drama. She goes. Saathiya…..plays……

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