King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

DD tells Sid that he will be her live-in son-in-law as from today onwards. Roshni says we both don’t like each other, then there is no question about she entering her house and it is her final decision.

The Inspector brings the bail papers. DD asks him to tear the papers and to beat Sid badly. The Inspector gets happy, and asks the Constable to take Sid to jail as he enjoys beating him. Simran pleads with Raj to do something! Roshni tells DD that she accepts her condition.

Resham reaches the bank with DD’s cheque and thinks she will be hazar pati (the husband) from today. She writes her name on it and gives it to the cashier to encash it. The Cashier suspiciously looks at the cheque and asks her for an ID proof and goes in. Resham gets tensed seeing the security guard coming towards her, but the guard passes her. She tensely tries to run, but the cashier stops her and gives her money. She takes the money and runs from there.

Sid tries to stop Roshni and Simran and ask them to listen to him, but they walk out. He asks Raj to understand him at least. Raj says he understands, but not the world. He says people will look at the live-in son-in-law as a culprit and asks him not to lose his self-respect. Sid promises not to, and says he will come with his daughter-in-law soon, and takes Raj’s blessings.

King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid and Roshni reach DD’s home. DD asks her to come in and tells Roshni that she fulfilled her promise of getting her in. Mona says Sid is our Son-In-Law and we respect our Son-in-law. DD says I respect only people who earn it and she does not know if Sid will earn it, and tells that she fulfilled her son-in-law’s wish of enjoying lavish life and welcomes Sid home.

Roshni holds Sid’s hand, and comes near DD and says she said her own conditions and now, her condition is to be allowed to pay rent to stay in her house and she will live on her husband’s salary! Sid thanks her and thinks he will never back off.

DD asks if she’s in a position to keep her conditions and says she wants to know how a girl who has lived a lavish life will live on her husband’s meager salary.

King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni takes Sid to her room. Roshni nurses Sid’s wounds. Sid asks if she is angry with him? She says no. He says he knows her beginning did not happen well and nothing good happened from their marriage till now, and in the future, there will be many hurdles as well, and there maybe a time when she will be angry at him and will try to leave him, but he’s promising that he will be…

Roshni stops him and says DD doesn’t want us to be together as she thinks I cannot be happy with you, but I will prove her wrong by living on a monthly salary, and says I love you, Sid. He says I love you too, Roshni and they both hug each other emotionally. She asks him to promise that he will take her to meet his Parents. He says he will and says he will work hard and clear DD’s debt soon.

Mona comes with Resham there and says she spoke to Naani and She’s sad about the incident that happened and apologizes to him for it. Roshni asks Sid if he will let her Aunt apologize to him? He says he will not. Resham takes Roshni with her and gets her dressed in a bridal attire. Sid gets mesmerized with Roshni’s beauty and smiles.

King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Resham asks him how is Roshni looking and says she got Roshni ready with his Mom’s sent dress and tells Roshni to tell what happened at night in detail? Sid then says he will tell them what happened. Mona gets shy and takes Resham from there.

Sid then starts getting intimate with her. Meri mannat tu… song plays in the background.. They both consummate their marriage.

Mona and Resham knocks on Sid and Roshni’s room door. Sid opens the door and starts joking with Resham. Mona gets shy hearing his taunt and takes Resham from there.

Simran looks at Sid and her pic and gets emotional. Raj comes and asks if she is missing her son, and suggests she gives him a call. She says their daughter-in-law will get a bad impression and says we will let them be alone today and they will talk tomorrow.

King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid gets intimate with Roshni and he’s about to kiss her when she hears Resham and Kesar fighting. They both come out and try to control them. Resham fights with Kesar about not inviting her relatives for Roshni’s marriage. Kesar says he cannot invite her mannerless relatives. Sid and Roshni controls them and separates them. Roshni sleeps with Resham in her room and Sid with Kesar on the sofa in a hall. Sid reminisces his dad’s words that people insult live-in son-in-law a lot and asks him not to lose his self-respect. They both sleep with difficulty.

DD comes out and sees Sid sleeping on the sofa 🛋. She reminisces catching Resham withdrawing her money and telling her that she will get her arrested! Resham accepts her mistake and requests her not to inform the Police. Kesar starts acting and asks DD to kick Resham out! DD says she will kick both of them out and says she will purnish them! Kesar asks to give them another purnishment. DD tells them of her plan of not letting Sid and Roshni consummate their marriage.

Mona sees DD smirking looking at Sid and asks if she planned this and asks how low will she stoop, and says she will inform Roshni about her plans! DD warns her that she will stop funding her daughter’s US education and will call her back and says she also cares about her daughter, but in a different way. She says she cannot see Roshni becoming a mother of a Poor middle class, Sid! Mona says if she wasn’t worried about her daughter’s wedding, she would have told Roshni about DD’s plans. King of Hearts 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

DD splashes water on Sid and wakes him up. She says she does not want him to dream of a lavish life, and gives him a list and asks him to get all the work done before she leaves for Office and says he will feel how it is to be DD’s Son-in-law. Sid thinks if she was not his Mother-in-law, he would have kicked her and thought her a lesson on how to behave!

Resham gets busy counting and recounting her money. Mona sees that and thinks Resham did it out of fear of DD, and thinks our Son-in-law will set everything out. Resham sees dream homes advertisement on paper and tells Kesar she wants to buy it. Kesar says we should keep it in the locker and we still have to act like our fight still continues for 2 days, else DD will take back her money and kick them out!

Sid comes to Roshni’s room, and sees Roshni sleeping and gets romantic, but then sees DD’s list and tries to take out his clothes from the suitcase when Roshni hears a sound and wakes up, and thinks some thief has come. Sid says it’s her husband. She hurriedly wakes up and says he has to get ready for Office, ans sees DD’s list and gets angry at her. Sid tells her that DD is her Mom and she should respect her. He gets naughty. She sends him to take his bath and gets Sid’s clothes to iron them. She gets tensed seeing his clothes not getting ironed.

Sid comes out after his bath 🛁 and sees the iron not plugged in. He plugs the iron and asks her to iron his clothes. He then sees his belt, wallet, and so on, on the bed 🛌 and praises her being a typical wife and asks from when she’s been taking her training? She says from childhood. She then makes him wear his shirt and buttons it. He tries to get romantic and holds her. She says the door is opened and someone will see them. He says let it be and tries to kiss her.

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