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King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World



King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid hides in the balcony and calls Prashanth to help him arrange a romantic dinner in a 5 star hotel. Prashanth thinks it is for Sid and Roshni and says he will arrange it. Sid hears a sound and sees the lamp shade on the floor, and thinks someone was hearing his chat.

Resham goes to inform DD at her store about Sid’s romantic dinner. DD thinks it must be for Pratima and thinks she will ruin it! She calls Kesar and asks him to go ahead with the plan.
Simran is on the phone with Roshni. She tells her that she will see her at 4am, tomorrow morning to come and help her with the prayers.

Kesar brings in the files from DD’s office, home. He gives her the files and asks Roshni to sign it. Roshni sees 2 rings in Sid’s name and asks about it? Kesar says yes, Sid bought 2 rings.

Sid asks for Pratima’s help to shop for his Mom. She asks why doesn’t he take Roshni? He says he wants to take Pratima and says he will meet her around 6 pm.
DD is watching them.

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid leaves the Office in a bus and Roshni arrives in a taxi to DD’s Jewelry store. She walks past DD on her way in, and goes to an employee to ask for Sid. She’s told Sid has gone out on Office work.
DD is watching her from a corner.

Roshni calls Sid’s phone and hears it ring near Pratima’s counter. Roshni eyes her and Pratima says Sid forgot his phone. Roshni doesn’t say anything to her, and angrily walks out from there.
DD tells herself that she hopes Roshni has seen the type of Man Sid is, and it’s time to put an end to the Marriage!

Roshni is home, wondering why Sid has been lying repeatedly to her, and what relationship does he has with Pratima? She tells herself that she will get to the root of it!

Naani enters the room and says she got an invite for 2 to have a meal at a 5 star hotel. She says it will be Roshni’s last meal before her fast. She suggests Roshni goes with Sid.

Pratima gives Sid his phone and informs him about Roshni coming to the store and seeing his phone near her counter, and says she is doubting them, and he should tell her about them. Sid says they will do so in time.

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

He gets Naani’s call who asks him to come home soon, as he has to go for a dinner with Roshni at a 5 star hotel. He says he has some important work today, and he won’t be able to go, tonight, and maybe some other time. Naani asks Roshni to go with her then. Roshni agrees.

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

At the restaurant, Roshni and Grandmother are seated at a table. Roshni is surprised to see Sid and Pratima walking through the restaurant. She tells Grandmother/Naani that she needs to go to the bathroom.

Sid takes Pratima to the room that Prashanth has helped him book and tells her that today is special! Pratima says she can’t believe all he did for her.

Roshni sees them and Grandmother walks up to her, saying the bathroom is the other way. Roshni tells Grandmother she will be joining her soon. Grandmother goes back to their table.

Roshni turns to look at Sid and sees that Pratima has disappeared. Roshni comes in front of Sid and he gets tensed seeing her. He says he was waiting for her. She asks where is his colleague, Pratima! He says he came alone. She tells that she saw the both of them! He says he got Naani’s call, so he came here to surprise her.

She asks Sid what is he doing here with Pratima! Sid denies that Pratima is here. He says he came to see Roshni. Roshni doesn’t believe him.

Grandmother comes to meet them and Sid tells her to tell Roshni that he called her earlier to arrange everything. Grandmother confirms his story and tells them to come and eat.
At their table, Sid tells Grandmother to try a dish because it’s amazing.

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Grandmother asks if he has been here before? Sid lies that he hasn’t been here but could guess the taste by looking at dish… Grandmother tells him to feed Roshni. Roshni says “No thanks.”

Sid and Roshni comes back home. Sid tells Roshni that he finds it strange that she won’t talk to him. He asks if she doesn’t trust him?

Roshni says it’s late and she needs to sleep because his parents are arriving first thing in the Morning!

Early in the Morning, Sid is woken up by Roshni’s alarm clock. He turns it off, then another one rings, he turns it off and yet another ones rings again.

Naani and Mona comes there, and Naani tries to wake Roshni up. Sid asks why are there so many alarms? She says it is Roshni’s style as she cannot wake up very early in the Morning. She sends Mona to receive Sid’s Parents.

Sid’s Parents reach there. Naani asks Simran to wake Roshni up. She tries and Roshni suddenly jumps up with a scream. She is shocked when she sees everyone. She asks if she woke up too late? Simran asks her not to worry as even she woke up late during her first karvachauth fast. She tells Roshni to get ready so they can lead her first day of prayers. Roshni looks at Sid and her face falls.

Simran and Roshni begin the rituals as Sid, Raj, Mona and Grandmother watch them. Raj gives Sid a set of bangles to wear on Roshni’s wrist.

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni reminisces Sid being with Pratima and talking suspiciously. Roshni tells Simran that she wants her to put the bangles on her. Sid’s smile fades. Simran collects the bangles from Sid and puts them on Roshni. Grandmother and Mona are not happy. Roshni begs Simran to stay for a while with her because she has never performed the ceremony before. Simran says she will go, but come back later at night, till then, she will have to take care of herself. Roshni looks at Sid and says she will.

DD is in her room. She thinks out loud that Roshni is not thinking clearly, as she’s fasting for a man who’s cheating on her!

Naani comes there and says it is not a stupid fast and says even she had kept it for her husband, but she does not want to remind her that. She says with her ego, she is missing so many precious moments with her daughter.

DD says Women do so much for Men, but the Men turn around and disappoint them! Naani tells her that it won’t be the case with Roshni and Siddharth! DD says she can bet that their marriage will not last, and asks Naani to enjoy with her granddaughter and let her sleep! Naani sadly leaves.

In the evening, Roshni is alone in her bedroom. Mona enters to asks why she’s not dressed yet, and why she looks upset? She says nothing. Mona says she knows her well and asks her to speak up. Roshni says she has a friend whose husband is lying and cheating on her, and asks what should her friend do in this situation? Mona asks why she’s worried about her friend and says her friend should clearly speak to her husband and ask him why he is lying? Roshni hurriedly leaves saying she is going to the NGO, but she will be back early.

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid is at work complaining about hunger because he’s also fasting. He decides to call Roshni and asks how she is faring? She answers and he asks how she’s doing; he misses her. Roshni says she is outside for some important work. He says why did she come out during her fast? Roshni says she will speak to him later and ends the call. She starts searching for the address and goes into a Legal firm.

Kesar announces to the employees that DD has decided to give them all a treat to lunch, as the company got better profit this financial quarter. He goes to Sid and invites him to join them. Sid says he will come. As soon as they all leave, Sid moans at his desk about the free lunch.

DD starts lunch will all her employees. Sid and Pratima sit silently. One employee asks Sid why is he not eating? He says he has stomach upset. Another employee says he knows Sid must be having Karvachauth fast. DD asks Sid to leave if he doesn’t want to have food!

Sid leaves the table and Pratima, who also didn’t eat, leaves the table. Pratima asks Sid if he is fasting? He nods yes. Sid asks if she will come to the goddess’ temple later? She says she will, but how will he be there?

Sid says he will find a way. He also apologizes to her for yesterday as Roshni came to the restaurant without informing him and he had to go with her. She says it is okay and reminds him to safeguard their secret.

DD hears their conversation and thinks my daughter is fasting for this loafer and he is enjoying with another girl? She decides to expose Sid at the temple in front of Roshni and she will finally see the truth!

King of Hearts 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Naani starts arranging feast for Karvachauth fast break. Roshni gets reddy in a pretty red sari and comes there. Naani and Mona get mesmerized seeing her beauty. Naani sees the Servant shifting food from there and asks about it?

DD calls her on the phone and informs her that she has changed the Karvachauth venue to the temple and says it is Roshni’s first fast and she wants to make it a grand affair, and that’s why she told the help to pack it up and put it in the Car. Naani is excited. She informs Roshni about it and Roshni says it is DD’s new plan to ruin her happiness, so she won’t go with them. Naani says she spoke to DD last night, so she has had a change of heart. Resham requests Naani and Roshni to move from here quickly, else she will die of hunger!

After work, DD tells Sid to come with them to the venue. Sid says he’s going home. DD says they’re going to the goddess’ temple, so he needs to come with them! He remembers his plan of meeting Pratima at the temple and realizes that DD must have heard it and changed her plan.
He keeps quiet and DD asks if there’s a problem? He says there’s no problem. DD says they should leave in that case! He leaves with her.

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