Fruits for weight loss

Fruits for weight loss – Fruits are sweet and stimulate appetite, so a lot of people like them. There are some which help to keep the body fit. Learn about these amazing fruits for weight loss which will not only make you healthier but also help you to lose weight.

The benefits of fruits are provided by the unique composition, which includes many essential vitamins and microelements. Also, there is a number of positive qualities that make them a valuable component of nutrition for weight loss.

In general, all fruits for weight loss can be divided into two categories. The first one includes those that are simply allowed to be consumed during the weight loss process. The fruits of the second category have a fat burning effect. A person who wants to lose weight will only benefit from their consumption. All fruits that are not included in any of the groups should not be used for weight loss. The reason is a large amount of sugar, high-calorie content, or glycemic index. The time of fruits consumption is also important. Some of them are allowed at night, while others should be eaten only on an empty stomach.

When to eat fruits?
Eating certain fruits on an empty stomach, you activate the digestive system and metabolism. Besides, a regular tasty and healthy breakfast reduces the effects of stress on the body. You can eat:

  • Apples, mostly sour. They help prevent stagnation in the intestines and normalise its work. It is better to eat apples with peel for breakfast separately from other products. The optimal amount is 1-2 pieces.
  • A pineapple. On an empty stomach, it is useful because of increasing the acidity of the stomach and activating the production of gastric juice. The food which is eaten after pineapple is digested faster. You should eat 150-200 g of fresh juicy slices, but not canned ones.
  • Lemon brings more benefits in the form of juice. You can use a couple of slices or drops of lemon juice. Just dilute it with clean, slightly warm water. Drinking such a lemonade on an empty stomach, you activate metabolic processes, give the body strength.
  • Melon. It is perfect for eating on an empty stomach because it does not fit well with other products. It is possible to use it for weight loss and in the form of juice.
Fruits you can eat for weight loss
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When you eat them on an empty stomach, you enrich your body with nutrients and at the same time, lose weight.

Can we eat fruits at night?
In the process of weight loss, a person often wants to eat, especially before bedtime. Eating fruits at night, you can get rid of a strong feeling of hunger. Ideal for late dinner is all citrus fruits, namely grapefruits, oranges, tangerines. In addition to them, in the evening you can enjoy the following exotic fruits in raw form, juice or salad:

  • Mango. It has a laxative effect, removes harmful cholesterol, and it is useful for burning fat. In the evening, you can eat 150-200 g of mango, but no later than 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Kiwi. During the day you can not eat it more than 1 kg. Kiwi will help relieve the heaviness in the stomach after a hearty dinner so it can be consumed in the evening, but it is better to eat no more than 1-2 pieces.
Fruit diet
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For a stable and comfortable weight loss, you need to adhere to the basics of proper nutrition. Moderate portions and a large number of fresh products will help you lose weight without experiencing constant hunger.

Best fruits for weight loss

Most dieters replace sugar with fructose and sucrose, which are no less harmful. In this case, it is essential to know about the best products to choose from. This list includes:

  • Grapefruit. One of the best fruits for weight loss is grapefruit. It speeds up the metabolism, helps burn fat and lose excess weight. At the same time, it contains a huge amount of fibre, so it is well suited for snacking. It contains very few calories, even in comparison with other fruits.
  • Japanese pear. It is an exotic option which differs from a sweeter one. It contains only 40 calories. You can consume up to 1 kg during dieting day and 2-3 pieces during a normal ratio.
  • Plums promote normalisation of digestion and have a laxative effect. It is necessary to consume 200 g of plums in a break between meals. In two weeks you can lose up to 4 kg.
  • Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C, thiamine and folic acid. It, like grapefruit, consists of a large amount of dietary fibre and a minimal amount of fruit sugar. Orange is well suited for a small snack, especially if you want to eat after dinner.
  • Pineapple is a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. At the same time, it contains unique enzymes that promote fast and easy digestion of food. It is better suited for use in combination with other products because fats are absorbed more slowly and a smaller part will remain in the body.
Low calorie fruits
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Low calorie fruits

  • If you are a sweet tooth, then coconut will help you with this problem. Coconut is very rich in vitamins E and C and contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and a sufficient amount of fibre. There is a large amount of fats, but almost all are useful and are not deposited in the body. It is very effective for weight loss because it contains compounds of triglycerides, which improve digestion and can increase the metabolic rate up to 30%.
  • Peaches are an excellent choice during a diet. They contain very few calories and a lot of vitamins such as B, C, E, K, H, PP, and also potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, pectins and fibre.
  • A lot of people consider banana their worst enemy because it is starchy, sweet and high-calorie. Nevertheless, it is an excellent replacement for one meal. For example, you forgot a healthy lunch at home so you can buy a banana. There are no more than 250 kcal and 1-2 g of fat in a pair of medium-sized bananas. Banana, unlike most raw fruits, does not irritate the digestive system. Like an apple, it boasts plenty of fibre. If you need a snack before a hard workout, a banana is the best choice.
Fat burning fruits
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When losing weight, apples, pears, kiwi, pomegranates, mangoes, papayas are also useful. You can make a salad and pick a combination of tastes personally for yourself. Of course, like with other products, you need to remember a simple rule: anything done in excess is unhealthy. With the right proportion, you will feel both taste and benefit in the shortest possible time.

Fat burning fruits
The next category of useful products for weight loss and elimination of fat is fruit-fat burners. The leaders in this group are the following:

  • Grapefruit. If you eat half of this fruit before each meal, then throughout the whole week you can additionally lose 2-3 kg. The citrus, due to a large amount of fibre, contributes to the activation of fat burning.
  • Kiwi contains a large number of flavonoids that help burn fat. Along with this, kiwi reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

Dry fruits for weight loss
How can these tasty and healthy products help to lose weight? With relatively low-calorie content, dried fruits can relieve hunger for a long time. Their plus is that they are very light. It is enough to eat a little mixture of raisins and dried apricots to satisfy hunger.

Dry fruits for weight loss
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All fruits for weight loss are useful, but they must still be eaten correctly and wisely. Everything is good in moderation. Fruit salads should be eaten in small quantities, and it is better to alternate them with vegetables and other products. Only a fruit diet can quickly lead not to healthy weight loss, but to a deterioration in overall health because the body will significantly lack many nutrients that can only be found in meat or dairy products, cereals, vegetables and greens. All products are useful. You just need to make your diet properly and stick to it quite strictly.

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