This is Fate 9 May 2019 Update

This is Fate 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan takes Manisha into the room, he says that he really hates Manisha and does not like being close to her, he wonders about the questions and the video, there is no network, he thinks of bringing Shrishti as she has the questions that Rishab made for him. Manisha is slowly waking up.

Manisha asks Karan what he is doping to her, he asks about what she means but then she says that he at first wanted to drug her but then he sent the waiter to her and made her drink a spiked drink, she say that she thought that the waiter was her but the she gets quiet, he says that he was the one who did this and he wanted to make her tell the truth but then he says that he was the one who did this because now he will do what she did to him in the hotel, he asks her if she has a boyfriend who gave her the ring, she say that it is true and the boyfriend gave the ring to her, Karan then questions her again, saying that now everyone will know the truth as she just confessed it to him.

Prithvi s widely looking for Manisha, Sherlin also joins him who says that Manisha is in the washroom, he asks if she checked in the right manner, because if she says the truth then they will lose everything.

This is Fate 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta says that she feels really and that they planned a lot for this and now Karan is alone, Shrishti asks them to not worry as Karan already has the help, Rishab is also tensed.

Karan is trying to question Manisha asking her about the name of her boyfriend but she goes to sleep, he tricks her by saying that Rithwick came and when she gets up, he hears someone knocking from the inside of the wardrobe, he goes to check it Karan goes to o[pen the wardrobe, it is locked he searches for the key, Manisha gets up, Karan starts to question her , he ask on whose orders is she doing it, she starts to say, he brings the phone after this she starts to hit it and it falls, Phone goes black, he again pulls her up asking her.

Manisha he says s that he has done wrong, he gets angry and she says that she was said to lie in the court and to make his image fall, he says that he knows this and asks her, she then falls but after this he gets up and says thinks that he cannot get anything back without proof and if he succeeds then all of his fame will come back,. He thinks that he will bring everyone and then they will record.
Rishab and Everyone are looking for Karan, Shrishti comes running and says that he has checked all the washrooms,

Sameer cracks a joke after this they starts to fight, Rishab asks him to stop as they are talking about Karan, Sherlin listens to what they plan and that want Manisha to tell the truth. Rakhi comes hurriedly and is about to take Preeta, they all question, she says that Karina fells and she must come, Preeta leaves with them, Mahesh also takes Rishab and everyone else.
Sherlin calls Prithvi and when he comes, she tells him everything they both plan to find Manisha hurriedly.

This is Fate 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta comes and makes her feet feel better, she then asks Shrishti to take her place and leaves with Karan and Rishab to go to Manisha, she when gets outside explains that they will come back but now must go to Manisha.

They all leave, Prithvi sees them and thinks that he must follow them and that this will lead to his plan failing, he is about to leave back when he thinks of what Preeta will think, he then thinks that he must to not let the truth come out, he is about to go when he sees Janki, Dadi comes from the back and does not let him leave, she says that he must go and bring the medicine because Janki must have it before she eats anything, he tries to make excuse but Dadi forces him to look into Janki’s eyes and then leave for bringing the medicine, he takes the prescription from her hands and leaves.

Everyone enters the room, Manisha is not there, they all gets shocked,. Preeta asks where Manisha’s is because he said that she was in this room, they check the room but are unable to find her, he says that she was just here and Rishab says that he must not have left, Karan gets angry and starts to yell that he was right and did everything according the plan, they all listen to him, Preeta calm him down, he says sorry to everyone.

This is Fate 10 May 2019 Update - Zee World

This is Fate 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sameer goes to look in the hall but is unable to fine her, Prithvi follows them and starts to, listen, Karan says that she was telling something when she was drugged, he says that she might have run away, Prithvi sees the wardrobe which is open, he wonders what happened and if they all now know of Rithwick.

He says that she was saying some words that were not complete, Prithvi wonders if both Rithwick and Manisha left, Preeta says that they must leave and find Manisha as she would not have gone that far away, Someone is trying to make Manisha come out of being drugged, she stars to yell but it is rithwick and then she start to yell after that he asks why she left him and what she waste with Karan, she recognizes him and then after getting well hugs him Manisha cries and tells Ritik about Prithvi’s trap, and his deterrence to kill Ritik if she doesn’t agree to marry Karan. She rejected Karan’s parent’s invitation for Rakhi’s birthday but Prithvi pushed her into the trap. She regrets that no one is her side at the moment, neither the Luthras, Prithvi and nor Ritik.

Ritik hugs Manisha and was determined to teach everyone a lesson, specially that Prithvi who wronged her and attempted to kill him. Rishab suggests that they must scatter and find Manisha. Karan takes Preeta as a team.

Rishab and Sameer come to a room. They open a wardrobe, the clothes fell off the wardrobe. Sameer tries to put them back inside, but was dug in the heap of clothes. Dadi and Mahesh comes inside, and wonders what they were doing. Sameer says he was looking for something.

Rishab laughs that Sameer wanted to wear a saree and was finding it. Dadi and Mahesh were shocked to know the secret, Sameer wasn’t even able to explain himself. After Dadi and Mahesh leaves, Rishab makes fun of Sameer enjoyably.

This is Fate 10 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta and Karan were headed to the washroom when Rakhi comes to the room. She questions what the two of them are doing in washroom of her room. Preeta replies she and Karan were looking for Manisha. They got Manisha drunk to get the truth from her, but she was lost. They ask Rakhi to call them if Manisha is found somewhere and leave the room.

Prithvi was looking for Manisha when Bee ji comes from behind and demands him the medicine she sent him for. He makes up that he forgot them in a friend’s car and goes to fetch them.
Prithvi comes to the room where Manisha was with Ritik. Ritik assures Manisha that he is back here for Manisha now. Manisha comes to front and asks Prithvi about Ritik, Prithvi lies that he sent Ritik abroad and his work isn’t yet completed.

Ritik appears from behind and grabs Prithvi’s collar for lying to them and torturing Manisha. They shout at Prithvi who was cautious of the crowd outside. Prithvi grabs a knife from the fruit’s plate and holds it over Ritik’s neck.

There, Shrishti sat on the bed with Karina. Rakhi and Dadi were also there. Shrishti offers Karina that she can fix her foot strain by twisting it, like Preeta does. Rakhi and Dadi compel Karina to get the treatment as they have witnessed Preeta doing the same.

Prithvi deters them to keep their voices low else they might get trapped. Manisha continues shouting at Prithvi, not ready to get trapped. Prithvi indulges himself into a wrestle with the two. Manisha grabs the knife from the floor now and throws it to Ritik. Ritik holds Prithvi at the point of knife now, Manisha forbids Ritik to be merciful with Prithvi, as he is a selfish man and may kill both of them as soon as he gets a chance.

Prithvi explains that he only wished the best way out of Manisha, he won’t have let her marry Karan and instead helping her out of the trouble caused by her in the past. Ritik instead tells Manisha to leave for airport with her passport, he will finish up Prithvi and join her there. Prithvi offers Manisha and Ritik huge amount of property in return to their continuation of this drama and sparing his life. Manisha was thoughtful while Ritik looks towards her.

Karan and Preeta had reached outside the room. They knock at the door and calls Manisha to open the door. Prithvi holds Ritik and Manisha responsible for gathering them. Prithvi looks towards his bruised face in the mirror. Outside, Rishab says Manisha must be drunk, they should break the door. Prithvi thinks no one can save them today. Karan and Rishab makes the final effort and breaks into the room. Inside, Manisha had clutched Prithvi’s collar.

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