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Kindred Hearts 14 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Jhanvi comes there and says do you like it? i am sure you are surprised to see old pictures, i arranged them but my intention was to make you meet your old self, you look so sad and worn out now but in old pictures you look like hero. You know you have very good heart but your face doesnt let it show, no one likes stern boss, i thought your room should reflect your personality, i have this room cool like you, now your room is lively so you become full of life too.

Someone told me that if i want to make someone happy then i should them their memorable moments, and these photos show your old great moments, Adi sadly stares at her. Jhanvi keep talking about pictures while Adi is lost and hurt. Jhanvi says how do you find it? i have worked hard for all of this but you can say even two words only, do you like it? Adi glares her and says You. Are. Fired.

Jhanvi says what? Adi leave, Jhanvi says i just.. Adi shouts that just leave. Jhanvi gets hurt but composes herself and says okay, she turns to leave but looks at Adi who is sadly looking at his old pictures, Jhanvi helplessly looks at him and leaves his office. Jhanvi comes to her cubicle. One employee says how can anyone interfere in boss’s life and too Adi’s life? seems like she doesnt like her job, all others laugh at Jhanvi’s foolishness.

Kindred Hearts 14 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Jhanvi hears taunts. Adi comes out of his cabin and calls peon, he looks at Jhanvi, she stares him but looks away and starts leaving. Adi sees Jhanvi leaving office. Maa opens door and sees Jhanvi there. Maa says you came early today, lets go to shopping. Jhanvi doesnt answer her and sadly comes in house. Survi is confused seeing her state. Jhanvi is still in shock.

Survi comes to her and asks if she is fine? what happened? why you seem tensed? Jhanvi says make coffee for me, i want tea. Survi says you want coffee or tea? Jhanvi says i am hungry. Survi says what are you saying? Jhanvi says i am stupid, why did i involve in his personal matter? he told me what he doesnt like but still i didnt listen, i lost my job. Survi says what? Adi takes of all photos from his office walls.

Jhanvi says to Survi that i wont be able to help Adi now, i wont be able to make him meet his old safe, i wont make his life better. Survi says think if you are guilty that you involved in his personal life or that you want be able to make his life better?

Sameer comes to Adi and says why did you fire your employee? why because she tried to make your personal life join professional life? Adi says i dont know. Sameer says you should think about Nisha, Adi says i have placed spy camera, we will know truth.

Kindred Hearts 14 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Nisha calls her mother and says everythingt went well, i planned everything, after breaking relation with you, i have made relation with kaka more strong, she can break her relation with Adi but now she cant break relation with me. She sees Kaki comging there so she comes in room and talks to her mother on phones without realizing that everything is being recorded in spy camera. Jhanvi writes in diary, she writes to God that i want to talk about Adi, i didnt expect what happened today, my intentions and his problems clashed.

Adi greets Sameer and leaves office. Jhanvi writes in her diary that i just tried to make Adi’s life better, i tried to make him smile, i know his anger is because of some serious problem, he is dying inside. I dont know his problems but he is really nice, just make him see path to live life, just show him way to end his problems, please help him. Jhanvi puts her diary page in mandir of house and prays for Adi.

Adi comes home. He comes in room and takes out his spy camera. She puts in pocket and comes to garden. Adi looks at video, he sees Nisha talking to her mother on phone. He sees in video, Nisha says to her mother that i cant forgive you after what you did with kaka and kaki, i wont talk to you anymore, dont call me again, video ends. Adi says Nisha talked rudely to her mother even when she was alone? unbelievable.

Kindred Hearts 14 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Nisha comes there and says you were making my videos? you are not like this, you are doing this because you dont believe me? i have changed, its disgusting what you did. Adi says i know you well, i know you cant change, dont do this drama. Nisha says you placed cameras there, i did everything for Chinni, Binni and you. Adi says you did everything for yourself, you are selfish woman.

Nisha says everything can break in married relation but trust should remain there and after what you did by spying, you broke my trust, when i used to say that i will throw your family out, you used to believe me and now when i am changing so you dont believe me?

Adi says person’s nature can never change, i know all problems are happening because of you, i will never forgive you for that insult of kaka. Nisha pushes him away and says what you did? you were silent, i was the one who threw my parents out of house and saved kaka’s respect. You can even ask servant of this house how i live here, Adi says i dont need to ask anyone, do this drama infront of your parents not with me, he leaves. Nisha recalls flashback how when Adi was placing spy camera in room, Nisha saw him placing it. fb ends. Kindred Heart 14 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Nisha says Adi keep thinking about me all the time, Adi is innocent so he must think how he got Nisha in life. Neha comes there and asks if she is busy? Nisha says not at all. Neha says tomorrow is function of mahashivratri, you prepare every year and i will help you this year, Nisha says we will make it special, Nisha thinks some idea.

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