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Family Affair 2 July 2019 Update

Family Affair 18th July 2019 Update – Kaushalya asking Shanti to think what will Riya feel. Sarla cries and says she has sacrificed Amit’s love for Shivam, and does anyone do this with us, greedy is not well. Bindu cries and says you insulted me. Sarla says I don’t know anything, ask Kaushalya, Riya is her bahu now, I don’t have any complaints with Shivam and Riya, but why to bear this insult. Riya says if you say, shall I ask my dad. Shanti asks her to understand, not to pull husband and dad in such things, understood. Riya nods. Shanti asks why is she nodding, and asks her to say Haan ji. Kaushalya says say it. Riya says Haan ji.

Sarla says Bindu has seen how I got insulted after my fate changed, I did not know who will become my bahu, how would I think of nek that time. She says I have just

10rs now, you take this as nek and be happy. Amit says whats this new drama, Bindu and mum’s drama never ends. Pari says tom and jerry can’t be friends, they just fight. She says I will go and see, jerry is Kaushalya and tom is Sarla.
Bindu says it means its Anupam’s mistake, he has given such envelop intentionally. Riya says my dad can never do this thing, ever. Shanti looks at her. Riya says he noted on register about envelops, names and amount. Kaushalya gets tensed. Renu says Kaushalya always heard Shanti, I think someone came to speak from her side. Nimmi says yes, Dadi got someone to answer her. Pari comes there and asks whats happening. Sonal says Bua is angry as her nek envelop has 1 rs. Pari recalls taking the money.

Shanti asks Riya to say again. Riya says I said my dad can’t do this, I know him. Sarla thinks now Kaushalya will bear Shanti’s anger. She says yes I know Anupam, he can’t do this, you call him and ask what happened, truth will be out. She says Bindu is after nek, and asks Riya to call from her phone. Kaushalya says calling at this time, no. Sarla says truth should be known, our family is high in doing justice, Amma ji did justice in this marriage. Riya calls Anupam. Family Affair 18th July 2019 Update – StarLife

Shivam drops Raghav and thanks him. Raghav smiles and asks him to go. Bua tells Anupam to call Riya. Riya says call is not connecting. Sarla says I will call again. She says its not connecting. Nimmi says what will Riya think. Preeti says Shanti and Sarla always do the drama, but today Bindu did the drama, Riya did not see Shanti and Sarla’s drama, she will see in few days. Nimmi says Shanti is silent today and can do something big. Nimmi says Riya is different, she answered for her dad, I wish she answers Shanti for our mum too. Preeti says yes, pray for it. Nimmi gets Anupam’s call and gives it to Riya.

Anupam asks is everything fine, Bua is worried. Riya says its everything fine, and asks him about envelops, some have just one rs in it. He asks how can this happen. Sarla says put it on speaker. Anupam says he has kept money in all envelops. Riya says I trust you. He says I will come with money now. Riya says no need. Shanti asks Kaushalya to say there is no need. Kaushalya says no need to worry and come. Shanti says yes, your daughter is our bahu now. Riya ends the call and Shanti says who has done this. She asks Nimmi to call videographer. Shivam goes to buy a phone. The man shows the smartphone.

A lady comes and says her phone is stolen and asks for new phone. Shivam buys the phone which the lady sees and buys cover which girls uses. He likes a phone cover of cat and says this will be good for you. He buys the phone and leaves. Nimmi says videographer will just come. Renu asks Kaushalya to do something, else bahu will go back from here. She asks her to call Raghav, Sarla will insult you infront of Riya. Kaushalya says its not her mistake, she has got insulted, her bahu changed, why is Bindu doing this. Bindu asks Sarla not to talk to her from today.

Kaushalya asks Bindu to stop it now. Bindu says she wants her nek. Shanti asks her to shut up, she will find the thief and then see her nek. Pari gets tensed. Bua asks Anupam to recall what she said, Shanti is doing this, send me there, I will see Shanti. Anupam asks her not to do anything. He asks Bunty to call Nimmi and ask about Riya. Renu asks Kaushalya to give 200rs to Bindu and end this drama. She asks her to give some money to Shanti and make her silent. She says Shanti never respected her bahu, you atleast save your bahu’s respect. Kaushalya says I can’t take money. Renu says Riya is related to me too.

Family Affair 18th July 2019 Update – StarLife

Shanti asks the videographer to show the marriage video. He asks for any laptop. Nimmi gets the laptop. Shanti asks Riya not to worry, its not Anupam’s mistake, they will see video and find who did this. Sarla says I think Bindu took money and did this. Bindu asks what is she saying. Shanti says we will know the truth. Bunty calls Nimmi and Nimmi tells about nek missing, they all are seeing video now. Bunty says okay and ends call. She tells Anupam everything. Bua says Shanti is cheap, she is doing all this for 200rs.

Shanti and everyone see the video. Pari gets tensed. Sarla pinches Pari and asks did she do this, say the truth. Pari says she did not do anything. Shanti fast forwards the video and says this is my bag on the stage and sees the hand. Pari gets relieved that her face was not shown. She asks Bindu to see its not Anupam’s mistake, he is honest, someone has stolen money. Bindu asks for nek. Kaushalya says this is 5000rs and 200rs also. Shanti says great, you got money after your bahu came. Shanti asks Kaushalya how did she get money. Kaushalya says Pradeep and Renu gave me, to give to you. Riya feels sad. Shanti asks Riya not to get into this, the story ended.

Shanti gives nek to Bindu. Bindu asks about Amit’s nek. Shanti gets angry and says be happy with what you got and end this story now. Shanti asks Kaushalya to take care of Riya. Nimmi says Dadi started again. Shanti asks Kaushalya to take care of the brides. Shivam comes home. Nimmi and Preeti take Riya and Rani. Sarla stops Rani. Shanti says let her rest. Sarla says no, I will take her my home. Kaushalya says we will make both brides rest for a while in her room. Shanti says this is good idea.

Family Affair 18th July 2019 Update – Raghav comes home and says he has done all the payments. Shanti says its good and asks him to rest now. Bunty talks to Riya. Riya says she is fine, and asks them not to worry, Shanti is taking care of her. Anupam gets happy. Riya says she is busy and will talk later. Riya says you just came and don’t know Shanti. Anupam tells Bua that Shanti is not that bad. Bua says I don’t believe this, I know her, you will know when you regret. Rani’s aunty Prabha talks to the ladies and says Amit’s bride refused to marry him, she was rich, I felt bad and asked Sarla to get Amit married to Rani.

They ladies laugh that she got chance to get Rani married for free. Prabha scolds the ladies angrily and asks them to leave. Pari asks Amit to have food. Nimmi and Preeti bring Riya and Rani upstairs and Shivam comes to them. Riya and Shivam smile. Amit gets angry. Nimmi asks Shivam where will he sit, as his room is not his now. Amit asks her to shut up. He scolds Rani, Nimmi and Preeti for no reason. He shouts on them. Nimmi says but… Shivam asks Nimmi to be quiet. Riya says they just joked Shivam. Amit says this may work at your house, things here are different, I won’t let anyone forget this. He goes. Shivam gets angry.

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