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Kulfi The Singing Star 18th July 2019 Update – StarLife



Kulfi The Singing Star 11 November 2019 Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 18th July 2019 Update – StarLife

Mahinder tells Sikander you don’t have anyone there, Sikander says tell me more, Lovely thinks what are they talking, Sikander says did you meet Nimrat,Mahinder says she doesn’t live there,she married and is very happy may be Lovely is mistaken, Sikander breaks down and says thank you brother you went there for me I’m relieved now,Mahinder comes out of room looks at Lovely and leaves.

Lovely walks in the room, Sikander leaves,Lovely says how come he is so calmed. Mahinder says ma the brother Sikander trusted more betrayed him and remember ma god will unite them,Dadi says Sikander shouldn’t know the truth, Kulfi is here and like a daughter to Sikander and I know god will never forgive me for this but im helpless, Mahinder says ma Sikander i managed but Kulfi i promised

her i will help her unite with her father and leaves,Lovely at the door,and walks in and asks dadi what all is this,Dadi says don’t worry all is under control Sikander will never know about the child and one more thing i have betrayed a child today and wont let that happen again,Amyra is miss behaving with Kulfi and if this happens again you will have to face consequences.
Sikander gets in the shower and starts crying,Kulfi in balcony sitting alone and starts singing,Mahinder about to go near her Dadi stops him, Sikander walks to Kulfi,Kulfi missing her mother and remembers all the Ill happened with her and is in tears.

Amyra says dad new story today, Sikander hugs her and says im sorry Amyra,Amyra says but i made a mistake so I’m sorry, Sikander says the point I’m gonna say may hurt you,Amyra says what are you gonna do, Sikander says you always have to choose the path of truth and so RK should know the truth,Amyra says im superstar that concert was mine, no you cant do that,and you are my dad, Sikander says you have mom and dad but he doesn’t,Amyra says thats not my problem and if you do so i shall never talk to you.

Kulfi The Singing Star 18th July 2019 Update – StarLife

Sikander says remember one thing when you will grow up you will know what i did was right and leaves. Lovely and Minti discussing how Dadi helped,Minti says ok I have a news i have found Love his name is Tevar he is a singer,i want you to introduce to him,Lovely says show pic first.

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Sikander walks in,Minti leaves, Lovely says I’m sorry about the love child thing, Sikander says okay,and now i want Kulfi to have his rights his contracts, Lovely says you can’t do that,how did you take decision without my concern, Sikander says yes for those woes i can’t spoil my daughter’s future, Lovely says her heart will be broken, this is not good for her future, Sikander says I told her.

Amyra starts breaking things in the room, Lovely and Sikander rush to her room, Lovely pushes him and says stay away from my daughter look what you have done,Amyra says he doesn’t love me,he broke promise.

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