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Mehek Update: Nitika helps Shaurya win the food contest against Mehek Mehek Update: Nitika helps Shaurya win the food contest against Mehek


Mehek Update: Nitika helps Shaurya win the food contest against Mehek



Mehek Update: Nitika helps Shaurya win the food contest against Mehek

Mehek Update: In the upcoming episodes of Mehek, The movie is going to witness a new entry as the gorgeous Jasmeet Kaur steps in as Shaurya’s ex-girlfriend. Jasmeet plays Nitika, who has studied abroad and is a renowned chef by profession. While Shaurya was busy nursing his mother back to her health his lack of attention on his business takes his restaurant down in sale.

Shaurya asks Mehek to help him by accompanying him in the competition to make his restaurant win its fame back Mehek refuses citing that she is already participating in the same competition with her brother Mohit to help him, furious Shaurya brings in his friend Nikita to compete against Mehek and makes Mehek lose the competition by bribing Mohit with money.

Mehek confronts Shaurya in front of his investors making a huge mess for White Chillies…When Mehek and Shaurya try to sort out the differences in between them, their restaurant gets blasted by Ajay and Nikita, who wanted revenge from Shaurya, they plan together to snatch away the property of Mehak and Shaurya and they finally succeed.

Mehek and Shaurya move to Mehak’s house to make their life better but Ajay and Nikita continues troubling them constantly, so Mehek and Shaurya with help of their lawyer Khurana, try to get their property back by making a fool of Ajay with the help of Mehek.

The Lawyer advices Shaurya to go underground so that they can file a case against Ajay and Nikita but Svetlana kidnaps Shaurya, Mehek realizes that Svetlana is behind Shaurya’s disappearance, Mehek manages to save Shaurya and send Svetlana to jail, Shaurya and Mehek join hands to trap Ajay to make him fall for Mehak so that she can get their property back.

They almost succeed in their plan but Ajay kidnaps Mehek and threatens to kill her, Shaurya saves Mehek. Mehek and Shaurya’s new beginnings and fight back motivates Shaurya but it was of no use as Shaurya is broken completely, while Mehek unites the Sharma family.

Meanwhile, the Sharma family and Mehek comes together to give Nikita her first defeat by using Mehek cooking skills against Nikita’s new restaurant. This will motivate Shaurya to come back in action and will learn the life lesson to fight back rather than loosing hopes.

Mehek and Shaurya both try to restart their life with each other once more. This time, Shaurya takes Mehek to Hrishikesh for their honeymoon and they consummated their marriage night.

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