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Nnamdi Kanu blasts Nigeria Senate over confirmation of Tanko as CJN



Nnamdi Kanu finally reveals how he escaped from Nigeria

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has blast the Nigerian Senate for confirming the appointment of Muhammed Tanko as the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

Tanko was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari after the “unlawful” suspension of Justice Walter Samuel Onnoghen.

Reacting to the confirmation of the appointment by senate, Kanu wrote:

“Following the disgraceful and utterly prejudicial display of unbridled primitive Fulani arrogance by the grammatically challenged Sharia Judge Muhammed Tanko before the Zoo Senate earlier today, in the matter of his rubber stamp confirmation hearing, I will be presenting a broadcast of seismic proportions on Radio Biafra to critically examine and analyse the decaying state of Nigerian courts and impotence of its legislature. I will not only x-ray the concerted Fulanisation of all arms of government by this rogue regime and their unconstitutional appointment of the Fulani Sharia Judge Muhammed Tanko, I will disembowel the stinking Zoo judiciary in a manner that will leave the world in no doubt that President Trump’s description of Nigeria as a shit-hole is actually a compliment.

“If the intention of the cabal and their slave Tinubu is to use this cringe worthy incoherent rant by Tanko to deflect attention away from their failed murderous Fulani incursion into the south, through deliberate news management and false agenda setting, then Muhammed Tanko, the Fulani cabal along with their lickspittle Bola Ahmed Tinubu have all failed spectacularly.

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“People are now wiser than these buffoons think. The hope that Lagos-Abuja media houses will lead with this story for the sole purpose of diverting the public’s attention away from rampaging Fulani terrorists across Nigeria is dead on arrival. The public won’t buy it. Our honourable and principled resistance against murderous Fulani terrorists and their baditry across our regions will continue unabated until they are all silenced and this satanic British created colonial contraption called Nigeria disembered for eternity.

“As long as IPOB lives, there will be no RUGA.”

Source: Gbam TV

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