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Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update



Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update starts as Tevar gets kulfi home,and shows her the whole place,Kulfi sees swimming pool says you got lake,Tevar explains her,he takes her to her room,Kulfi asks uncle whose room is this,Tevar says yours,Kulfi says in such huge place my whole family would sleep, Tevar says now call me Baba and not uncle.Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update

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Kulfi says I’m used to calling you this so,can I call you Tevar sir till I get used too,Tevar says you will,Kulfi asks where’s your music room,Tevar says I make music where ever I feel like,an dthat house was Sikander and this is ours so there will be changes,and calls akad baker and asks them to take care of Kulfi and leaves.

Sikander makes a cake,writes sorry over it,and remembers cooking with Kulfi,Lovely walks to Bebe,bebe says enough I don’t know how you did it and don’t want too,Amyra and kulfi can’t live in peace so I will support you,and now it’s your turn to get Amyra home and get her patched with Sikander.

Kulfi walks to Tevar,and asks why isn’t there no photo of my mother in whole house and when you loved her why did you leave her alone,Tevar says forget the past,Kulfi says you want me to forget my mother and you did too,Tevar thinks how will I tell her lovely is her mother and says I love your mother and just live for her and thinks about lovely and says kulfi I was away from you and I’m sorry and now you will face no hardship,and thinks your mother will be back with us soon.

Lovely walks to Sikander and says you are doing something you don’t want to,Sikander writes K instead of A and says I don’t know how this happen I did this for Amyra trust me it’s just a little weird and I’m getting nothing,Lovely says enough Sikander kulfi has her father now and now we should think about Amyra she needs us, Sikander about to trash the cake,Lovely says mistakes can be corrected and writes Amyra on it,Sikander smiles,she says just be with me and all will be fine.

kulfi and Tevar having lunch,she looks slowly at Tevar, Tevar asks why isn’t she served food,Kulfi says let others join,Tevar says this is all yours and just us,Kulfi says just for me,Tevar says akad bakad get food from best of hotels and I have it,Kulfi says but that’s wastage and in Sikander sirs house,Tevar says cmon serve her food.Kulfi finds it too spicy,and thinks I don’t know if Sikander sir has eaten anything.

Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update – StarLife

Sikander says Amyra Look I made cake for you,Amyra says you remember you have Amyra,because kulfi isn’t here,Lovely says baby we are really sorry,Amyra says I was so scared and so insulted and friends made fun of me too,I don’t want to come back,you said be a good girl and I did that,whatever you said but I will not share my friends,and that’s because I love you and does that make me bad girl then I am and starts crying.

Lovely says I am sorry,Sikander says I know I made a huge mistake,but I will patch up with my princess, you are my love,but I am sorry my kid,I let you down,but the love for you is above everything just give me a chance,Sikander feeds her cake.

Tevar walks to Kulfi and asks what’s wrong, Kulfi says Sikander and Amyra,can I see them,Tevar says not now,Kulfi says I wish to talk to Sikander sir please. Lovely says Amyra have one bite for dad,Amyra has it. Tevar calls Sikander,Sikander looks at Amyra and walks aside and picks the call,Kulfi says hello,Sikander says yes what happened my child,Amyra drops the cake and runs away,Sikander cuts the call,Kulfi starts crying and says he didn’t even listen to me.

Kulfi says he didnt even talk to me, Tevar says stop crying my kid i can’t see you cry and dances for her,and starts singing,that reminds Kulfi of Sikander and how he made her laugh when she was sad, seeing Kulfi not smile Tevar hugs her.

Lovely puts crying Amyra to sleep, Sikander stands at door and watch her,Tevar puts Kulfi to sleep,he leaves and Kulfi wakes up. Amyra sees Sikander at door, Sikander starts singing, Amyra starts crying. Kulfi hears his voice and rushes to window and starts crying, Amyra walks to Sikander, Sikander smiles and gets on knees and says sorry, Amyra closes the door in anger, Sikander breaks down. Tevar sees Kulfi cry holding Sikanders shirt and starts crying.

Tevar walks to Kulfi next morning and says its gonna be exciting day. Bebe says Sikander its Janmashtami and i want ammu home today, Sikander looks at Lovely, both leave,Mohendar asks what about Kulfi,Bebe says she has father now. Tevar says Kulfi put your legs in this flour,Kulfi says but its food,Tevar says its a ritual for Janmashtami do it, Kulfi about to slip, Tevar holds her, Kulfi says thank you,you saved me, Tevar says nothing will happen to you, i Love you a lot, On occasion of Janmashtami Tevar narrates story of lord Krishna to Kulfi.

Kulfi imagines herself in situation and Sikander and Tevar too and shouts no no, and again starts talking about Sikander and Amyra,she hears jonny bark and rushes out,and hugs him and says i missed you so much. Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update

Amyra shouts Jonny come back, Kulfi says go Jonny,Amyra walks to Kulfi and shouts stop it stay away from my things,Tevar says Amyra enough she is my daughter treat her well, Amyra says you promised you will be on my side, this greedy snatched you too and runs away, Tevar says forget her let’s go arrange dahi handi.

Kulfi asks whats that, Tevar explains her,Kulfi says wow i want to see it and who wins it, Tevar thinks your happiness is what matters and says your papa will get it,Amyra says this Kulfi why does she get so much love. Cutie says lovely i can’t force Amyra, Amyra walks in and sees Sikander and Lovely, Amyra pushes Sikander away, Sikander says please forgive me.

Kulfi The Singing Star 13 August 2019 Update ends Lovely says forgive us, punish us but lets go home, Amyra says win dahi handi for me then, Sikander smiles and says done. Everyone dressed gathers for dahi handi, Amyta walks with lovely and Sikander, Sikander looks for Kulfi and both see each other.

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