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Kulfi The Singing Star 18 October 2019 Update



Kulfi The Singing Star 9 November 2019 Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 18 October 2019 Update starts when Sikander asks lovely where is his daughter kulfi, lovely says your, sikander says yes mine where did you send her, if something happens I won’t spare you, you lied to me,Lovely says please amyra was happy, she just started getting better, I did this to keep kulfi away and keep amyra away, amyra is our daughter. Sikander says yes Kulfi is my daughter too and since when you know Kulfi is my daughter,Lovely says since we found she is a girl.

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Sikander says you snatched her father her house her family, my daughter was with me all the time, but could call her mine, I already cheated on nimrat but you cheated me being with me, you used amyra against all this.

Sikander says Amyra is mine and so is Kulfi, tell me where is Kulfi, you already have messed a lot, Lovely doesn’t answer, Sikander says okay don’t answer I will find her, Lovely says you will never find her even in your dreams, sikander says I will do it, you did all this for amyra look what I do for my Kulfi, Mohendar Bebe and gunjan walk in and ask what’s wrong, sikander hugs them, lovely says tell them, and even before getting angry on me ask them why did they hide the truth from you, and didn’t tell Kulfi is your daughter,

Sikander asks did you all know about it, Bebe remembers how lovely had threatened them,and says actually, Sikander says that poor girl kept asking for her dad, Mohendar says you don’t know the whole truth, Sikander says because you all hide the truth, she has sent her somewhere and isn’t telling, but I will find my daughter,and you lovely just wait and watch.

Mohendar says Bebe I will be back home only when I find Kulfi now, sikander on his way to find kulfi. A man pulls kulfi out of the farm and takes her inside. Sikander breaks down and remembers kulfis words when you are with me,sadnes reducess and happiness brightens,Sikander talks to stars and says Nimrat kulfi had introduced me to you long back, I have done lot of mistakes but I will get my daughter back, she had lost you but didn’t lose hope, and so will I.

Sikander motivates himself and says I won’t loose hope and find my daughter, Sikander says everyone knew the truth but no one told me, all left me alone and my daughter too but this sikander won’t be alone , I will find my daughter, I couldn’t give you your rights but will give Kulfi what is her.

Kulfi wakes up and sees been taken to a room. Kulfi asleep Amani beside her, she wears gloves and opens kulfis bag, and says she should get nothing from this bag, Amaji washes her hands with two soaps and throws everything away, she applies make up, Kulfi wakes up saying baba, sees Amaji and gets scared, Kulfi thinks she is in boarding, and says sorry for sleeping till late and touches feet and says good morning, Amaji remembers lovely calling her and say Kulfi does all this to fool us Infact she is a thief and very cunning, don’t go by her innocent face,she also tried to attack my daughter and so I’m sending her to her child remand home.

Kulfi The Singing Star 18 October 2019 Update on StarLife

Amaji says you speak a lot, Kulfi says yes I do speak a lot, Amaji says and you have done a lot too, Kulfi says yes and keeps talking, Amaji thinks Lovely was right she looks very innocent,but such kids at the most brats.

Amaji says you will have to follow all my rules, Kulfi says yes I will, Amaji says three things I hate the most, lies, stealing and misbehaving, Kulfi says these are bad things I will never promise, Amaji says and yes you can’t run from here and if you try you will have to face the ghosts, Kulfi thinks baba said ther is no such thing as ghost then why does baba say this,

Amaji says take her belongings inside, Kulfi says can I have my Walkman,Amaji says you will get only when you will follow my principals and behave well and when I will believe that I will give you, Kulfi says okay.

Sikander gets home,Bebe and gunjan try to talk, sikander says even you are responsible for kulfi missing and even Mohendar bhai has cheated on me and so leave and my daughter alone, Bebe says atleast listen to me, sikander says my kid is missing I want to focus on finding her.

Kulfi walks to Amaji dressed in uniform, Amaji says you will call me ama and this is your number and will be recognised and called as per your number and are 168 from today, Kulfi thinks why is that and feels bad,amaji asks Rajan what is time,he says I don’t know,clock is stolen again, Amaji says I will find this thief I hate robbers.

Lovely with Amyra asks what will she have, amyra says I’m good, sikander walks in sits with Amyra and asks how is she doing, gives her medicines,amyra makes excuses, sikander plays around with her and gives her medicine. Sikander asks lovely will she come with him to have coffee, Lovely asks why, sikander says why, you are always with amyra and worried about her, come let’s have coffee, Lovely says Amyra is alone, Amyra says yes you go, I have dadi and aunty with me,you two go and have good coffee.

Lovely and Sikander get down,Lovely sees police,Sikander says I couldn’t talk to you because of Amyra, and says ask her where is my daughter. Kulfi excited thinking she will see her new class, she is taken to an empty class,

Amaji asks are you scared, Kulfi says no it’s so good, there are rules every where so that we won’t forget rules, but where are my classmates, Amaji says study time is over, it’s working time,Kulfi says so cool my baba always believed in keeping me busy in activities. Lovely says Sikander is lying I don’t know, sikander says last chance tell me, Lovely says I don’t know, police says there’s only one way, file report against her and your missing daughter and we will take action, sikander says give me time, he says okay and leaves.

Sikander says I didn’t want amyra to see her mother go Jail but now you will be watched and you will loose. Bebe and Sikander say we know you are angry but please try understand our part too and look gunjan cooked food for you have some, Sikander says god knows my Kulfi has it or not. Kulfi walks in kitchen and thinks it’s so good here , all cooking together,I like this place, Baba would love to see me. Sikander says I will eat to keep strong and keep hopes, sikander has food and leaves.

Kulfi The Singing Star 18 October 2019 Update ends as Amaji scolds a kid for untidiness, Amaji hands a kid his leave application and 460 to teach kulfi how to roast the buns, she shows to kulfi. Sikander asks for cctv footage of the building. Amaji asks kulfi to show what she did, Kulfi tries but drops the tray, Amaji scolds her,Kulfi say sits heavy, Amaji says use your hands then,Kulfi picks the tray and burns the hand while putting in oven.

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