Mehek Teasers for November 2019 on Zee World

Mehek Teasers for November 2019 on Zee World – Official

Friday 1 November 2019

Episode 80

Jugraj notices Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) and Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s bond and plots to separate them. Later, Shaurya(Karan Vohra) confides in Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) about the strange blurry dreams he gets. Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) is advised to stay closer to Shaurya(Karan Vohra) than before.

Saturday 2 November 2019

Episode 81

Jugraj meets Vikram and bribes him to get Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) out of Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s life. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) takes Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) to an eatery where he cooks for her upon challenging him.

Sunday 3 November 2019

Episode 82

On Swati’s insistence, Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) wears a traditional attire to celebrate Eid festival. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) sneaks out to spend time with Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) but Jugraj sends his men to kidnap Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal).

Monday 4 November 2019

Episode 83

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) gets images in his head and feel sick. Meanwhile, Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) and her sister are tied up by Vikram.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Episode 84

Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) convinces Shaurya(Karan Vohra) to participate in the cooking competition coming up. It turns out to be Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal)’s trick to deceive him so that he can miss the important boxing match. Jugraj threatens to teach Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) a lesson.

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Episode 85

A boy named Abeer follows Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) around. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) is shocked when he learns that Abeer is an alien who intends to use Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) for a secret mission.

Thursday 7 November 2019

Episode 86

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) tries to win Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) over. Jugraj hires some thugs to attack Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal)’s family. For how long will Jugraj do this?

Friday 8 November 2019

Episode 87

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) goes to confront his father while Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) is haunted by recurring visions. Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) apologises to Shaurya(Karan Vohra) about the cooking competition incident. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) and Jugraj turn out to be working together to fool Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal).

Saturday 9 November 2019

Episode 88

The coach warns Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) concerning Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s intentions. However, this leads to a fight between them. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) supports Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) in her tough situation.

Sunday 10 November 2019

Episode 89

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) foils Jugraj’s plan to rusticate Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) from college. Later, Shaurya(Karan Vohra) tells about the big plan he has against her.

Mehek Teasers for November 2019 on Zee World – Official

Monday 11 November 2019

Episode 90

Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) admits Kanta to a hospital. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) attempts to donate blood to Kanta. Smriti is furious at Jugraj for giving her less attention.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Episode 91

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) takes Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) to a party with his friends and Confesses that he like her. Will Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) reciprocate?Swati tries to save Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) from being caught.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Episode 92

Coach Sharma sternly orders to stay away from Shaurya(Karan Vohra). Shaurya(Karan Vohra) finds himself caught between his mother’s words and father’s bad advices.

Thursday 14 November 2019

Episode 93

Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal)’s love for Shaurya(Karan Vohra) start to become obvious. Jugraj object to his daughter’s choice and put her under house arrest. Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) tell Shaurya(Karan Vohra) to speak to his father.

Friday 15 November 2019

Episode 94

Naren expresses his sadness to a sleeping Supriya. Pooja tells Naren to remain distant from her. During the interview, Naren becomes furious with one of the Journalists who asks a provocative question.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Episode 95

Karan invite Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) to Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s birthday party. He spikes her drink so as to take advantage of her. Luckily Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes to the rescue.

Sunday 17 November 2019

Episode 96

Jugraj is mad at Shaurya(Karan Vohra) for ruining his plans. Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) tells Shaurya(Karan Vohra) her feelings in her drunken state. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) makes it clear that he will not exploit a woman for the sake of his career.

Monday 18 November 2019

Episode 97

Sharma informs Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) of his Plan to make her win a gold medal in the tournament. Meanwhile Sharma runs into a moving car which lands him in a hospital.

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Episode 98

Yuvraj disguises to the hospital with the intention of killing Sharma. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) sees Yuvraj removing the oxygen mask and goes after him. Will he be caught?

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Episode 99

Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) looses her cool when Sharma opens up to her on who tried to kill him. Yuvraj is arrested, while Dadi asks him to create a misunderstanding between Mehek(Samiksha Jaiswal) and Shaurya(Karan Vohra).

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Mehek Teasers for November 2019 on Zee World

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