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Kindred Hearts 24 November 2019 Update



Kindred Hearts 24 November 2019

Kindred Hearts 24 November 2019 Update – The doctor hypnotizes Jia and says say that you shoved Arjun in wasai village. You will tell police the same. Nisha says to Jia you have your answer. Will you tell police? She says yes I will tell them. Nisha leaves.

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Jia comes to Akash’s room and cries. Krishna says what happened. Akash says I know its not easy. Jia says nisha shoved him in Wasai village. Akash gets angry. Krishna says lets go to Wasai village. Jia says I will go there as well. Akash says you have to stay here so Nisha doesn’t know. Krishna says we will update you on phone. They leave.

Jia calls Krishna. He says we are looking for the body. Jia says I wish I was with you and look for him. Nisha comes to Jia’s room. Jia pretends to be asleep. Krishna says we found something. We will call back.

Krishna and Akash come back with arjun’s jacket. Akash says his body was totally decomposed. we found his clothes.

Jia says my Arjun can’t leave me. Maybe he ran. Krishna says there is no such possibility. Jia is in tears. Akash cries too. Krishna hugs Jia and says I am really sorry.

Next morning, Jia is on breakfast table. Police comes in and says MS. Jia.. Krisna says you here Nisha says I called them in. Nisha says Jia isn’t feel well. She wanted to confess her crime to police. They wanted details where Jia killed him and how? Jia don’t be scared. Tell inspector everything.

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Inspector says but we know where Arjun died. Did you call us for that? Jia called us last night and told us about the location. Nisha says then? Did you investigate? Inspector says we didn’t find anything there. Nisha says in heart how is that possible. They leave.

Nisha says to Jia why didn’t you tell me you called police? Jia says I forget things. I didn’t know you will call police. NIsha says you wanted to confess. JIa says to Akash I didn’t call them. How did he know? Krishna says he is my friend and knows everything about this case. I asked him to say that. Nisha is wondering. We should take our next step.

Jia falls asleep. Krishna puts sheet on her. He says I love you a lot jia. Jia says Krishna? You here? He says that Arjun’s shirt? If nisha sees it we will be in trouble. Please hide it. He leaves.

Akash says I know what my next is. We have to tell Bini so Nisha knows too. Akash says loudly to Krishna I know where nisha’s thugs are. Let’s go and arrest them. Bini hears and says I should tell mom. Jia tells Krishna and Akash that bini went to tell Nisha.

Kindred Hearts 24 November 2019 Update – Bini says to Nisha akash and krishna were talking about thugs What do yu have to do with them? Nisha says they are lying. Bini says he is trying to blame you. Nisha says don’t worry.

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