Kulfi The Sing Star 10 November 2019 Update


Kulfi The Sing Star 10 November 2019 Update starts when Chittu reveals that his father is suffering from a severe illness. Chittu added that Amyra blackmailed him to reveal their song in return of the doctor’s advice which she will finance for her father. The remand home kids forgive Chittu. They apologize to him for getting angry at him. The host calls out for Benaam group on the stage. Kulfi and her friends fail to come.

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Mia asks his crew members to search for Kulfi. Sikander, Lovely, and Mohinder look for Kulfi and her friends.

Amma comes to Sikander and states that the kids are escapists. Sikander lashes out at her and warns her to not to talk ill about the kids.

Sikander decides to give a beautiful performance on Little Superstar to kill time. Sikander prays for Kulfi’s return.

After Sikander’s performance, the host calls out for Benaam group again. Benaam group comes on the stage. Some time back: Kulfi motivates her friends not to accept their defeat and fight till their last hope.

Present: Kulfi sings an emotional song. The judges give standing applause to Benaam group. Panditji calls Kulfi as the best singer he had ever heard. Kulfi reveals what adversities she faced in the remand home. Everyone breaks into tears listening to the past of the remand home kids. She questions why to send someone to a place like a remand home

Pandit ji apologizes to Kulfi. Udit ji says the bad people will get punished for their misdeeds. Usha ji says I will take up this responsibility. The show host says you people have defeated the bad times so well, I request Amyra to come on the stage, its time for the results, what do you think, who is the winner. People shout their fav contestant names. The host says the winner is Kulfi and the Benaam Group. Sikandar and everyone get happy. Kulfi hugs her group members and they all jump happily.

Amyra looks on shocked. The host says I would request the judges to come on the stage and give the winning quality. Sikandar thinks I have snatched it all from you but you have earned it all, I m proud of you. The host asks the names of group members. The kids say their names. Thehost says a round of applause for them.

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Kulfi cries happily. Sikandar smiles. Amyra gets back. Pandit ji comes to give the trophy to Kulfi. Amyra goes. Sikandar looks for her. Lovely asks where did Amyra go. Kulfi says where did Amyra go, dad would be looking for her. She runs. Mia asks the staff to play Kulfi and Sikandar’s CD. Falana gives other CD.

Sikandar shouts Amyra where are you. He gets shocked seeing Amyra fallen unconscious and her mouth bleeding. He runs to her and hugs her. Kulfi comes and looks on shocked. Mia says it will be fun. The CD plays. Everyone sees Mia’s clip. Mia asks have you gone crazy, did you do it Falana, stop it. Everyone sees Mia telling the staff to use the remand home kids when needed.

Mia shouts drop the curtains, stop this. Doctor says Sikandar, I think Amyra’s body is critical, if her bone marrow transplant isn’t done right away then….. Sikandar and Lovely fall back. Kulfi cries. They run to Amyra. Doctor says we need a bone marrow donor. Sikandar says I can do anything for her. Doctor says its not easy, bone marrow match is necessary. Lovely says I m her mum, do my tests.

Doctor says we will do the tests with everyone. He says sorry, there is no match, it may take few days or months, but Amyra doesn’t have few hours. Sikandar and everyone cry. Sikandar cries and goes to Amyra. He thinks of her.

Kulfi says why isn’t Amyra getting fine. Sikandar and Lovely cry sitting near Amyra. Lovely goes out and cries. Kulfi comes to her and says Amyra will get fine, there will be some way. Lovely says there is one way, can you help me. Kulfi says yes, I will do anything for Amyra, tell me what is it. Lovely hugs her and says thanks, you are very good. Kulfi gets scared seeing the injection.

She turns away and cries. Doctor does her test. Lovely comes running to Sikandar and says Kulfi is a match, she can become a donor, I got her tests done. Sikandar gets shocked and asks by whose permission did you get the tests done. Lovely says Kulfi wanted to help Amyra. He says she is a young girl, she wants to help the entire world, she doesn’t know what’s bone marrow transplant, you know the pain, you want to kill her, stop using her. Doctor says sorry, but please if you want to save Amyra, then Kulfi is our last hope.

Sikandar cries and says how can I endanger one child to save the another. Lovely says Kulfi wants to help Amyra, let her help, if Amyra doesn’t get Kulfi’s bone marrow, she will die, if it gets late because of me. He asks what did you say, because of me, you remember, you are responsible for this, if you hadn’t given that drug to Amyra then…. She says let Kulfi save Amyra please.

He says you don’t deserve to be called a mum, you did a mistake, Amyra got half punishment and Kulfi will bear the other half. She says I want to change, I have apologized to Kulfi. He says a person can change his habits and intentions, but not his traits, you can cheat, kill others for your motives, you did a big crime, that can’t be washed by your tears, you will still be the same. Nurse gets Kulfi on the wheelchair. He gets shocked seeing her. He says no, Kulfi won’t get the transplant done, I m sure Kulfi will get the donor, she will be in much pain.

Kulfi The Sing Star 10 November 2019 Update ends when Doctor says don’t worry, we will work with our best team, Kulfi is healthy, nothing will happen to her. Sikandar says no, don’t do this. Kulfi pulls his shirt. He cries and says no, I won’t agree. She hugs him and cries.

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