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Married Again 24 November 2019 Update



Married Again 2 December 2019 Update

Married Again 24 November 2019 Update – The girls are ogling about their beauty and wish to learn some fashion tips from choti bahu, if possible. They are all discussing the arrival of Ayodhya wali Relative. Granny thinks that sarita would be in hell now, with four people concocting against her, They all aski sarita to be quietly sitting down, as her work would set off the relative as it is. Sarita too angrily sits down and ask them to work now.

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Granny laughs at the befitting reply. She calls sarita near to her. Sohan’s wife is very angry at the way granny is loving sarita and keeps mumbling. When the relative arrives, she happily meets sarita, and compliments on her beauty, at the displeasure of sohan’s wife and daughters. She sees granny and goes on to take her blessing, while granny mumbles that this is just a girl who is sweet on face, and evil behind.

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At the dining table, she gives everyone gifts, and then looking at sarita, she calls out to her, and gives her a gift too, Real Resham Saree. She tells sarita to get the kids too. all are surprised. She assumes that its been 10 years, therefire she must have had 2 kids now, a son aged 10 years, and a girl around 6. All stand silently.

Finally sohan’s wife taunts sarita, that she hasnt sired a child yet. The relative from USA is shocked to see this, and takes away her gift, asking her if there’s someproblem, and taunts her if she’s taking some meds to maintain her figure, or having her periods properly. She asks sarita if she really isnt impotant. The other girls too continue to taunt her.

Granny thinks how can a lady talk so cheap of another lady. Aunt says that the woman who cant sire a child should be thrown out of the house, as such a girl is worse than the servant in the house, and a handsome boy like Raj should be remarried again. Sarita finds raj having come in and being a silent spectator in all this. She goes to Raj and asks him to reply, as his aunt is taunting her so badly, and he’s staying silent. She demands an explanation from him, as standing stoical wont let him escape this situation.

At Divya’s residence and Raj’s shop
As divya wakes up to get her coffee from her sisters, her hands falls on raj’s diary. Seeing the address, of LAXMI RADDI BHANDAR, divya’s relatives are amused, that now they can get rid of their raddi, to this person only. Divya saves the given number, oblivious that its Raj that she would be calling. The sisters leave for making breakfast.

Divya’s family are discussing about pending marriage proposals. Divya says that she had bothered them too much, as Raj has moved on, and there’s no point looking back, and therefore she would marry the person who they choose for her. The relatives say that they would choose together, amongst the barrage of people who are interested in her. they start looking at faces.

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Married Again 24 November 2019 Update on Zee World

One photo is lying with its face upside down. She picks up the photo thinking that she would marry that person. She turns it around to find that its Gaurav, who collided at the station. They all think that its a karmic connection.

Divya says that there might be a connection between her and the raddi wala. The relatives cringe at her thinking of marrying the raddi wala. But Divya asks them to always think about everyone as equal as they too are people who love and have the same heart which beats for their loved ones. Her brother decides to take it further with Gaurav’s family.

Jagotia’s mansion
Raj goes inside the room, and sarita follows. Sarita takes raj by the collar of his shirt, and asks him to clarify to everyone as to why there has been no child playing in this house, and if he ever considered her as his wife, or ever did what was needful of him as a husband. All are shocked seeing her so fired up, when she screams that she isnt infertile. She asks him to tell Raj that if it was for her, she would have given a baby by now. she says that she has suffered enough and for what, to listen to everyone’s taunts. She collapses on the floor, in tears.

Raj reprimands his mother, for creating a drama everyday, as she knows that only he is to blame for what has happened, as he couldnt make himself emotioanlly capable to be with someone, and not sarita as she’s been a dutiful wife all these years, and has no problem.

Raj also reprimands his aunt for claiming to have come from America, and talking about remarriage for his benefit, and if she is so concerned, then she should think about getting Sarita remarried to a guy who would respect her, and treat her as a wife, and give her the love and right that a wife demands. They are shocked to hear this.

Raj says that he married under paternal pressure and threats, and hence sarita isnt to be blamed. He says that its his fault and not sarita’s. She is shocked at such outburst. raj leaves. The aunt says that raj has gone mad, and asks if he still hasnt forgoten his first love.

Sohan’s wife again goes on to taunt sarita for not having been able to please her husband and make him forget his first love, as such beauty is of no use then. The elder daughter goes on to taunt her mother for the same, and asks her to look inside herself as she herself hasnt been able to please her husband yet. Sohan’s wife slaps her daughter. The screen freezes on the daughter’s hurt face.

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