Married Again 2 December 2019 Update

Married Again 2 December 2019 Update begins when Kamla starts taunting sarita, seeing her dressed up like this, and asks her to go in the kitchen thats her rightful place. Sarita asks kamla to ask divya only to look after the kitchen, and goes from there. kamla says that if her plan succeeds, then she wont have to bear her for long. As she lights up the temple, she is joined by Divya, and she starts complaining that her beauty is futile in front of her, as its divya that they all talk about.

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Divya says thats because noone looked at her and sh is always viewed like a TV star, and maybe her heart isnt that pure, as divya’s is. Divya shows sarita, her own reflection in the mirror, and asks her not to be scared of her own beauty. Divya asks her to get rid of this anger. Divya asks if she remembers the plan, and if she is scared.

Sarita says that she wasnt scared in these ten years, then not now. She says that she can do anything for Raj in these circumstances. Divya asks her to stop tensioning, and that today would be her true Munh Dikhayi, where Reaj would see her.

Kamla and Sohan are entertaining guests. Sarita too mingles with them, while eyeing the chandelier. As she looks up, the tenant’s son asks why is she looking up. Kamla asks him to go and get Gazra, as sundari also is donning a Gazra, and has some evil idea cropping in her mind. the guests ask for divya.

The daughters are excited to get her down. After wearing the gazra, she starts taunting Sundari, that Sohan got gazras for her. But her plan fails when Raj’s friend comes and returns the money that she had given to buy the Gazra. Sundari asks kamla to stop this, as its all hers, and that she doesnt need anything, and just wants love. She asks her not to stoop to this level, in front of her younger sister. she offers to take it down for her. kamla complies.

The girls come in to take divya, while she confirms her plan with her spot dada. Divya leaves. The girls announce Divya’s arrival from the balcony. Divya comes in a veil, and Raj looks at the mirrors, in the decorations, to look at Divya’s reflection. The girls get her down, while all wait. Sohan seats Divya, while she’s still in the veil. Kamla thanks them for coming, and begins the Munh Dikhayi rasam of Divya. She herself proclaims that she should have the first chance to see her face, being sohan’s wife.

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Thereafter, all start the ritual. Kamla asks Sohan where’s Raj. Sohan asks her not to worry, and continue on their plan. Sohan announces the end of the Munh Dikhayi Rasam, and requests divya to start dancing for the entertainment of the audience. While sarita is tensed, Divya goes with the girls. Sarita hopes that Divya’s plan succeeds, as she can even risk her life for Raj’s love.

Divya’s dance number begins, and they all start enjoying it, while sarita is tensed. Sarita and the spot Dada wait anxiously for the right time, to drop the chandelier. sohan also sends raj to dance along with Divya, while the chandelier’s setup isnt working. divya too tries his number, while he’s finding out whats wrong in the electrical circuit.

Kamla gets juice for her, and accidentally though intentionally spills it on her saree, and forcibly takes her to change the dress, while giving sohan the thumbs up. Seeing his cue, Sohan asks Raj to go to the rtoom, upstairs and get the gifts to be given to strangers. He thinks that everything is going according to plan. Sohan confirms Kamla of their plan’s success. Sarita is tensed that the chandelier isnt falling, and Divya too isnt seen anywhere.

Just then, Raj’s friend too comes looking for Raj. She wonders whats happening as Divya and Raj both arent here. She asks kamla about divya, but she taunts her away. kamla thinks that that she shouldnt know at all, that divya and Raj are in the same room, and that she has broken the lock.

Married Again 2 December 2019 Update – Divya is tensed at the glitch in the plan, and the chandelier too not falling. Raj, oblivious that she too is there, gets to work, closing the door. Divya says that the door is closed. He is surprised to find her there, while saying that he didnt do it. raj walks upto Divya, who is uneasy, and she adjusts her clothes, telling him the reason she’s here. The screen freezes on her face.

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