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Deception 8 January 2020 Update on Zee World



Deception 2 April 2020 Update

Deception 8 January 2020 Update begins when Pooja waits for bus and thinks if she would have told Satish about her job then he would have a fight with Mami. Rahul is upset with Neelima as Surpriya sent them for a holiday with Hardik. Neelima says something might be going on in the house. Rahul says it must be Harish idea, and he was relax about Naren. She calls servant. Servant says he will call her and inform her about every movement in the house. Harish gives money to servants and also 2 days leave. He asks them to resume work on Monday with fresh minds.

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Servant asks what was the need? Harish doesn’t reply and asks them to go. Satish tells Kusum that Pooja and Anuj left home without having food. Kusum says she might be eating outside. Satish says he is talking about both kids. Kusum says I haven’t stopped anyone to cook food. Satish gets angry and says he will sell the house.

Supriya tells Harish that she has switched off CCTV cameras. She asks why we are hiding from our family. Harish says everyone has eyes on this house and he don’t want any interference. Pooja buys balloons after getting down the bus. She takes an auto and comes to Harish’s house at Hrishikesh. Watchman calls Harish and asks Pooka to go inside. Watchman asks about balloons and wonders why she is taking.

Kusum calls Pooja and tells that her mama is selling house. Pooja talks to Satish and asks him not to sell house in a hurry and tells that she will do something. Harish asks her to come home and asks anuj to ask Preeti when they are coming to see house. Kusum is tensed.

Pooja comes inside the house. Supriya asks how are you? And looks at the balloons. Pooja says she thought to gift something to the person whose heart she have to win. Servant calls Neelima and tells that Harish gave them off. Neelima gets angry. Pooja asks Supriya about the kids. Harish comes and asks Pooja to come with him, and says it is time to face it.

Guard comes inside the house and sees Harish taking Pooja to Naren’s room. Harish takes Pooja to Naren’s room. Naren is sitting doing yoga. Malanga Re plays…..Harish says he is Naren, my son….you have to win his heart. Pooja is shocked. Harish asks her to come.

Kusum cries standing near the window. Satish says Preeti will come to see the house, and says deal is almost finalized, and tells that he is fixing deal without telling Pooja. He tells Kusum that the house was good for them and they shall leave the house with positive memories. Anuj brings Preeti.

Harish tells pooja that her silence is questioning him and assures that he will reply to her honestly.

He says Naren is 25 years old, fit, intelligent and healthy. He says he is different from us and is walking on spirituality path. He says we tried enough to make him fine, but no use. He says his craze for philosophy is ruining him and increasing day by day. He says he needs a distraction. Pooja says sorry and asks what you are saying.

Deception 8 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Harish asks her not to take him wrong and asks her to stay in his house for 3 months and interact with him. He says you have played Menka on stage and says if needed, you can repeat it here. Pooja is shocked. Harish says you will be paid very well. Pooja says money is not everything, Supriya maam have done so much for me, but I can’t do this. I am surprised that you have given me label and refuses to help him. She walks out, sees Supriya standing. She thinks about Harish’s words.

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Supriya comes to Pooja and says her husband is helpless being a father else he would never proposed such thing infront of her. She says if you go from here, then I will feel bad all my life and asks her to come inside for sometime due to rain.

Supriya telling Pooja that she knows that they are wrong, but couldn’t stop from telling her something. She tells her that Naren left everything and is going on sanyas way. He says God has not given her strength to see his state. Naren prays…..Malanga re plays…Supriya tells Pooja that Naren was very joyful and used to play in his childhood. She tells that Guru ji came to our house and said that Naren can become a more big businessman than his father, or will become sanyasi like his grand father.

She says Harish asked her not to teach him any holy book, but she taught him what he asked her. She says Naren started living simple life with simple food. She says we thought if he gets a friend of his age, who can teach him right and then we thought about you. She says we need a friend for my son, if he is my son, then you are also like my daughter to me. Pooja thinks about Harish’s words and tell that she will leave.

Hardik talks to contractor and says he will talk to his brother. Neelima comes and reminds him that they are on holiday. He makes tea for her. She asks him not to add much sugar. Supriya tells Pooja that car will dropped her till house. Supriya thanks her for hearing a mum’s heart. She waves bye.

Guard talks to Neelima and tells that a girl came to meet Harish, and then he took her to Naren’s room. Neelima asks Rahul if he knows about a girl. Guard calls again and tells Neelima that the girl brought balloons with her. Neelima looks on.

Pooja in the car thinks about Harish, Surpriya, Kusum and Satish’s words. Satish sells his house and the buyer asks them to give house in one or two days. Pooja tries calling Satish and asks driver to take her home fast. She reaches home and runs inside. She sees Mama ji, Kusum and Anuj sitting. Kusum gives her kheer. Satish tells her that house is not sold, as Sharma ji gave them 6 months time to repay the loan. He thanks Sharma ji.

Pooja tells that she will drop him till outside. She says you have pressurized us to sell the house, then gave me this work and then stopped us from selling the house. Sharma ji says Supriya sent 10 lakhs rupees in my account.

Harish is standing in dark. Surpriya asks him to have trust on God. Harish says I can’t trust now, Pooja was my last hope. I think I have to make myself strong to bring Naren on the right path. Pooja thinks about Sharma’s words and calls Supriya. She tells I respect you a lot, but can’t do what you wanted. She says I will ask Sharma ji to send back your money.

Deception 8 January 2020 Update ends when Supriya says she didn’t send money to pressurize her, and says we just tried to lower your debt. She says your Swabhimaan will not permit you to take the money and asks her to repay the money whenever she gets money. Harish hears her. Naren does poetry. Malanga Re plays………

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