Kulfi The Singing Star 13 January 2020 Update


Kulfi The Singing Star 13 January 2020 Update starts when Lovely wondering what she should do to get out of the cupboard. At the same time, Shanta Bai asks Sikander to take something out of the cupboard. Matka opens the cupboard instead and gets scared. She asks him to not shout and tells him she is hiding from some goons.

Matka also brings her water and something to eat which is witnessed by Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma). She gets suspicious and decides to ask him.

Meanwhile, Sikander(Mohit Malik) and his boss bond over a glass of Lassi. Sikander(Mohit Malik) enquires about his emotional breakdown on the song.

Lovely(Anjali Anand) hides before Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) sees inside and Matka lies about eating the food. Later, Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) and her friends rehearse for the dance competition.

Lovely(Anjali Anand) decides to cut Amyra(Myra Singh)’s costume tale so that she can recognize her later. At the same time, Sikander(Mohit Malik)’s boss wishes to attend his Chawl Ganpati function.Kulfi(Aakriti Sharma) enquires about

Amyra(Myra Singh)’s upset state. Amyra(Myra Singh) says she saw a witch who had a face just like her mother.

Kulfi The Singing Star 13 January 2020 Update

Later, Sikander(Mohit Malik) arrives with his boss in the Chawl. The Chawl members get happy with his presence as he is a big personality.

The celebrations for Ganpati Utsav start while Lovely(Anjali Anand) plans to come out of the cupboard. She is caught by Himmat Kaur who asks for her presence.

She asks her to bring plates from the backside. Kids come to give her the costume of Ganpati and ask Himmat to let her stay.

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