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A Perfect Lie 18 March 2020 Update

A Perfect Lie 18 March 2020 Update on StarLife

The Episode starts with the first court hearing of Raima’s case. The reporter says the case is of on fast track and the result will be out soon, all evidence is against Dev so its chances that he will be punished. The lawyer asks them to leave Dev and takes him inside. A girl flirts with Shaurya there. She thanks him for bringing her here. He says welcome Pinky, I live for other’s happiness, when media focus on us, be with me, your market value will rise and everyone will recognize you. He thinks its first time, he came out in public after long time, how can he be alone, he has to be well soon, as he has to take benefit when Dev goes to jail. He smiles.

Mandar tries bribing the maid and asks her to tell as he says. He says you have a child, set their life. She says she has to go to bathroom and leaves. He thinks after Dev goes jail, Sakshi will give me a good prize which she did not give Mukherjee. A woman in burqa comes to him. She goes in the bathroom. A perfect lie 18 march 2020 Mandar waits outside. She comes to the maid and talks to her.

Its Durga, as she removes the veil. She asks her to just say the truth and listen to her. She folds hand and says she is just requesting her, Dev can be punished. The maid says he killed Raima, he is murderer, and he should be punished. Durga says no, Raima is alive, I m saying the truth, she is in hospital. If she was fine, she would have told that Raima is innocent. The maid says you are his wife, so you will say this.

A Perfect Lie 18 March 2020 Update continues as Sakshi comes to Mandar. She asks what is he doing here. He says he is guarding the maid so that Durga can’t meet her, the matter is set, now Dev will be punished. Sakshi walks in. He says will you go there, its public toilet, its very dirty, don’t go. Durga asks the maid did she Dev shooting Raima. The maid says his hand got blood, he was standing close. Durga says it may happen that someone else shot her and then Dev came. She says let me go, I will say what I have to. Durga says it means you know what they want you to tell. She says she did not see gun in Dev’s hand, will my children’s lives get good by this, I will not say this. Durga asks her to think that Dev is also someone else’s son, I m not asking you to lie, just say whats true and what you saw.

She says you can’t be sure that Dev killed Raima. The maid thinks in FB. Durga says don’t ssay being in pressure, don’t do this mistake. She covers her face and leaves. Sakshi sees the burqa lady coming out. Durga stops seeing Sakshi. She leaves. The maid comes out.. She greets Sakshi. Sakshi says don’t worry, the one who did this with Raima, we will get him punished. She asks Mandar to take her inside. He takes her.

Rajnath comes there and meets Sakshi. She says you look very tensed, Dev will be convicted today. He asks is she on his side and she believes Dev did this? She says we faced so many problems by Dev, I m happy to see this, I want Raima’s culprit to be punished. He says this got you more closer to Raima. She smiles. They go in the court room. The case starts. Dev swears that he will say only the truth. He tells what happened that night when he went to meet Raima and he is innocent.

Rajnath and Sakshi also give their statements. (Muted) Shaurya looks on. The people present in the party also speak against Dev. Bhattacharya asks Durga to come in the witness box. Durga swears to say the truth. She says Dev went to meet Raima after getting her message, it means she wanted to tell Dev what she could not say in Goenka house. A perfect lie Wednesday 18 March 2020 Update She says Raima wanted to tell about Payal’s case, but she could not, so maybe she messaged Dev, that if he wants to know, he should come and meet her. The judge asks about Payal. Goenkas gets tensed. Durga says Payal Mitra. The judge says whats her connection with this case.

The court case continues as Durga is asked to go. Bhattacharya talks about Payal’s rape case and how she has spoken about Payal in function, and Dev wanted to know. He says Dev wanted to reopen the case and Raima was a witness for that case. The defense lawyer says yes, when she did not tell him anything, Dev has shot him. Bhattacharya says the gun does not have Dev’s fingerprints, its not his gun, no one saw it in his hands. He says he wants to call the only witness, Raima’s maid. The maid comes in the witness box. She swears she will tell just the truth. Sakshi thinks Dev can’t be saved now, the case is sealed. He asks the maid to say what she has seen.

The maid Ketki says I was sleeping, I heard sound and went to Raima’s room. I switched on the lights and I saw him on the floor with blood, and Raima was lying there. He asks did you see Dev shooting her. The maid says no. Everyone is shocked. Durga smiles. Dayal is relieved. He asks did you see the gun in Dev’s hand. Ketki says no. Suchitra is glad. A perfect lie 18th March 2020 Update The defense lawyer says it can be hidden in his pocket. Bhattacharya says yes, but my questions are not over. He asks Ketki to say whether its possible that Dev is innocent and he did not shoot Raima.

He asks Ketki can this happen. She says yes, maybe he has not shot Raima. Bhattacharya says the only witness is saying that Dev maybe innocent. The judge gives them one week time to get evidence, and till then Dev will be kept in judicial custody. Suchitra cries and hugs Dev. Durga says don’t worry Dev, in just one week, you will be freed, they won’t get any proof against you. Dev asks Suchitra not to cry. She says sorry, I won’t cry, God bless you son. Mandar asks Dev to come and takes him. Durga looks at Sakshi. Sakshi thinks of her one week challenge.

A Perfect Lie 18 March 2020 Update ends as Durga comes to her and says just 6 days to go now, Dev will be out of the jail. Rajnath scolds his lawyer and asks whats the plan now. He says the maid changed the statement, Dev can get bail now. Rajnath says Dev can’t come out, he has to be punished for what he did with Raima. He thinks if he does not get proof against Dev, he has to do something else, he has to kill Dev in the lockup.

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