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MFM Daily Devotional 20 May 2020 – The Final Whistle



MFM Daily Devotional 20 May 2020

MFM Daily Devotional 20 May 2020 By Dr. D.K Olukoya

TOPIC: The Final Whistle

1 Thess. 4:14-17

1 Kings 13:8“And the man of God said unto the king, If thou wilt give me half thine house, I will not go in with thee, neither will I eat bread nor drink water in this place:”

Today, many people are busy praying to the God of miracles, without thinking of what it takes to live holy lives. Beloved, no matter how many miracles and deliverances you obtain here on earth, we shall spend greater time in eternity. The final whistle will eventually blow.

One man died and, as his corpse was being washed in readiness for burial, he opened his eyes. He said he came back to warn everybody. He said that, just as he was about to enter heaven, he saw Jesus preparing to come for the Rapture. He then saw Abraham and other prophets, begging Him not to come yet, because people were not yet ready.

When Jesus looked down on the earth, He saw a multitude among whom were putting on their clothing upside down; while others were wearing their left shoes on their right legs. Many others had small sized clothes on; while others were sitting on church pews, chewing bones, etc. with what He saw, the Lord Jesus agreed with those pleading with Him that ‘The Church’ was not yet ready for the Rapture, so He went back. As soon as the brother finished narrating his experience, he closed his eyes again and died.

Beloved, most people are not living holy. A lot of them performing all kinds of atrocities. Others are men and women hunters, hunting for the opposite sex. Some others come to church and still consult satanic prophets that send them back into captivity, thereby polluting the anointing of God that they first received. Are these the kind of people that the Lord shall come back to rapture?

Beloved, are you prepared to be one of those to be raptured? Read the four verses of today’s text again. You will discover that the coming of the Lord is very near. You must be ready, as the final whistle shall soon be blown.

One of the definitions of madness is the act of increasing your speed when you know that you have missed the road.

God will give you a future that is better than the shame from which you emerged.


1. Every plantation of death, die, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every stronghold of death on my mind and imagination, be pulled down, in the name of Jesus.
3. By the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the power of death is broken upon my life, in Jesus’ name.

1. Every string of death fashioned against my life, be neutralized by the blood of Jesus.
2. Every certificate of untimely death issued against my life, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. I shall not die but live to declare the works of God, in the name of Jesus.
4. The numbers of my days shall be fulfilled, in the name of Jesus.

Jeremiah 26-29

MFM Daily Devotional 20 May 2020 (MFM Mountain Top Life Devotional) was written by Dr. Danil K. Olukoya

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