Winners’ Chapel 5 July 2020 Live Service

Winners’ Chapel 5 July 2020 Live Service with Bishop David Oyedepo

You are watching the Winners’ Chapel Sunday LIVE Service, 5th July, 2020 tagged “Covenant Day of Business Breakthrough Service” with Bishop David Oyedepo at Living Faith Church, aka Winners’ Chapel, Faith Tabernacle Canaan Land Ota Nigeria. (Please, reload this page for the latest live service)

You can read Understanding The Virtues Of Praise! By David Oyedepo

We understand from scriptures that praise is appreciating God for His Person. That is, we just appreciate and worship Him for who He is. Our high rating of God causes His praise to flow from us. As it is written, Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is comely (Psalm 147:1). God is excited and motivated by praise. We can get God cheaply with praise. For instance, David the man after God’s heart became God’s darling by praise. God’s heart was always with him. The whole of Saul’s army could not handle him! If we want to see God back us up, then, we should live a life of endless praise. Also, praise will launch us into a life of endless miracles; which will stop us from sweating to start winning in the race of life.

I want us to know that praise is a God given weapon in our hands with which to humiliate the devil. It is God’s medicine against the enemy. Every time we obey the law of praise, we silence our adversaries. Everyone who lives in praise carries authority with him because he has the backing of heaven. For instance, in 1 Samuel 17:50, we saw how David the praise giant, defeated goliath effortlessly because he had the backing of heaven. This shows that praise is the path of life; the winning ticket anytime. With the anointing of praise upon our lives, we become an all-round winner in the battles of life.

Furthermore, praise is God’s hotline. We can pray amiss but we cannot praise amiss. Whenever you come to a tough situation, give a tough praise! When we see gross darkness, bring gross light by giving God gross praise. For anything that will take God, give it praise! Praise will disarm any devil from hell any day and anytime. A simple obedience to the law of faith will hook us on to the miraculous line of life. Also, to be ‘Thank full’ is what makes praise genuine. If we are not thankful, we cannot be praiseful. We must first be thankful before we can be joyful and we must be joyful before we can sing, otherwise our song becomes mere noise.

What Then Are The Types Of Praise?

Heartfelt Praise: Only a song that comes from a merry heart is acceptable to God. That is, a protest-free heart, an accusation-free heart, a heart that is bubbling like that of a baby and singing the heavens open. As it is written, …Is any merry? let him sing… (James 5:13). Every time we praise God from the depth of our hearts, our enemy is disarmed. It is the cheapest way to disarm opposition. However, it takes a childlike faith to keep rolling and dancing when it seems like things are not working. Genuine heartfelt praise brings us in contact with heaven’s wonders.

Perfected Praise: Those who walk in the realm of perfected praise never suffer defeat. That is the realm David walked in. It is written, …Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise (Matthew 21:16; see also Psalm 8:2). The devil cannot handle us when we walk in that realm. That is why he will do anything to drag us off it. The ever winning Christians are the ever praising ones. When we praise, we look away from what we think we do not have to who (God) we have; because the One we have holds everything together and will always satisfy our heart’s desires.

What Are The Virtues Embedded In Praise?

Praise Is A Weapon: Praise is one of the most strategic weapons in spiritual warfare. Only what can overcome God will overcome the authentic weapon of praise. Praise appears cheap but it is a very powerful weapon because it brings the Almighty on the scene. The weapon of praise is handed down to us to deal with the enemy, not just to feel good. The Bible says, … Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise (Matthew 21:16; see also Psalm 8:2). Nothing is beyond the mysterious operation of the weapon of praise. Praise as a weapon is used to get God on our side and it is the surest way into God’s presence. For it is written, But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel (Psalm 22:3, 100:4).

Praise Is An Instrument Of Honour: Praise is an instrument of honour put in the hands of the saints to make living honourable. It is a special honour bestowed upon the saints. As we exalt God, we endear ourselves to Him. When God is pleased, the pains of life will be over. It is an honour to us from God, that in praise, we execute judgement upon our enemies. As it is written, To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord (Psalm 149:9). When we are in praise, our enemies become helpless.

Winners’ Chapel 5 July 2020 Live Service

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