This is Fate 11 July 2020 Update

This is Fate 11 July 2020 Update

This is Fate 11 July 2020 Update starts as Preeta wonders and ask Karan what will happen to him

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Karan explains that he is a good cricketer and his coach will never throw him out for this reason, but if he misses he practice then he will be thrown out. Preeta asks him why he gets angry whenever someone tries to harm her, she explains all the incidents of him ,he asks if she notices him, he mentions that he gets protective for her because she is special and that is a complete idiot and moron, he makes fun of her but she gets angry and leaves.

Shrishti is driving very fast, Samer asks her to slow down but she taunts him if he is scared and looks at him, he says that he is not scared, she starts to drive very rashly, he tries to 0opul the handbrake but she asks him to accept the fact that he is scared, he refuses to accept it, even when Samer warns that they will get into trouble if he continuous to drive like this,

Sarla is still running, she says that the person who she is talking off is Mahush, he the one who taught her to drive and he is only 15 but still much better than him, he wonders that now that he knows who Mahush is there is no problem, she asks him what he is thinking and then puts her foot on the gas, she is abbot to smash but Samer yells and she stops the car.

Sarla is really scared, the driver comes out and ask if she is okay, she accepts his apology and asks if he could give her a lift because she needs to reach Bandra and then she gets into his car and they both leave.

Prithvi and Sherlin are together, they are wondering what is about to happen, they get call from the goons who says that it is now out of their hands and she has gotten into a car and left for the house, Sherlin takes the phone asking hat he kill Sarla, but Prithvi stops her and then asks that she never do what she has just done Janki comes and ask her why she is beating Prithvi and what is happening.

Shrishti and Samer both get out and apologize to the vendors but they do not listen to them and adamant that they give them money, they ask for a lot of sum and when both Shrishti and Samer argue, they starts to misbehave which angers Samer, he starts to fight and then the fight quickly escalates into which both Samer and Shrishti are involved, one of the vendors comes from behind Shrishti with a knife, just when he is about to hit her.

Samer catches it and prevents Shrishti from getting hurt, the police come and start chasing the venders and flee from the scene, Shrishti starts to cry and apologizes to him accepting g that it was all her fault but he assures that it was not her fault.

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Janki asks Sherlin why was she beating him, she asks Prithvi why was Sherlin bearing her because a girl only beats a person when she feels that the person has done something wrong with her, she decides to call Preeta which makes Prithvi and Sherlin feel really nervous,. He stops her and says that she loves Preeta really much and that is the same case with him because she insulted Preeta by saying that she is interested in Rishab.

Sherlin also counters her by saying that he said that Rishab is interested in Preeta, they both try to defend themselves in front of Janki, by assuming that they will not talk each other anymore and not even want to but were forced to do so because of the Bachelors party.

Prithvi explains that Preeta is very nice and Karina always says and things for them, he however says that he will not look weather it is a girl or a boy he will man handle them, they both signal each other and then they try to make Janki go away, she says that she hates him and leaves, he starts to shout from her back, he explains to Janki that he cannot listen anything against Preeta because he loves her a lot. When he leaves Janki thinks of going and informing Preeta

Prithvi walks out form the party and is trying to call someone but is not able to and then blames the network of the phone, he hears someone laughing and then thinks that it might be Sherlin,. He goes to talk to her but find that it is someone else and then when he walks away he sees Preeta coming,, he immediately greets her , Karan comes from behind which angers Prithvi and he thinks as to why is Karan always following her, he compliments that Preeta is looking very good.

Karna ask him where he was, Prithvi says that he is not liable to answer him but will tell it to Preeta because she is about to be his wife, he asks him to show him the gift but Prithvi makes an excuse that he left it at his hosue and will give her afterwards, Karan says that Sherlin was always not in the party, Rishab comes and

Prithvi asks him to tell Karan that Sherlin is also in the party, Ganesh comes with masks and he takes it from him, He asks for his elate and goes away.Shrishti is cleaning her wounds, she asks Samer that he took the blame on himself even when she was the one who hit the car, eh explains that he will do all that he can to save her from any troubles eh also says that she wants to protect him at any cost.

Samer cleans her wound which makes her nervous and she does not answer him, he asks if they could go back, he help s her but she falls and is saved by him, they both hug each other but she backs away thinking that someone might see them, she is about to get in the driving seat but stops and then they both exchange the seat, she says that they did not k now of his courage, he also says that it was the reason because of which they are safe, they both leave from the place,.

Prithvi is waiting for Sherlin, she comes in asking what has happened and that they both were seen together by Janki, she is really angry and feels that he has no mind and is a stupid person, he explains that she asked if he has a plan and that he has worked it out, eh calls someone in and then ask her to turn around, she then says that this will not work because the might be saved from the mask but will be caught because of their clothes.

Janki is walking and thinks that what she saw was little tense because she feels that Sherlyn and Prithvi were lying, she gets confused on who to tell and then decides to tell Karan, she calls him saying that she feels that Prithvi and Sherlin have something in between them, he says that he already knows this but when they’re about to talk further, Dadi comes and takes Janki away. She says that she wants her to remove her bad spirits because everyone felt that she was Mahesh younger sister, she ask her to do it.

Karan is in his room thinking that something is really between them and that Rishab saw Sherlin just when he saw Prithvi, he calls Samer, when he picks up the phone, Karan asks what was talking so long, he says that it was because Shrishti got into a small accident, Karan immediately gets angry ordering him to first take Shrishti to the doctor and then come back, he also decides to tell Preeta.

Sameer says that did she hear what Karan said but Shrishti refuses saying that she already has her doctor and it is her dadi, they both head for the party.Sherlin’s wanting when a guy comes with Prithvi’s dress code she wonders that it is Prithvi but it is really someone else, The girl comes dressed as Sherlin.

Prithvi comes back with money and gives both of them their share saying that they must do everything perfectly because he does not accept mistakes, they both agree, Sherlin gets nervous asking if the plan will work, Prithvi explains that he has not even told the plan.

Sarla gets to the Luthra house and thanking the person gets in front of the house, she thinks of telling everything to the family, the goons arrive late and then think that Sarla has reached the party, they both decide to call Prithvi.Sarla is in the party and trying to find Rishab because she feels that she must tell him the truth, she goes in the party, Preeta comes from behind her and wonders where he mother is.

This is Fate 11 July 2020 Update ends as Sarla comes in and is not able to see either Preeta or Rishab, she sees Ganesh and then asks him to take her to Rishab.